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Cody was rescued from the side of I-10 with a female Yorkie who was thought to be his Mother, although it's hard to see any Yorkie in him, now.  The male Yorkie traveling with them had already been run over and killed.  Although his heritage is unknown, Little Cody is now ready to find a great family with which to share his life.  He is honestly the cutest little guy you have ever seen...not only in his appearance, but by his personality, too.   And, he Does have lots of personality for a little 7-pound pup!  He wants to play with any living thing!  Not afraid of anything, and is good with the cats in the foster home, too.  He is an affectionate little guy and sleeps cuddled up with his foster parents at night.  Cody quickly learned to use the dog door and he loves to go for rides in the car.  He is very intelligent and he does love his treats; so, training him shouldn't be too hard.  Now at approximately 7- 8 months of age, he has had all his puppy vaccines, rabies vaccine, and been neutered. And, of course, he's been receiving regular heartworm prevention to keep him heartworm free.  This little boy needs activity like most intelligent Terrier types; so, we are seeking a loving home with at least one other small, active dog.  If you can offer him that and would like to give Cody a great home, please complete the online pet adoption application for him today!   



Look who is ready for adoption!  Why, It's Dolly!This precious little beauty is fully vetted, spayed, and ready for her new home!   Dolly is a beautiful little ShihTzu who wants a home of her own, sooner than later, please! Her coat was in sad shape when she was found, but she is currently in the process of growing out a nice, silky, new mane!   She is young and very, very playful.  She likes to be busy, but will also cuddle in your lap.  Dolly needs a home with at least one other dog to play with and a family who will pay attention to her to help expend energy!  She knows how to use a dog door, and she consistently goes outside to potty.  She walks great on leash and loves one-on-one time with her people.  Dolly rides well in the car and is generous with her kisses!   She's a happy girl, and gets even happier when she is praised.  She's a cute and sweet character!  If you are interested in adopting Dolly, please apply today!  



Dolly on adoption day, surrounded by love!


Dolly finds her new amenities to be quite peaceful and relaxing. 




This precious Mini-Poodle lost her life-long home when her human Mom died.  She is now seeking another loving Mom and home in which to live and love.  Libby was always well-loved and cared for.   We have her vet records and we continue to provide her with regular heartworm prevention and lots of love.  She was long-ago spayed.  Libby is easy-going house trained and enjoys her toys; but, also loves to sleep in a nice warm lap!  She has a Yorkie companion named Abby; but, her foster Mom says they only sleep together and don't play with one another much.  So, she feels that they will be OK adopted separately, if we aren't able to place them together.  At 12 years of age, Libby has put on some weight over the years.  However, she is on a diet to lose those extra pounds.   She was a bit woolly when she first arrived, but now has been groomed.  We are posting pictures of her with both her 'looks.'   If you are interested in adopting Libby, please send in your application soon.  She wants to get on with life in her new home! 



Libby looking quite at home.... in her home!





Lolli is short for Lollipop, the name she came to us with!  This precious little six-pounder will steal your heart like a 200-pound thief in the night!  She wasn't in very good shape when she was relinquished, but she's all polished and shined up good as new, now!   This sweet little Chihuahua is very affectionate, and will kiss away all your cares in the world.  She's a cuddler to be sure, and really doesn't pay much attention to the other dogs in the foster home.  She craves human companionship, and anyone who spends any time with her finds that they crave her companionship, too!  The foster parents refer to her as their "little ballerina" because of the pirouettes she performs when trying to get their attention.  Because she is so tiny, it is very important that she stays fit and trim; however, she eats with the same vigor that she gives kisses; so, it will be a must to closely regulate her caloric intake!  =)   If you are a sucker for Lollipops or Chihuahuas, then this little girl may be the one for you!  She's fully vetted, spayed, and has recently had a dental; so, fill out the application to adopt Lolli today!


Lolly and Betsy are home just in time for the holidays!  




Lolli and her new dad spend a little quality time together






This sleek and beautiful Lab mix was found injured in the median between I-10 and the feeder road near Baytown.   The kind man who stopped to help her, thought her back legs were broken; but, thankfully, that wasn't the case!  Maggie has recovered from her ordeal and is one happy, energetic and very intelligent dog!   She has been fully vaccinated and spayed.  She is heartworm negative and receiving regular heartworm prevention to keep her that way. She gets along wonderfully with other dogs, and is a real lover of humans, often lying the the laps of her foster parents at the end of the day while watching TV.  Maggie is young, but fully grown, and weighs about 45 pounds.  Her coat is a shiny mahogany color... It is hard to capture the true color in the photos but, it is a very dark, rich burgundy-brown.  Maggie is a dog you will enjoy sharing life with not only because she's so beautiful and sleek, but because she's extremely intelligent, too.   It's fun to live with a responsive dog who is curious and Wants to learn everything you want to teach.   If Maggie sounds like the one for you, please apply to adopt her today! 


Maggie says,

'Hey, you don't have to take my picture

for the site anymore... I am home now!' YAY!



Maggie with Max, a German Shepherd shelter dog rescued by BHS...

Posing ever so handsomely with their loving family!






This little girl named Mattie was rescued from the rain after days of avoiding capture.  She had been shooed away by so many, and there was one report of her literally being kicked from a porch where she had taken shelter from the rain.  But, now you can't scare her away with anything!  =)  She's so grateful to be safe and loved.  She has now been groomed, vaccinated, and spayed!  Her only remaining tasks are to grow out her coat, and find a great home!  She can do the first alone, but will need a little help with the second one.  Some 'before' pictures are included here with her current look.  Mattie gets along fine with the other dogs (both are small) in the foster home and she's friendly to all humans.  Cute as a bug and weighs barely 16 pounds.  She's good on leash, and is housetrained to potty-pads, if she has no access to outdoors for extended periods of time.  If you think that Mattie is the girl for you, please apply for her today!   She's a sweet and affectionate! 



Mattie with her new Dad!


Mattie with her Mom and Dad on adoption day, May 15, 2015





Monkey was a lost little soul rescued from the side of a busy highway near a thickly-wooded area where he had evidently been living, or trying to live, anyway.   He came to us a total matted mess, so matted in fact that we weren't sure if he was a boy or a girl, or even what breed he was until we were able to get him out of his cocoon.   What we found inside is an adorable little boy thought to be a Shih Tzu, with lipid brown eyes and a calm sweetness about him that is undeniable.   He's NOT that old, but he doesn't seem to know how to play.  He much prefers to sit quietly and watch the action without getting all hot and bothered!  Monkey claimed that as his name when he responded so strongly to a comment made when he was being shaved down that his face looked like a little monkey's.  At which point, the little thing did a couple of whirls around and looked up at us expectedly, like, "HOW did you know my name??"   So, we tested him again...calling him all sorts of other name, but when we threw in "Monkey," the same response came from this precious little boy!!  So, "Monkey" became his name, and he likes it just fine.... only LATER did we discover that bananas are a favorite treat of his!  Monkey is fully vaccinated, neutered, housetrained, and has a brand new beautiful coat, now.  He's NOT a dog for an active household; preferring peace and quiet as a way to fill his day.  He gets along fine with other dogs, and he can get frisky, but it doesn't last long.  He's quite the distinguished gentleman, and expects to be treated that way.  If you think your home is a good match for this darling fellow, please apply for Monkey today!


Monkey with his new loving family!





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