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Last Updated on 09/04/2018


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Pets living in BHS Foster Homes - Foster Families Save Lives!



DUTCHESS  (courtesy post)

Dutchess is a 9 year old dachshund female. She is fixed and current on vaccines. I recently had a career change that will not allow my wife and I to give her the time and attention that she deserves. She is a sweet dog that loves to burrow under the covers and perch herself on the back of the couch. She also likes to wear sweaters and costumes as long as they don't cover her head. She is an older dog that likes to keep to herself mostly, however she has lived with other dogs and children over the years and does pretty well with others. She isn't one to play fetch or anything but loves attention. A home without small children may be best, but not necessary. She is house/crate trained and does well on a leash. In fact she loves going on walks as long as they aren't too rigorous. We are looking for a home that can give her adequate attention. She has been a great family dog for us, but with my career change most of her time would be spent in a crate and that isn't fair to her.


Holly is an absolutely precious little female Chihuahua mix.  Because of her markings, we think maybe she's mixed with Rat Terrier.   At approximately 2 years of age, Holly weighs in around 8 pounds, and every ounce of it is sugar!  She's a little skittish of strangers at first, but warms up quickly and cuddles with the best of them!  She gets along great with the other dogs in the foster home and doesn't mind the cats, either!   Holly has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and is given regular monthly heartworm prevention to keep her little heart healthy.  Please complete the application provided, if you are interested in adopting our little Holly. 




Journey is a young, purebred Boxer who was found wandering in a neighborhood and getting into trouble while searching for food.  He had no collar/tag or microchip; and after a concentrated search, his owners could not be found.  So, Journey came to us and has been wormed, fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated to clear him of heartworms.  He is ready for the best and final leg of his 'journey,' and that is to find a great home worthy of this sweet, friendly, fun-loving dog!  Journey weighs in at just under 60 pounds, and he does well with dogs of all sorts and sizes.  He ADORES humans and knows no strangers.  He's playful, yet cuddly.  His only bad habit (that we are working to correct) is that he will sometimes counter-surf for goodies.  Not unusual behavior given the fact that he was starving when he was rescued!  If you have a warm place in your heart and home for this handsome fellow, please apply for him today!  You will never regret taking this Journey!! 



This precious Mini-Poodle lost her life-long home when her human Mom died.  She is now seeking another loving Mom and home in which to live and love.  Libby was always well-loved and cared for.   We have her vet records and we continue to provide her with regular heartworm prevention and lots of love.  She was long-ago spayed.  Libby is easy-going house trained and enjoys her toys; but, also loves to sleep in a nice warm lap!  She has a Yorkie companion named Abby; but, her foster Mom says they only sleep together and don't play with one another much.  So, she feels that they will be OK adopted separately, if we aren't able to place them together.  At 12 years of age, Libby has put on some weight over the years.  However, she is on a diet to lose those extra pounds.   She was a bit woolly when she first arrived, but now has been groomed.  We are posting pictures of her with both her 'looks.'   If you are interested in adopting Libby, please send in your application soon.  She wants to get on with life in her new home! 







Maggie was found as a new Mom, and we were told that her puppies were given away at a local feed store.  She was then dumped in a park and left to fend for herself.  But, rescuers have a different plan for her which allows for a great life in a loving home. Maggie is a Black Lab mix who has now been wormed, fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and tested (Negative) for heartworms.  She is house-trained and exhibits the typical behavior of a happy, sweet, energetic Lab. We believe she is approximately 2 years of age, weighing in at ~60 pounds. She loves to play fetch with her humans and plays hard with the other black lab in the foster home from daylight to dark. Labs are wonderful family pets and people who have lived with a Lab are loyal to the breed. The home we are looking for will have at least one other dog and maybe a child or two to play with Maggie -- a home that will love and care for her to her last day.  She has seen enough of the other side of life!  If you can offer Maggie a safe and loving home, please apply for her today!   She's a great dog and will love you and your family to her last breath! 

View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o









This precious little Chihuahua was dumped at a tractor supply house before daybreak early one morning.  He was terrified, skinny, and appeared to have an awful case of mange.   The plea for help went out, and Baytown Humane Society took him into the Program. We  named him Mouse in honor of his extremely large ears!  Turns out that little Mouse is only about 8 months old, and he is hairless, not because of mange, but because he has Color Dilution Alopecia!   Mouse will forever be naked!  =)   But, there are SO many possibilities for him among all the people who love dogs, but are allergic to them!  The only different care-need is that he should have moisturizing baths, and he will need shirts and sweaters to help keep him warm and the sun off his skin.  And, even those things just add to his appeal!  Think how cute he can be dressed up!   Mouse is available for adoption after having received all his vaccinations, been neutered, and microchipped!  He tested Negative for heartworms and is receiving monthly heartworm prevention!  If you are interested in a hairless little dog, that is perfect in every other way, Mouse is the little guy for you! 



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