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Last Updated on 09/30/2019

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Please meet Aggie! This cute little street-dog is a Pistol! =) She is soo happy to be alive and she wants the World to know that she survived! A spunky little thing who plays hard but well with other dogs and will give you kisses all day when you hold her to cuddle. She is very intelligent and inquisitive! As such, she will require a very secure yard or she will be out there exploring the world without you! =) At approximately a year of age and all of 6.5 pounds, Aggie has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. She tested Negative for heartworms and is receiving regular heartworm prevention. This little scruffy-faced darling is ready for adoption, and whichever family is lucky enough to adopt her will be Blessed to have her share life with them.

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Little Archie was pulled from an animal control facility just before Hurricane Harvey hit. Even having to evacuate, he went through the storm like a Champ with his great foster family! Archie is approximately 10 pounds, has been fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and is heartworm negative.  We think he is a Chihuahua mix...maybe with Terrier?  Sweet as can be and even cuter than that!  He's young, maybe around a year or so, and is curious about everything.  He does well with other dogs and is very playful with them.  The Foster Mom says he will definitely need at least one other dog to keep him company.  Even though he's energetic, he also cuddles and likes to sleep right next to you. He knows how to use the dog door, and housetraining is coming along nicely.  This little guy has many, many years of love and entertainment to share with his forever family.  All we need to do is find that family!! 




BamBam is a precious little thing who came to us with an intestinal obstruction that was causing unbearable pain and would have cost him his life, if not removed.  His family relinquished him to Baytown Humane to save his life.   VERGI did the emergency surgery  and BamBam was transported to a BHS Foster Home after several days in the hospital! 

This little guy has fully recovered from that surgery, and has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and he tested Negative for heartworms.  BamBam is approximately 2-1/2 years of age and he weighs a little over five pounds!  We love the little stripe on his nose and his ability to cuddle! He likes to sleep under the covers, but doesn't want any other dogs in his nest!  LOL!!  BamBam was a bit of a loner when he arrived, but is now interacting more with the other dogs and actively plays with one of them in particular.   He came to us fearful of men; but, now his foster father has shown him that all men aren't mean and he actually will play with him, too!  LOVES to have his head scratched, but does not demand attention.   He prefers to do his "business" outdoors, but he has been known to use the wee-pad, too.   BamBam says that all he needs, now, to make his life perfect is a safe and loving home.  Please apply for him, if you can provide that last bit of perfection!  



This is Bear....  the "Teddy" is silent!   He is soo gentle and sweet that he really is a teddy bear!  We believe Bear is a Flat-Coated Retriever (mix?) and only about a year-and-a-half old!  When Bear was rescued from the streets he was not doing well.  He was  thin, (although it was hard to tell that because of his coat) had intestinal parasites, and heartworms.  But, even with not feeling great and being very hungry, Bear was a gentle soul.  He has since been wormed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for heartworms.  His Foster Home is taking great care of him; so, he now weighs in at approx 55 pounds, his coat is gorgeous, and he is house-trained!   He's good with the other three dogs in the home, and we haven't seen anything but sweetness from Bear!  He's young, so he has lots of good years to give to the lucky family who adopts him!  If you feel you can give Bear the home and life he deserves, please apply to adopt him today! 




This sweet and mature Beagle named Candy came to us in really bad shape several months ago.    She has now been fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and treated for heartworms.  Candy is Ready To Go to a great home!   She is a very lovable baby who enjoys long walks as well as equally long cuddles.  Candy has certain 'babies' she prefers to pull from the toy box and walk around the house holding in her mouth until she finds just the right placement for them - kinda what we are doing for Her!!  =)     She gets along fine with other dogs, but much prefers human companionship.  She's not fond of the camera as you can tell from her expression but she loves people!   Candy is beyond the chewing/digging/barking parts of canine life, plus, she is crate and house trained!  She adapted to the dog door quickly and appears to enjoy her crate when the humans are away for church or errands.  We are searching for a quiet home where Candy can enjoy lots of human companionship and canine company, too, if there happens to be another dog or two in the home.   If you think you can offer such a home and a comfy lap to this Sweetheart, please apply for her today!  Candy deserves to find a permanent, forever home where she will be loved and cherished to the end of days! 




CoCo is a precious little girl who was adored by her owner... but, her owner has passed away and CoCo needs a new home to help her move on with life.   This cutie is mostly Dachshund with the possibility of a little Chihuahua mixed in!  She is less than 15 pounds, 3 to 4 years old, and a TRUE lap dog!   She is current on vaccines, receiving regular heartworm prevention and she is spayed.   Additionally, Coco is house-trained with a dog door and gets along great with other dogs... She loves her toys, too; but, her MOST favorite thing is to be with her human(s).  This is one of those elusive 'perfect' dogs who needs a great home to give and receive lots of love.   If that's the home you can offer, Please apply to adopt Coco, today!  The perfect ones don't come along very often, you know!  




Look who is ready for his forever home! It's FLYNN! He is approximately 3 years old, weighs in at a whopping 21 pounds, and has been fully vetted, neutered, and microchipped. This sweet boy was pulled from an animal control facility as a dirty, matted mess... Wasn't sure of his breed until he emerged from all that matting. Then, lo and behold... A Mini-Schnauzer appeared!! He had to be shaved down, so his coat is just coming in again. Flynn is typical Mini-Schnauzer in every way...Very intelligent; LOTS of energy; curious about everything, especially if it moves; gets along great with dogs (and Flynn is even tolerant of the cats - especially if they aren't so tolerant! :). Flynn doesn't bark unnecessarily, but does have the typical Schnauzer high-pitched bark; however, he responds quickly to reprimand. He will dance on his back legs for a treat and he learns very quickly. He mastered the dog door within 2 minutes and there have been no accidents in the house, so far. If he were taller, he would be a counter-surfer, tho! He stretches as far as he can to see what's on the kitchen counter and end tables. 




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