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Baytown Humane Society asks all viewers of our website to take a minute to read the following information and check out the "Kill them with Kindness" site provided below.  There are no graphics or gruesome details included in this presentation. 

BHS is providing this information so that you may privately consider the facts of killing unwanted animals by gas and by lethal injection and arrive at your own opinion of how these animals should be euthanized.

Several countries have federal laws that mandate humane euthanasia of companion animals when necessary. The USA, Canada, Australia, and many more, do not. 

"KWK" is the grassroots campaign for a federal humane euthanasia law in the USA....your campaign.  Whether you disapprove or approve of euthanasia, no matter your affiliation with animals - pet owner, "rights" or "welfare," vegan or meateater, rescuer or breeder, registry or animal shelter staff - nobody can possibly condone the cruelty.  Even if your community is only served by a no-kill shelter or if euthanasia by lethal injection is already used exclusively where you live, that is not the case for millions of animals in facilities across North America. 

The "KWK" site contains an extensive library of reference links on the issues, a downloadable sample letter for you to adapt to your
local/state situation, an important article on the use of sodium
pentobarbital vs. carbon monoxide
, a logo for you to use on your sites, and a suggested e-mail signature for your use. 

"KWK" has no affiliations, no sponsors, no requests for contributions... please visit the site,

Thank you for caring,
Marilyn Kinney
Chairman, Baytown Humane Society

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