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POSTED 01/15/18


Found in Fisher Landing subdivision. This handsome boy has been taken in, temporarily, by a good Samaritan, only because there is more freezing weather headed our way! If you recognize this cat, please contact Norma Jean at: 713 834 2448 right away.


POSTED 10/04/17


This dog showed up at our house on Ginger Park Drive, Baytown, Tx in Springfield Estates around 8 pm on 10/3/2017 with no collar. It had been raining with lightning so we figured he ran off because of this. He wouldn't leave so we kept him over night so he wouldn't get run over but want to find his owner because someone has got to be missing him. 

POSTED 4/10/17


German Shepherd found walking down feeder street at I-10 and Main Street in Baytown, April 9th. Brought her home with us because she was about to get run over. If you think this dog belongs to you call 281-221-6846.



POSTED 3/27/17


Found dog near Cedar Bayou/N Main on Friday, 3/25/17. No collar and no chip was found when scanned at PetSmart.  Call 713-444-3078 ASAP if you recognize this sweet puppy! 


POSTED 3/07/17


Found a sweet female cat in the rain on March 5th, at Marina Club Apartment. She was meowing at upstairs apartments and cried all day. She came in when night came, exhausted and wet.  She is brown, cream, orange mix. Very friendly, wants to cuddle and be loved.  Please call Olivia 832/960-8901 if you recognize this cat.


POSTED 1/25/17


Beautiful fluffy orange cat, since 1/17/2017, near Ward Road and Alexander Drive in Baytown. The photo doesn't do it justice. Knows about doggie doors and uses the litter box. Very, very sweet and elegant. Call 832/629-5698.

POSTED 1/09/17


This Chihuahua was found in September 2016 near Ashbel Smith Elementary.  Scanned but no microchip or identification.  Please call 832/984-5511.

POSTED 12/16/16


This black Lab was found on December 15th at about 8 in the morning. He was found in front of my work: 11711 Interstate 10 East in Baytown.    He has a red collar and he looks like he is older.  Please contact 713/408-4309 if you recognize this dog. 


POSTED 12/01/16


This large male cat was found recently in Beach City off McCullom Park Rd.  He is very approachable, friendly, and appears to have been an indoor cat.  We are hoping that his owner will call soon to claim him at  281/918-0340.




POSTED 11/23/16

My kids found a lost dog yesterday on Lazy Lane in Lakewood. Itís a female cocker spaniel. We took to vet and it does not have a chip and no collar. Itís playful and nice. Had a lot of hair that was in knots and was very hungry. Please call 281.424.3716 if you recognize her.


POSTED 09/27/16


UPDATE: No Microchip, HOWEVER, the owner has been identified, but is NOT stepping up to reclaim this baby. The finder is going on a trip at the end of this week (10-01) and is desperate to find someone to take in this little girl. Please consider fostering little Lily!! She deserves better than she's gotten so far!!

Found female dog in Pinehurst /Debruhl subdivision.
We have named her Lily. She is very sweet and loves attention. She is potty trained and was well taken care of.

POSTED 08/25/16


Last Monday, September 5, on Labor Day, this black French Bulldog appeared in my front yard. I live in Plantation neighborhood in Mont Belvieu area. She seemed very distressed from the heat. I took her in but so far no one has claimed her. She has bald patches she is losing her hair. She is a very sweet dog. Please call 713/822-0263.




POSTED 08/25/16


Found at the corner of Ginseng Drive and Chervil Lane in Springfield subdivision. She seems to have a skin condition. I cannot keep her and will take her to either SPCA or BARC this week if owners not found. Email 



POSTED 08/25/16

Found on Sunday night in Springfield subdivision in Baytown, no microchip.  281/838-5527


POSTED 07/27/16

Found Pet, please help.  Female cat found in Baytown, Pinehurst II.  All black, green-gold eyes, no collar, has claws, approximately 12 lbs.  Appears to be indoor cat, well kept, won't go outside.  Very affectionate and vocal.  Please call 281/838-8310.


POSTED 07/26/16

We found a white dog that has a Baytown address on his collar. We are in the North side of Houston and worried that someone is greatly missing their pup. He has a tag that says 'Rocky Guerra' and the number listed is not a working number. Please call at 832-641-4051 if this may be your pet. Must have the correct info to match what we have in order to retrieve him safely back to insure he is being returned to the rightful owner. Please contact me if anyone recognizes him.




POSTED 07/20/16

Found male dog 07/19/2016 on 1405 near the landfill. Call 832/514-1501.




POSTED 07/19/16

Found this guyÖ Heís a chocolate lab.  He is sweet and trained.  He was found in Lakewood on Lazy Lane on Saturday 7/16/16.  He had no collar and is not chipped.   



POSTED 06/28/16


Found this beautiful guy on 6/28/16 on Woods Avenue near Westwood Park in the Wooster Heights neighborhood. He appears to be a young, unneutered chocolate lab. He appears very clean, well taken care of, and trained. I cannot bring him inside my house due to other pets, but will try to keep him safe and on the porch with food and water until his human is found.  Please call 281/300-6882

POSTED 06/13/16


This very friendly, female lab/ pit mix jumped into our van while we were putting away groceries at the Walmart (Garth Rd - Baytown) last night during the storm, 6-12-16. She has no collar or tags, is housebroken, very affectionate and appears to have been well cared for. We will be surrendering her but I'd like to keep looking for her owner so they can be directed on where to find her. She's female, about 30 lbs, a guess of 6 months old, black, short hair, with white patches on her chest and rear left paw, gets along well with our dog and is well behaved inside as well as out. 

Please contact 715-307-0834 with any information regarding this dog.

POSTED 06/06/16


Found off W. Pearce St. near Lee College on Friday, June 3rd. 

Please call if you recognize this dog, 409/444-5316.


POSTED 04/24/16

The vet said the dog is less than a year in age. Found near my home on Goose Creek Drive in Country Club. I have kept the dog inside and appears to be potty trained.  The dog is friendly and affectionate. I can be contacted at 713/438-4472.


POSTED 03/28/16

Found female pups near 2700 Massey Tompkins. Show proof of ownership. Contact me by text message at 832/469-0357. Cristal


POSTED 03/28/16

I found this little guy on the I-10 frontage road / West bound near Garth Road / March 27th around 6 pm.  Please help with a home or at least a foster that can help him get a home.  Please email or call 409/374-2603


POSTED 03/01/16

Found in front of Hunter's Chase alongside Highway 146 on Sunday Feb 27th. She was wearing a sweater when found her but removed it yesterday afternoon. She is still lactating. Tag on collar says "Dixie".  She is being kept safe inside our house until owner or foster can be found. We can not keep her long. Contact:  832/597-7350 I accept texts and voicemails if I do not answer.


POSTED 02/29/16

Found puppy February 28th, in Bay River Colony subdivision. Someone left the puppy in the bed of my truck. Call 281/622-0644


POSTED 02/29/16


I found an older orange and white cat with blue eyes on midway and Newcastle in Baytown. On 02/10/2015. He's super friendly. I think he use to be an inside cat cause he's always wanting to go inside the house. And he seems to be potty trained. If you recognize him please give me a call at 281/515-5909

POSTED 12/31/15


Found this dog on intersection of Texas Ave. and Pruett on 12/30/2015 at 5:00pm. 
He is a large reddish/brindle pit bull.  Intact male.  No microchip, no collar, no tags.  Very friendly dog.  Has white markings on chest, head and front paws. 
Please call 832/695-6220.

POSTED 12/14/15


Found Friday evening at Watermark Apts. under cars scared and shaking. Both males, the solid red one is just a puppy, appear to be Chihuahuas. The red/white one has a green collar on. Need to find owners A.S.A.P. or someone to foster them and/or adopt them. We can't keep them here very much longer. They are both housetrained and crate trained too.

Please call Carla 830/357-8843

POSTED 12/10/15


I found this puppy Wednesday evening at the Baytown Junior Track (Lakewood).  It has a white spot on its chest and a pink collar on.   Contact number is 615/714-2235


POSTED 12/06/15


Male, no collar, found on 11/28 on corner of Colby and Dale in Baytown. Phone 281/468-2141, please leave a message.

POSTED 11/17/15


I found a small female dog with gold hair wearing a pink collar. I live in a trailer parking lot at 2720 Massey Tompkins Rd. On Friday November 13th I came home and a dog start barking at me in my own house , it was funny at the beginning because I thought she was a neighbor's dog. I tried to find the owner but I couldn't. I start thinking that someone abandoned on purpose because every time I go out in my car she tries to get in and she stay out of my house , she doesn't recognize any home. My husband cover her from the cold , feed her , gave her a bath and put medicine for the fleas but we can't keep her . We need to find the owner soon or We have to call animal control services..Please Call: 832/262-2613

POSTED 11/11/15

Found female dog in Chapparal subdivision.. She came up to our house last Wednesday, 11-4-15.  She looks part Dobie, but has shorter legs like a Bassett Hound. Very sweet and loves attention.  She needs to find her owners. I can be reached at 903/808-2919.


POSTED 11/08/15


Male chocolate Lab, not neutered, found off Beltway 8 at Wallisville Road on November 7th.

Please call 407/376-7108

POSTED 11/01/15


Found female Lab mix, approximately 3-6 months old, on Saturday, October 31st.  She is black, with a white chest, and white back paws. She was found on HWY 146, near Hunters Chase in Baytown, TX.  She looks like she has had a collar on at some point, and her nails are well manicured. Definitely someone's pet.  

Please call 281/610-1179

POSTED 10/30/15

A small male dog was found yesterday (Oct 29th) at around 2:00 pm. The pup was in the street close to Crockett Elem. (Blue Heron & Barkaloo Rd) in Baytown. He was taken to the vetís office but has no chip (was wearing a collar with no tags).  If heís your baby or if you know this dogís owner please call 832/414-3343.

POSTED 10/14/15


Found two black labs in Springfield neighborhood. One is an adult neutered black lab (?) with a white patch on his chest. Very obedient and a great swimmer. The second is a female puppy possibly also a black lab with a white stripe on her chest. Neither dog is wearing a collar. Please call 832-884-9467.

POSTED 09/24/15


Found at Decker and Baker at 6am this morning.  He is a black & white male Pit-bull, older, very gentle, no tags, and in need of medical attention.  Please call 381/739-6135

POSTED 09/23/15

Found at 2500 James street on 9/20
Black intact male
Approximately 1 year old
Small patch of white on his chest
Looks like a lab mix
LARGE dog. At least 75lbs.

He is in good shape, well-fed, no fleas or ticks, clean teeth. He comes when called and knows how to sit.

Please call 330/418-7297 to claim him.

POSTED 09/10/15

This dog misses his owner very much. Found on Trailwood Drive.   Call 832/654-7408 if she is yours.

POSTED 09/10/15

Found in Meadowlake Village on September 11th, very small female Pomeranian, red with black markings around her nose/mouth area, no collar or tags.. Please call 832/597-1037


POSTED 09/10/15

Found September 3rd off Thomson Rd in Highlands. No collar. Very sweet, lovable girl. Loves to play and good with children.  Searching for her owner or a good home.   281/705-6674

POSTED 09/08/15


Found approx. two months ago, snowshoe Siamese; Alamance Street area.  Please call 281/838-1202

POSTED 08/31/15


Found on E Elvinta Sat 29th. Please contact Richard @ 713/502-7816 to claim your pet.

POSTED 08/31/15

Found cat, Baybrook subdivision off North Main.  Solid white except two black spots over each eye, possible declawed front paws.   713/471-6392 

POSTED 08/01/15


We found a Boxer / American Bulldog (not really sure which)  running on Massey Tompkins today.  He was being chased off by the owners of Jr's corner mart. He's not neutered. He is very friendly, clean, house trained and lays down and comes on command...

POSTED 07/27/15

Found 2 small dogs in Preston Place Subdivision (Garth Road North of I-10) on July 27th
Please call:  713/906-4839 if you recognize them!

POSTED 07/20/15

This sweet playful girl (given the name Layla) was found on July 3, 2015, in the Hunter's Creek Subdivision in Baytown (off of Sjolander).

She could have come from anywhere because she was found by someone else prior to being found in the neighborhood. She was taken to the same vet on Hwy 146 that the original finder did to check for a chip and the staff remembered her. According to the staff she jumped out of the other person's truck somewhere close to the Hunter's Creek neighborhood after he took her in to them initially. 

When Layla was found she had no collar or tags on, was clean, had nails trimmed, and was a very healthy weight (a bit chunky). According to the vet she's less than a year to 1 1/2 year old (most likely still in the puppy age range), weighs approx 40-50 lbs., and has no microchip. She was fully vaccinated on Thursday, July 16th.

If she is your girl please call Christina at 757/775-4448 to be reunited.


POSTED 07/17/15

Please meet Duke. I found him starving about 2 months ago at a gas station. I couldn't stand to see him that skinny as beautiful as he is so I brought him home to feed him. I have taken him to the vet and he received a rabies shot and a parvo shot as well. The vet estimated his age to be around a year old and said that he is believed to be a mix of Lab and English Setter. He is a beautiful dog but I have no fence at my home so I have had to chain him up. I can't stand to see him chained up all day being he is so full of life. He is a young dog and is starting to get really frustrated at having to be chained. If anyone recognizes him, or can continue to foster him, please contact me at 281-732-6057. My name is Melisa. Thank you

POSTED 07/12/15

This small Chihuahua was found at the Marina Club apartments in Baytown. 


POSTED 07/06/15

Found Friday afternoon off I-10 near the Anahuac Winnie area.  She is female and appears to be older in age. I can see cataracts on one eye. She may also be hard of hearing. She is very sweet and well trained. 


POSTED 06/19/15

Found this little guy wandering around Haney and Barbers Hill Rd last Monday, June 22nd. He has a collar on but without tags nor microchip... He's very playful and energetic, and maybe still a puppy. If you recognize him PLEASE call Sparkle at 281/914-6542... I can't keep him long because my two dogs are not happy with him being here

POSTED 06/19/15

Found in Fairmont Park East, La Porte TX:  Petite gray tabby cat; Female; Collar with bell, no tags, no microchip; Very friendly.  

This sweet girl started hanging around my yard in February 2015.  She had kittens in my garage on April 26th.  Donít worry, I had her spayed on June 10th (and she got a rabies shot)She is now litter box trained.  I would love to return her to her owner or find a good home for her.  I canít keep her as she doesnít get along at all with my dogs.  281/470-1858.


POSTED 06/12/15

Black Lab found near Huffman, TX at the end of May.  

POSTED 06/11/15

Found young male dog on trails between JC Holloway Park and Jenkins Park yesterday, June 11th.  I can be reached at 713/876-1598 if you have someone looking for this dog.

POSTED 05/15/15


This pooch wandered into our backyard with harness and green tie out attached. Barrow Ranch Subdivision.  Is now wandering neighborhood. Mont Belvieu/Beach City

POSTED 04/22/15


Found near Lamar Elementary School on April 21st.  Female approximately 2 years.  Please call Angel, 832/597-9966, if you recognize this dog. 

POSTED 04/21/15


Found in Eastpoint behind elementary school on Garth, on Shale Drive. Hanging around since sometime in March. The cat was definitely tame but scared to be approached.

Call 281/829-7600

POSTED 04/20/15

Found around 3:15pm April 20th, in Eastpoint Sub 1 off Woodford St in Baytown.  Please call 281/755-5883 if you recognize this dog. 

POSTED 04/20/15

Found off of Tri-Cities Beach Rd in Baytown on April 19th at 12:30am. Brindle Great Dane. Approx. 3-5 years old. Was found parched and hungry. Has been sheltered, fed and watered since yesterday. Please contact Chris 214/682-7063 or

POSTED 04/17/15

  I found these two cuties 4/16 around the Marina Club Apartments in Baytown. Please call 480/406-4555 if you recognize either dog.


POSTED 04/16/15

2 Young Male Brindle Hound Mix Dogs  found on 4/14/15 on McCollum Park Rd. in East Baytown/Beach City area.  No collars or tags. 


POSTED 04/02/15

Found on Bayway Drive in Baytown on April 2nd.  Please be prepared to show proof of ownership.


POSTED 04/02/15

This dog was found in MeadowLake Village, north of I-10, on March 30th.  No collar/tags; and No Microchip. 

POSTED 03/17/15


Found male Bulldog, 3/16/15.  Found around Baker and Coachman in Lantern Park. Contact Marie at 713/857-1209.


POSTED 03/12/15


Found on corner of Raccoon Dr & Cedar Bayou Lynchburg. Male, approximately 1 year old, small & thin, Tri-color: black, brown, white .. No chip or collar. Extremely sweet & docile, please call Terry 832/414-7443.


POSTED 03/11/15


Found 03/09/15 - female Beagle mix, 10-19lbs in Baytown 77521
Please Contact Suzanne 281/415-7139


POSTED 03/01/15


Gender: Male   Age: Senior

Weight: Small   Hair: Short

Color: Brown with Grey around muzzle and body

Markings: Quite a few large "Bumps" plus a few black, scaly patches.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Wearing Collar with Tag: No

Medical: Polyps or Tumors and Arthiritis.

This Dachshund just showed up in our yard in Hankamer.  Please call 409/374-2843.


POSTED 02/26/15

Found February 25th in Wooster Subdivision in Baytown. Found with rope tied around neck and hungry. 

Call Joel at: 281/813-1284


POSTED 02/17/15

Found German Shepherd on Garth north of I-10. We have taken him to Baytown Animal Control.  He had no tags, wearing red collar with a chewed dog cord hanging from it.

POSTED 02/17/15

This dog wanted to come into our home.  He is neutered and has been chipped. Our local vet has contacted the owner but has not contacted us about wanting him. He is a very loving and sweet dog that is 2.5 years old. He has long wiry hair but does not shed. He likes taking baths and being around people and other dogs. If you have any please call 832/729-6795. I live in Crosby and with one inside dog and two bird dogs we just don't need another inside dog.

POSTED 02/07/15

This stray was taken to the vet to get shots and also got her spayed. Please call 713/818-5674 if you recognize or help her find a home.


POSTED 02/03/15

We found this dog in Dayton area near Jamison Street on  1/24/15..No collar and no microchip. Please call 936/258-1000. 


POSTED 02/02/15

We found a young Lab mix at Black Rock Street in Baytown on Thursday evening (1/29/14). He has a collar with no tags.  Phone number: 281/415-9090


POSTED 01/31/15

Found female Beagle at John M. Stuart Career Center across from the YMCA. She is speckled underneath and her hair around her neck is displaced as if she was wearing a collar however she wasn't when I found her. She's not very old and is in heat which could be her reasoning for getting lose! If this is your pup or you know who she belongs to please contact Samantha at 713/876-5106.


POSTED 01/15/15

Female Husky found January 13th on Bayou Blvd in Baytown.  Please call 713/854-5012


POSTED 01/10/15


Chihuahua Terrier mix girl found off Alexander near Burger King on January 9th.  No collar or microchip. Please call 832/784-1170

POSTED 01/06/15


Update: This dog was taken to the Baytown pound.

Found this sweet girl on Sjolander right next to I-10 on Tuesday, January 6th, about 5:40 PM. Has a faded pink collar.  Please call  832/947-8481, if you recognize this beauty.


POSTED 01/01/15

We found this male dog with no collar and no chip wandering around our neighborhood (I-10 & Thompson Rd) for a few days.  We took him in before it got too cold and wet.  Sweet and gentle, affectionate dog.  We can be reached @ 281/896-3557 or 281/896-3525.

POSTED 01/01/15

On New Years Eve a sweet Blue Heeler came out from under our porch and wanted in my arms to get away from the crazy fireworks. She has a collar but no tags.  We are off of 565 on the North side of I-10.



POSTED 12/23/14


Dog found in the Springfield Estates Neighborhood today, December 23rd at 2pm. He is young, most likely a Chihuahua mix, 8-10 pounds. Brown with white chest and underside, not altered.  Please call 832/620-7279 


POSTED 12/23/14


Found male Bichon or Maltese type dog in Springfield Estates, Baytown. Dog had no collar or identification tags on him. Contacted the Harris County Animal Control, who sent a truck to pick him up. Visit "" to locate your dog.


POSTED 12/22/14


Found Poodle on Bayway near El Toro.  281/837-1440  or 713/471-6392 or email

POSTED 12/10/14


Found male Boxer at Massey Tompkins Rd near to Austin Elementary on 12/9/14. Please be prepared to show proof of ownership. 


POSTED 12/08/14


I found a red-nose male Pit Bull wandering down the middle of SH 146 near the turn off for Lee College (between 99 and the Valero has station). No collar or tags. 

POSTED 11/26/14


I found a young Siamese mix cat, believed to be female, with bright big blue eyes, today 11/27/14. She has been seen at The Lynn II Apartments on W. Baker Rd for about 2 weeks by many people. I am fostering her in hopes to find her owner. Please call 832/425-7525

POSTED 11/18/14


I found a Cocker Spaniel on Autumn Fall St in Hunters Chase this morning (11-18-2014). No collar or chip. Please call 936/334-2512 to further identify and claim your dog.


POSTED 11/05/14


Solid white, adult male Siberian Husky with blue eyes found on Omaha Rd. in Meadowlake Village on November 12th at 4pm.  Currently, he is enjoying the cold and misses his family. Please call Misti at 832/597-8402.  

POSTED 11/05/14


Found in Plantation subdivision (Mont Belvieu/Cove/Baytown). Young male cat. Solid black, large ears, bobtail. Has been going from neighbor to neighbor for the past few days. He's very sweet and totally unafraid of people so he had to belong to someone!
Please call Amie at 281/728-8354 if this is your kitten!

POSTED 11/04/14


Found dog at Royal Purple Raceway where the 'Tough Mudder Event' was on Saturday, November 1st, around 6pm 

POSTED 10/31/14


Found: Oct.29, Very friendly Male Black lab with collar but no tags near Jenny Gaye Ln & East Houston St in Highlands.  Please call 832/419-6434 to claim.

POSTED 10/24/14

Found in Old River Country Subdivision.  A friendly black lab who is staying on the porch of the home of an elderly lady who cannot care for him.  He originally showed up with a small black Chihuahua, but now that little guy has disappeared.  If you recognize this dog, Please contact Pam at   He needs his family.

POSTED 10/10/14

This female Basset was hit by a car in Beach City.  If anyone recognizes this sweet dog, please contact us at or 832/414-3729,  as she is at a vet clinic right now, and they are searching for the owners!  

POSTED 10/06/14


Found a Female Chocolate Lab in good condition.  Dog is being kept fed and cared for at XL PARTS 3636 N Main St.  832/889 9575

POSTED 10/06/14


Found a Male Malamute in the Eva Maude ( Business 146 ) area of Baytown off of Amy Drive. He showed up at late night on Saturday. He is black and white and has a very distinguishable marking on his face. He looks full grown.


POSTED 09/30/14


Found male dog on East Road across the street from Pirates Bay water park in Baytown.  He is very well mannered, black color, brown eyes, the tip of the tail is white.  Contact Stacy at 281/702-6435

POSTED 09/12/14


I found this timid, scared little girl at the park on the walking trail by Bayland Marina on Monday, September 8. I had been out there several times and saw several people over a two week span try to help her. It just so happened that I was the one who won her confidence. I brought her home and went through the task of mat removal. After 3 days in our home, her personality has returned. She still has some manners to learn and needs to be house broken. If this is your baby or if you would like to take her in and giver her a kind loving home, please contact me (Wendy) at 832/695-0049.


POSTED 09/10/14

I found  this puppy roaming on E. Baker Rd in Chapparrel Village in Baytown on September 9, 2014. It appears to be a female about 6 weeks old. Has a pink polka dot collar with no tags. Very friendly but I cannot keep this puppy!  Please call 281/683-6554 with proof that this is your dog.



POSTED 09/08/14


Found small dog in the parking lot of Primary Medical Tower 2802 Garth Road Baytown Friday, September 5th, in the afternoon.  Vicki - contact # 713/825-4813

POSTED 09/07/14

Found two very friendly dogs a black and white mix and a beige color Poodle wandering near my home at Roseland Manor, Alexander drive. They are currently at my place so to claim them, kindly call me on 281/978-2696 or 281/628-5703. Be prepared to show proof of ownership.


POSTED 08/22/14

Young female German Shepard. Found 8/22/14 in neighborhood off of Barkaloo and Massey Tompkins. Has on a collar, but no tags. Very skinny may have been missing a while. Please contact Erin at: 713/249-3927, if you recognize this dog.


POSTED 08/18/14


I found this handsome friendly mixed breed dog alongside I-10 Eastbound feeder between Wallisville & Anahuac at the Army Corps of Engineers Wallisville project. He is fixed and is very well kept.  I took him to snap Houston to check and see if he was microchipped and he's not Please call 713/201-9273 or email



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