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May, 1991   -  January, 2005

We lost an old time friend yesterday,

death came along and took her away.

No longer will she mooch for scraps,

nor lay in the street to take a nap.

No more laying in the flower bed,

nor nuzzling our hand to scratch her head.

No more climbing on the couch at night,

or running from the broom in fright.

No more shedding her hair on the floor,

nor taking a nap in the middle of the door.

No more panties in the yard that she had laid

after she went to the neighbors on a panty raid.

No more howling when the train blows itís horn,

and no more wake ups in the early morn.

No more crawling in the ditch after a bath,

now the grass will grow on her backyard path.

The lizards and squirrels she always gave chase,

but they were faster and they won the race.

No more trips through Momís flowerbed,

she crushed down the flowers until they were dead.

No more giving her barbecued meat,

she knew when the grill lit sheíd get a treat.

No more bribes from the cookie jar,

she fought her battle but lost the war.

A friend to all and a threat to none,

into our home she brought some fun.

For fourteen years she blessed our lives

with a wagging tail and big brown eyes.

Her spotted coat so bright and fair,

and now the Angels brush her hair.

No more suffering, no more pain,

our earthly loss is Heavenís gain.

We lost an old time friend yesterday,

death came along and took her away!

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