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Who We Are...
We are an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit group of concerned Baytown citizens working separately from--but in cooperation with--the Baytown Area Shelters.
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Our Mission...
To relieve the suffering of animals and to improve their chances for adoption into loving and forever homes.  


Our Vision...
That no animal entering into Baytown Area Shelters need be destroyed due to a lack of loving homes and responsible pet owners.


Our Plan...
This will be accomplished through heightened public awareness and education concerning responsible pet ownership, assisting in operations of area animal shelters and raising funds for special projects (specifically, building a Humane Society Shelter) benefiting the animals; and therefore, benefiting the regional community.



Please don't confuse Baytown Humane Society with Baytown Animal Control!!  The city is charged with diminishing the numbers of unwanted animals, while The Humane Society works very hard to find them loving homes before they are destroyed. 



Do you want to help these animals, but just don't know how?  Become a foster parent today!! You can actually SAVE a life, just by opening your heart and your home to an unfortunate animal with a short-term, curable problem that just needs a little time to heal.  Give the greatest gift of LOVE to the injured, manged, or terrorized animal that no one else would give a second glance.  Special People help Special-Needs Animals!!!


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