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Last Updated on 03/27/2017

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These little girls were pulled from Harris County Animal Control as their time was up and they had no adopter.   They have been together throughout their whole ordeal, and are very bonded to one another.  However, not to the exclusion of other canine friends!  They each interact very well with the other dogs in the foster home, but they always wind up back together when it's time to rest or sleep.  Little Casey had luxating patellas and had to undergo surgery to correct those.  Abby was her comfort and nurse-maid through the recovery process.  They are devoted to one another, and we are looking for a home that will be glad to have them both. They each have been vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and kept on regular monthly heartworm prevention to keep them heartworm free.   It's hard to say which is the sweeter of the two.  They are both as loveable as they can be!  They are cute and playful, but will cuddle at the drop of a hat!  They are accustomed to cats, too, as there are two in the foster home.  Casey is the dark one and is thought to be approximately 5-6 years of age and weighs about 10 pounds.  Her legs have healed perfectly, and she manages stairs like a champ.   Abby, the precious little doe-eyed one is about  4-5 years of age, and weighs in around 5 pounds.   If you can imagine sharing life with these precious little souls, please apply today. Fill out our Adoption Application or E-mail us.  View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.




Just look at this precious little Yorkie girl!!   Bailey has had a hard life, but things are looking up for her, now!   She was rescued, literally, from the side of Interstate 10.  Her counterpart had already been killed and she was standing close by his body.   But, now, she is safe and secure in a BHS Foster Home where she has known love and caring like she never imagined possible.  At approximately 10 pounds and 4 - 5 years, Bailey has also been fully vetted and spayed.  All she needs to complete this streak of good fortune is a great family with which to share the entire rest of her life.  She is a very happy little thing who plays well with the other small dogs in the home, but is glad to cuddle up and watch TV, too!   If you think Bailey is for you, please apply for her today! 




Boogie is a Chihuahua mix little guy who is 6 to 7 years of age. He doesn't meet a stranger, human or canine.  He loves to play with the other dogs in the foster home and he plays hard.  He's OK with cats if they don't arch, hiss and run...he will give chase if they do that; but, a cat who is accustomed to dogs and doesn't run is just sniffed and left alone. Boogie likes to burrow under the cover with his foster parents at night and he sleeps the whole night through.  He likes to be held and will eat as many baby carrots (and anything else!) as you hand out.  Boogie is a crooner!  He does bark occasionally, but that's not what we are talking about...he really tries to vocalize his opinion on many things.  It's a guttural sound, not a whine or a bark, but he's really trying to find his voice!!  =)  He will sing to you, too!   This little guy throws back his head and joins in song with anyone who feels like singing!   He will give the strongest singer some competition!  Boogie is a cute guy who is full of personality and affection, and who needs a loving home to call his own. He's housetrained, fully vaccinated, neutered and is receiving regular monthly heartworm prevention to keep him heartworm free.  Boogie is a good boy - not your everyday sort of Chi, but his own little man!  If you think you'd enjoy him as much as we do, don't let this opportunity to share life with him pass you by!  Apply for him today!   

 Fill out our Adoption Application or E-mail us.  View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.


Hank was his original name, but it has morphed into "Bubba" these days!  =)   This sweet German Shepherd mix puppy was rescued after being trapped in a thicket of bushes and brambles.   He is now  approximately 4 months old, weighs in at about 25 pounds, and has been fully vetted.   He will be neutered in a few weeks, and before adoption.   Bubba gets along well with other dogs, and he is extremely lovable!   He will cuddle and he will play in equal portions!   He's coming along with housetraining; although, at his young age he still has a few accidents.  He is looking for a home willing to let him thrive as a puppy, and teach him the ropes for becoming a cherished family member.  If you think you may have the perfect home for Bubba, please complete the online pet adoption application.   



At a whopping four pounds, little Butters is making a Big Splash on the scene!   This little guy is so cute, you may look for the wind-up key!!  He's just plain fun to look at!!   Butters does great with other dogs and loves humans, too!  He enjoys snuggling, especially under a blanket!  He loves his toys, and has learned to retrieve.  His Foster Mom says he is very obedient and was easily house & leash trained. At a guesstimated of age between 1 and 1- 1/2 years, little Butters has been fully vaccinated, neutered, is heartworm Negative and receiving regular heartworm prevention!   If you think that you have a great place for him in your home and your heart, please apply to adopt him today!  He is just too precious to not have all that life offers in the way of a forever family and a great home! 



Cha-Cha is a precious little Pug/Chi mix is 10 to 12 months old who will steal your heart while you are watching.  How so much personality and spunk could get into this little 12-pound body so quickly is beyond me! She is absolutely adorable with her "hello and goodbye" ears, and she's very smart, too!  This girl has it all - Except for a forever home! She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. She gets along fine with the other dogs in the foster home, and does well on leash. She will dance for her treats and toys, doing the Cha-Cha-Cha, no doubt!  Don't let this one get away, she is what you've been waiting for!!


Clara is a tiny little thing who has a Big heart full of love and kisses!   She is a bit shy at first, but who wouldn't be if you weighed only 5 pounds!   Clara LOVES her walks on leash and she's good with other small dogs... AND, she does OK with cats!   She LOVES her humans  too!  When her foster mom comes home from work, she wags her little tail so fast that her entire body wiggles; thus, giving her the nickname, "Wiggle-Girl."   She is a super snuggler, and that's about her favorite thing in the world...snuggling with her human.  Clara has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and kept on regular heartworm prevention to ensure she stays heartworm free.   If you think you can offer Clara a home worthy of her virtues, please complete the application today!   She is truly a little Doll!! 



Cody was rescued from the side of I-10 with a female Yorkie who was thought to be his Mother, although it's hard to see any Yorkie in him, now.  The male Yorkie traveling with them had already been run over and killed.  Although his heritage is unknown, Little Cody is now ready to find a great family with which to share his life.  He is honestly the cutest little guy you have ever seen...not only in his appearance, but by his personality, too.   And, he Does have lots of personality for a little 7-pound pup!  He wants to play with any living thing!  Not afraid of anything, and is good with the cats in the foster home, too.  He is an affectionate little guy and sleeps cuddled up with his foster parents at night.  Cody quickly learned to use the dog door and he loves to go for rides in the car.  He is very intelligent and he does love his treats; so, training him shouldn't be too hard.  Now at approximately 7- 8 months of age, he has had all his puppy vaccines, rabies vaccine, and been neutered. And, of course, he's been receiving regular heartworm prevention to keep him heartworm free.  This little boy needs activity like most intelligent Terrier types; so, we are seeking a loving home with at least one other small, active dog.  If you can offer him that and would like to give Cody a great home, please complete the online pet adoption application for him today!   Fill out our Adoption Application or E-mail us.  View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.




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