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Marilyn -

 I wanted to let you know that Alice passed on today.  It was quite sudden.  She started showing bad signs a couple of weeks ago and I took her to see Dr. Powell.  They ran every test they could think of and found nothing.  48 hours ago she started to get very bad.  Refusing to eat, drink or walk.  I made an appointment for her for today because I was so worried over her behavior.  I had to hold ice inside her mouth to get her to have some fluids and she let me do that.  She lost her bowels this morning and there was alot of blood - I immediately headed out for the vets office.  After several hours of tests they said she had tumors in her stomach and chest and that she was suffering and not long for this world...probably a matter of days.  With a heavy heart I held her head and put my nose on her nose and watched her slip away quietly.  She never looked away from eyes.

Alice was a miracle to me.  After my daughter died I needed so badly for something and Alice brought me back to life.  She gave me joy and happiness!  She was loyal and true and generous.  She always put up with the kids and even guarded my children ferociously.  She slept next to me, she watched movies with me, she leaned on me when I was sad, she licked my tears away and now there is a hole in my heart without her.

I send this to you in thanks.  Thank you for doing what you do.  Bringing together people and animals, saving animals and sometimes saving people.  You were never more generous than when you helped me find Alice.  You made sure that Alice and I got to be together and for that I thank you with all my heart.  I would not give up this pain if it meant losing the joy of Alice.  She was loved, tremendously and completely. 


A picture of Alice, taken this morning.  An old girl, but a loyal friend if ever there was. 







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