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Last Updated on 07/08/2020

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You have heard of "Old Souls?"   Well, that is what Rocky is...a  gentle, wise, old soul all packaged into this sweet, young, 35-pound Lab mix pup!  This Precious does not have the bad habits of some other young pups... he does not chew the furniture, he  does not tear up his toys,  he does not dig holes, he does not jump on you, he is not rough and tumble, he does not bark unnecessarily,  - THIS boy has an 'old soul' inside.  He is shy at first, but really can't wait to call you 'friend'...he is great with all other dogs, large and small - not an ounce of 'mean' anywhere in him... he is almost 100% house-trained... rides great in the car...loves his humans...takes treats gently from your fingers Truth is -- Rocky is a Mellow Yellow!   

He is approximately 10 months old and has been fully vetted, neutered, and tested heartworm negative.  Rocky is totally ready for the great home he deserved all along!   What a treasure this dog is!! 




This is Roux, a very sweet and affectionate Pit who was found abandoned, scared, and starving.   She has now healthy, fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped!  She is ready to go to her forever home!  Roux is very shy upon first meeting and may take a bit to warm up; but, when she does, she is THE most lovable girl around.   She gets along great with her roomie, an American Eskimo mix, and the Black Lab that comes for overnights sometimes. She doesn't bark for no reason, and she is doing very well with her house-training.  If you think Roux could be your next family member, please apply to adopt her today!  She's come such a long way and deserves a great home of her own! 



His name is RUSTY, ~39 pounds of pure sugar rescued from the streets on a freezing night!  He's now been evaluated, vaccinated, microchipped and tested heartworm Negative!   How he got so sweet in the 6-7 months he's been alive, particularly with the rough start he had, is beyond me!   But, they Always amaze  with their forgiving love and acceptance. This boy is absolutely precious, friendly, and loving!!   We can see Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) in his heritage- the rest eludes us, but he is so handsome!  =)   If you adopt Rusty, he will most certainly become one of your most favorite family know him is to Love him!! 





Please meet Scout!   This VERY handsome fellow was living on the streets of a neighborhood that had been flooded out by Hurricane Harvey;  and then, still on the street, he endured the days of uncommon below-freezing winter weather last year.  The neighbors joined together to help Scout have a good life by contacting us to help him.   So, here he is in all his glory, ready to have the final piece of recovery put in place by finding a forever home with some extremely lucky family!  Scout is approximately a year-and-a-half old and weighs in at about 56 pounds.  We believe he may be Lab mix, but his shiny black coat is a bit longer and thicker than a Lab's... maybe mixed with a Chow or a Husky?  He has been fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and has completed heartworm treatment.   Scout has a great personality, full of fun and love!   He Loves people, gets along fine with the other two dogs in the home, and ADORES children.  He ignored the neighborhood cats when he was on the streets, but we can't say how he would react to a cat inside the home.  Scout is looking for an active home with a secure backyard and a family who will love and cherish him as any other family member. Please apply today, if you can give this beautiful creature the home he has always deserved!



This is Sheba, a young, 36-pound beauty who escaped lethal injection with only hours to spare.  We believe her to be a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) mix; with emphasis on Shepherd in her appearance and personality.  She's an intelligent and affable girl who is so very obviously grateful to be rescued.  She really wants to please humans and learns quickly.   Sheba is stunningly beautiful wearing a solid white coat, and showing Red Heeler markings on the backs of her ears and paler markings around her eyes. The black specks you see on her coat are some kind of tar that we haven't been able to remove with soap and water.  We may trim those out.   She learned the dog door right away, and does well with the other three dogs in the home.   Sheba tested Negative for heartworms and has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed.  She is now searching for her forever home with a family who will take great care of her and love her for the rest of her life!  That's how long she will love you back!   If you are interested in adopting Sheba, please apply today!   




TEX is ready for his forever home!! This male Blue Tick Coonhound is growing like a weed! He is now approx 6 months old and about 45 pounds.  He such a affable, goofy, happy little guy!  He is so grateful to be rescued and he really wants to please his Foster Parents!  Tex knows "sit" (and "stay" most of the time) and he has learned to walk on the leash after being scared of it originally. He tries to retrieve the ball, but sometimes loses interest about half way back! LOL!  I mean, after all, there IS that lady bug in the grass, and then there was that butterfly flitting all over... He has been wormed, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Tex loves Everyone and Everything! The world is a place of amazement to him, and he wants to learn all about it. There have been No issues with excessive barking or digging and house-training is coming along, He is such a sweet, gentle, easy-going boy and will do well in a home with other pets and children. Adoption Application or E-mail us. View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o\



This little tyke is Tiny!   No, really, her NAME is Tiny!    She weighs about 7 pounds, but her personality far outweighs that!   She is such a happy little girl who loves to play with other dogs Tiny w/ another Dog, cats (new creatures to her!), humans, or Anybody who will play!   She knows how to retrieve; Tiny Retrieves    Plus, she can dance and pray all at the same time! Tiny Dances & Prays And, talk about Snuggle!!  Oh, she's a Pro at snuggling!!  Tiny is approximately 2 years old and she has been fully vaccinated, tested negative for heartworms, spayed, and microchipped!  We are searching for a home with at least one other small dog and maybe an older child or two.  This is a joyful little dog who is happy to be alive and safe!  She deserves a great home! 




Tito says it is about time he gets a permanent home of his own! He has been wormed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and amazingly, he tested Negative for heartworms! We believe Tito is a young (approx 2 yrs.) Beagle/Harrier mix and he weighs a tad over 45 pounds. He could use a little more weight, and we are working on that...but, he should top out around 50 max. Tito is housetrained, good on leash, great in the car, and he loves his stuffed toys. He tolerates swats from the cats in the foster home without any retaliation. He gets very excited to meet another dog, but hasn't had the opportunity to actually play with one. The older Dachshund in the home isn't the playful sort! We do know that Tito is strong and has lots of energy; so, a home with another dog of similar energy and/or maybe a couple of children would be a good match. Tito doesn't fight a bath, but he's not at all crazy about the rain. He loves attention and will slather you with kisses if you allow. He sleeps on his own bed at night and is a collector of any socks left lying about. Tito is going to be a great new family member for his human pack; and they will be blessed to have him!  Adoption Application or E-mail us. View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o




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