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Milly is believed to be a Red Heeler and Beagle mix who was rescued in early December.   She's young (we are guessing one to two years) and weighs approximately 35 pounds.  She has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed.  Thankfully, she tested negative for heartworms, and receives regular monthly heartworm prevention to keep her that way!   This sweetheart has an alert, playful personality, and she is good with cats, children, and other dogs.  Even with her fun-loving attitude, she can be a real cuddle-bug!  Milly is good on leash and is house trained with a dog door.  If you think you could give this deserving little dog  a great home for the rest of her life, please apply for her today!  






Mitzi is a strikingly beautiful Australian Shepherd mix guesstimated to be about one year of age.  Her whitish coat and one blue eye makes her a real looker!   She was rescued from where she was abandoned on a country road east of Baytown.  She is a bit skittish after having lived alone for weeks with only occasional, distant contact with humans.  She had to be trapped to be brought to safety; but, even in her extreme fear, she never showed any aggression whatsoever.  Mitzi warms up quickly to kind words and becomes playful and loving.  She is intelligent and very responsive to training!  Mitzi is only about 35 pounds, housetrained with a dog door, fully vaccinated, and spayed.  She gets along great with other dogs of all sizes and we hope to find a home with at least one other young dog.  She loves to romp and play; but, she loves sweet talk and affection, too.  Please consider Mitzi for your next new family member. You will never regret it!  She is as beautiful inside as she is out! 




Mitzi, enjoying nap time in her new home!







Monkey was a lost little soul rescued from the side of a busy highway near a thickly-wooded area where he had evidently been living, or trying to live, anyway.   He came to us a total matted mess, so matted in fact that we weren't sure if he was a boy or a girl, or even what breed he was until we were able to get him out of his cocoon.   What we found inside is an adorable little boy thought to be a Shih Tzu, with lipid brown eyes and a calm sweetness about him that is undeniable.   He's NOT that old, but he doesn't seem to know how to play.  He much prefers to sit quietly and watch the action without getting all hot and bothered!  Monkey claimed that as his name when he responded so strongly to a comment made when he was being shaved down that his face looked like a little monkey's.  At which point, the little thing did a couple of whirls around and looked up at us expectedly, like, "HOW did you know my name??"   So, we tested him again...calling him all sorts of other name, but when we threw in "Monkey," the same response came from this precious little boy!!  So, "Monkey" became his name, and he likes it just fine.... only LATER did we discover that bananas are a favorite treat of his!  Monkey is fully vaccinated, neutered, housetrained, and has a brand new beautiful coat, now.  He's NOT a dog for an active household; preferring peace and quiet as a way to fill his day.  He gets along fine with other dogs, and he can get frisky, but it doesn't last long.  He's quite the distinguished gentleman, and expects to be treated that way.  If you think your home is a good match for this darling fellow, please apply for Monkey today!


Monkey with his new loving family!








This precious little Chihuahua was dumped at a tractor supply house before daybreak early one morning.  He was terrified, skinny, and appeared to have an awful case of mange.   The plea for help went out, and Baytown Humane Society took him into the Program. We  named him Mouse in honor of his extremely large ears!  Turns out that little Mouse is only about 8 months old, and he is hairless, not because of mange, but because he has Color Dilution Alopecia!   Mouse will forever be naked!  =)   But, there are SO many possibilities for him among all the people who love dogs, but are allergic to them!  The only different care-need is that he should have moisturizing baths, and he will need shirts and sweaters to help keep him warm and the sun off his skin.  And, even those things just add to his appeal!  Think how cute he can be dressed up!   Mouse is available for adoption after having received all his vaccinations, been neutered, and microchipped!  He tested Negative for heartworms and is receiving monthly heartworm prevention!  If you are interested in a hairless little dog, that is perfect in every other way, Mouse is the little guy for you! 




Since this cutie is " Not 'yo " ordinary kinda guy, he wears the name, "Nacho!"   This handsome fellow has been fully vaccinated, neutered, and finished his heartworm treatment in May.  The foster mom has this to say about him:  "I really canít say enough good things about this handsome boy Iíve been fostering for the last 6 months.  Heís a sweet, three-year-old Pomeranian mix, weighing about 18 lbs and he is house trained.   He gets along great with my 3 other dogs (from a large Dobie mix to a 16-year-old Jack Russell) and is perfect with kids.  Nacho has had limited interactions with cats, but showed no issues at all.  He also loves treats and ice!  This cutie is patient for haircuts and baths, rides great in the car, and is an excellent cuddler... In short, Nacho is just a total sweetheart."   He loves human interaction/company the most, and we believe a best fit will be with someone who is retired or works from home.  Nacho truly is an exceptional pup and will prove to be a great new family member for years to come!! 



Nacho is quite pleased to be a part of such a lovely family!





Look who is the New Man on the site! Soo, that's how he got his name, Newman! This extremely handsome fellow is obviously a Pit Bull Terrier - Blue in color, and just LOOK at those eyes! When he showed up, he had an extreme case of mange. The family who rescued him contacted BHS for help. So, Newman is currently fully vaccinated, cleared of mange, microchipped and neutered! He is approximately 8-10 months old and weighs 45-50 pounds! This is One happy pup who is thrilled to have company in his backyard to play. The family who has Newman allows him indoors only sporadically, so he's still learning the ropes on how to be a good house dog. But, he is a very smart boy and once he gets over the excitement of having company, he sits on command and shows eagerness for more ways to please. We are looking for proper placement of this bouncing baby boy. He is handsome, now; but, he's going to be a stunning adult. He plays with the resident Terrier; but, he's much heavier and more exuberant than that spunky little girl. Newman needs a home with active (but, Kind) children or at least one other strong, happy dog to play with. He needs a home that sees him for the good and glad-to-be-alive dog that he is; and one that can handle a strong bully breed who is eager to learn the ropes and become a cherished family member.  Newman truly is a great dog!!    

Newman settling in and smiling big in his new home!




Oreo is a Smooth-coated Border Collie who is about a year of age and weighs in around 35 pounds.  She gets along great with other dogs and with children.  She hasn't had any experience with cats, so we don't know how she would be; however, she is so gentle and sweet, I can't picture her being anything other than curious about a cat.  She and another slightly larger dog in the foster home have such fun tumbling and playing together.  Oreo is a little shy at first meeting; but, given just a little time she will warm up and show you affection.   She is a quiet girl who hasn't had a single 'accident' in the home and makes it obvious she wants to please.  Border Collies are known to be one of the very most intelligent canines around; so, her new family is going to benefit from brains as well as her good looks!  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, tested Negative for heartworms, and microchipped!  Oreo is ready for her forever home!   If you can give her a great home for the rest of her life, please apply to adopt her today!!







Petey is a young, happy Chihuahua mix who was rescued from the streets by a good Samaritan.  All efforts to locate an owner were exhausted, and Petey was relinquished to Baytown Humane Society.  At about 8 pounds, this little guy is a people-pleaser!   He gets his feelings hurt if he is reprimanded, and won't give up until you forgive him.  He does well with the other similar-sized dogs in the foster home, but gets a little jealous if one of the others is cutting into HIS attention time. =)   Sweet-Pete has been fully vaccinated and neutered.  He tested Negative for heartworms, and he's received regular heartworm prevention since being in Foster care.  The only thing lacking in this boy's life is a family who will love and take good care of him in the years to come!   If you think that may be Your Family, then please apply for Petey, today!! 







Ricky is a little Chihuahua waif that was found on the streets with his traveling relative (we suspect brother), Pete!   Ricky is even smaller than Pete as he only weighs less than 4 pounds!  But, that tiny little body is chock full of spirit and spunk!   Ricky has been vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and kept current on heartworm prevention!   Ricky gets along with other small dogs, and likes to initiate play with each of them.  This little guy doesn't know when to quit!  =)   But, when he does wind down, he is THE best little cuddler you could ask for!  We are looking for a home that will be mindful that his tiny size will allow him to escape through openings you wouldn't expect and that will keep watch over him outside since he would be perfect prey for hawks and owls.  He is going to make some lucky family even luckier! 



Ricky looking super happy in his new home!




This is Roux, a very sweet and affectionate Pit who was found abandoned, scared, and starving.   She has now healthy, fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped!  She is ready to go to her forever home!  Roux is very shy upon first meeting and may take a bit to warm up; but, when she does, she is THE most lovable girl around.   She gets along great with her roomie, an American Eskimo mix, and the Black Lab that comes for overnights sometimes. She doesn't bark for no reason, and she is doing very well with her house-training.  If you think Roux could be your next family member, please apply to adopt her today!  She's come such a long way and deserves a great home of her own! 





His name is RUSTY, ~39 pounds of pure sugar rescued from the streets on a freezing night!  He's now been evaluated, vaccinated, microchipped and tested heartworm Negative!   How he got so sweet in the 6-7 months he's been alive, particularly with the rough start he had, is beyond me!   But, they Always amaze  with their forgiving love and acceptance. This boy is absolutely precious, friendly, and loving!!   We can see Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) in his heritage- the rest eludes us, but he is so handsome!  =)   If you adopt Rusty, he will most certainly become one of your most favorite family know him is to Love him!!  Please apply today!




Rusty is thrilled to be off the streets and in a loving home.





Sammy is thought to be a Plott Hound mix who weighs about 40 pounds.  Not sure what he is mixed with (if Anything), but he's got the soul of pure sugar.   He was found dumped at a pump station in the middle of No Where late last year. At approximately a year of age, he was intact, flea ridden, worm infested (intestinal and heart), and starving for food, water, and attention.  Even after all the neglect, this boy is so preciously sweet!  Sammy is skittish at first, and kinda wiggles all over as he stays just out of reach.  But, in a bit, he's sniffing your hand and making friends.   When he runs he reminds me of Pluto, the cartoon character... big ole paddle-feet flying in all directions, and ears trying to make lift off!  He's a talker, too.  Knows how to beg in 5 different languages, all of which he tries out on you at dinner time and when he hears the ice dispenser.  His bark ends in sort of a wail..probably his effort at baying in Italian!  =)   He's hard to photograph because of the dark face and the brindle markings; but, he is a very handsome boy.  He hates the crate and complains in all languages!  Sammy is housetrained with a dog door, neutered, flea and worm free, now.  He loves playing with his foster buddy, Tallulah; so, we hope to find a home with at least one other playful dog to keep Sammy entertained. In fact, it would be Beyond Perfect, if someone would adopt both, Sammy and Tallulah, together! 






Sandy, a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix, was rescued from a hoarding situation.  We believe her to be approximately 7 months of age and she is now 33 pounds and growing.  Sandy has the wonderful, easy-going personality of a Golden Retriever coupled with the intelligence of the Aussie!   What a great combination of breeds!  She learned to use the dog door in less than 5 minutes, sits on command, is mostly house-trained, and responds to reprimand immediately.  She's the first one to show up and sit when she hears the ice dispenser activate... LOVES crushed ice!  =)  She gets along great with all the other dogs in the foster home.  She spends the day running, chasing, tumbling, and roughhousing with the others and shows immediate submission, if someone gets too rough! Smart Girl!!  Sweet Sandy is ready for adoption now that she is healthy, vaccinated, and spayed.  If you are ready to have a fantastic, life-long canine companion, Sandy should be a strong contender! 



Sandy's 'family portrait' in her new home!





Please meet Scout!   This VERY handsome fellow was living on the streets of a neighborhood that had been flooded out by Hurricane Harvey;  and then, still on the street, he endured the days of uncommon below-freezing winter weather last year.  The neighbors joined together to help Scout have a good life by contacting us to help him.   So, here he is in all his glory, ready to have the final piece of recovery put in place by finding a forever home with some extremely lucky family!  Scout is approximately a year-and-a-half old and weighs in at about 56 pounds.  We believe he may be Lab mix, but his shiny black coat is a bit longer and thicker than a Lab's... maybe mixed with a Chow or a Husky?  He has been fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and has completed heartworm treatment.   Scout has a great personality, full of fun and love!   He Loves people, gets along fine with the other two dogs in the home, and ADORES children.  He ignored the neighborhood cats when he was on the streets, but we can't say how he would react to a cat inside the home.  Scout is looking for an active home with a secure backyard and a family who will love and cherish him as any other family member. Please apply today, if you can give this beautiful creature the home he has always deserved!     Adoption Application or E-mail us.





This is Sheba, a young, 36-pound beauty who escaped lethal injection with only hours to spare.  We believe her to be a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) mix; with emphasis on Shepherd in her appearance and personality.  She's an intelligent and affable girl who is so very obviously grateful to be rescued.  She really wants to please humans and learns quickly.   Sheba is stunningly beautiful wearing a solid white coat, and showing Red Heeler markings on the backs of her ears and paler markings around her eyes. The black specks you see on her coat are some kind of tar that we haven't been able to remove with soap and water.  We may trim those out.   She learned the dog door right away, and does well with the other three dogs in the home.   Sheba tested Negative for heartworms and has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed.  She is now searching for her forever home with a family who will take great care of her and love her for the rest of her life!  That's how long she will love you back!   If you are interested in adopting Sheba, please apply today!   





Little SPIRIT is a Shih Tzu mix, and only about 10 months of age. She was found after having been securely taped inside an old diaper box and thrown into a ditch.  There are witnesses that saw the box in the ditch for at least 4 days.  Someone got curious and stopped to look, and discovered this little Treasure buried inside!  She was in terrible condition from having severe mange, and from having been stuffed inside that box for so many days AND nights... in January!!  But, she emerged from the torture with such a wonderful, happy Spirit even though she was in misery with her eyes matted closed, and literally bleeding from the horrible mange and cut-up mouth from trying to chew her way out of the box.  The veterinary staff were also amazed and they actually are the ones who named her SPIRIT!  She has now recovered completely from mange, is growing a nice new coat,  has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.  Spirit is ready for the great home that she has EARNED and deserves!   If you are interested in adopting this darling little girl, please apply today!



Spirit is one happy girl in her new home!!






Tallulah was rescued as a scared, skinny, and mangy baby.  She is no longer Any of that!  This beauty is now sleek as a seal, healthy, and not afraid of ANYthing!  We believe Tallulah to be a Rottweiler mix, but there's no way to know for sure.  We do know for sure that she is smart, fun-loving, cuddly, (sleeps like an angel all night with her foster parents) and tough as a boot!   She is still growing, but she weighs approximately 30 pounds at her estimated age of 7-8 months.  Tallulah is in a home with several other dogs, and she gets along with all of them. She can try to intimidate the other dog on initial meeting, but quickly reverts to her fun-loving demeanor.   She and another pup of similar age play hard all day.  So, we would like to see her in a home with at least one other active dog, and maybe a boy to call her own!  She has been housetrained, wormed, fully vaccinated, spayed, and has been receiving regular heartworm prevention since the beginning.  This beautiful pup is ready to go to the loving family we know is out there waiting for her! 




Please meet Trooper!   He is one of our Hurricane Harvey rescues.  His family has not been found; and he is ready, now, to get on with life.   Believe it or not, Trooper is just a puppy!! Yes, he is definitely going to be a Hunk-A-Hunk-A-Dog when he is done!  He weighs almost 60 pounds at less than six months of age!  He is an easy-going, laid-back kinda guy so far. We are calling him a Lab mix, but not sure what other large dog he's mixed with... Newfoundland, maybe??   He is playful, but doesn't get real excited about anything - very calm demeanor.  His Foster Mom and I have declared that he is an Old Soul in a Young Body!  Trooper is non-aggressive, gentle, and does fine with the other dogs and even the cat in the foster home. He has been fully vaccinated, neutered, leash-trained, and coming along nicely with house-training.  If you think you can give this fine boy a safe, loving, and forever home, please apply for him today!!



Trooper all smiles on adoption day!




Trooper with his wonderful mom and dad!







This is Willow!   She was in very bad shape when we pulled her from a high-kill facility in Houston. Now, she is completely recovered and has been fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and crate-trained.  We believe Willow to be approximately a year of age, and mostly a Carolina Dog, because of her markings and her behavior.  Not sure what she is mixed with, but whatever it is  -  she is wonderful!  =)   Willow is very strong and absolutely loves to run fast and play with the other dogs in the home.  She is good-natured, not aggressive, and very intelligent.   Besides playing hard, she loves chew bones and ice!  We cannot activate the ice dispenser without Willow being front and center!  We have noticed that when the day is done, and she is tired, she wants to cuddle! Happens every evening!  She has NO concept of other's personal space...she wants to be in it, like it or not!  LOL!!  She will pile into your lap, give you some kisses, and snuggle till sleep.  Willow needs an active home with at least one other fun-loving dog and maybe a child or two!  She responds quickly to reprimand, and if you show her a squirt bottle, she's outta here!  =)   If you think you can give Willow a great home, a full life, and lots of love, Please apply for her today!  Willow is not your ordinary dog...there is something special about Willow! 















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