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Many of you may remember that last summer, an abused German Shepherd mix dog was discovered in a water-filled ditch on Wade Road in Baytown, TX where he had been discarded to die.  The dog was named Wade to remind us of his beginnings, and we set about to make Wade well again. 
As so often is the case with dogs, only the physical-Wade had to be healed.  The spirit of Wade was undaunted in the wake of his abuse, and he loved and trusted us from the beginning.  This sweet dog's soul is as pure and unscarred as the day he was born. 
The process of healing the physical-Wade was arduous.  He underwent amputation of his left rear leg, heartworm treatment, and neuter surgery.  This only after stringent de-worming to rid him of every intestinal parasite known to man!  He needed to gain weight, he needed to stay quiet, and he needed to learn to walk again.  Wade did all of these things with a sweetness that would break your heart.
Wade's story could have ended about 4 months after he was rescued, for that's when he was finally healed and well enough to be adopted into a safe and loving home.  But, his story continues and is one of resilience, sharing, and sheer joy of life! 
Wade was adopted by a particularly wonderful couple in Baytown who agreed to two requests at the time of finalizing the adoption. 
Number 1 -- Wade would never be boarded.  Instead he would always come stay in our home when his folks were out of town.  This is where he was fostered and he's comfortable here.  He loves us and he KNOWS that we love him.  We don't want him to EVER feel tossed aside again.
Number 2 -- Wade would be allowed to go with us into schools and before Civic Groups as an example of what wonderful creatures are being neglected, abused and thrown away every hour of every day in this Country. 
So far, we have had occasion to baby-sit Wade twice, and he's traveled into two schools and attended a Girl Scout Troop's meeting.  What a wonderful emissary for all abused and abandoned animals he is! 
The children are all amazed to see a 3-legged dog who can run, jump and play like any normal dog.  They learn from Wade that a handicap doesn't have to debilitate. 

Marilyn Kinney explains to children at Barbers Hill Primary School how Wade was found and how he came to have only 3 legs.
Wade helps teach children about how to treat animals and about having respect for all living creatures.

Barbers Hill students listen intently to information about how injured and sick Wade was when BHS rescued him.

Wade sits patiently while the children ask questions.
The children learn to give, both love and money, to support a cause they believe in.

Children at James Bowie Elementary present BHS and Wade with a check from their 3rd Annual Pennies for Pets Campaign

Wade gets a hug, while other students from Barbers Hill Primary School donate to help BHS save more animals in need.

Concentrating on doing a good deed.


James Bowie teacher, Ms. Janie Harris, handles Wade while the students file by to pet him and say kind words to him.

Wade makes an impression on Children everywhere he goes. 


The Children learn from Wade that they will get back the love and kindness they give to animals

Wade and A Boy speak with no words
Wade has only just begun to teach!  His story offers valuable, positive lessons on so many levels and to all ages.  He's a gift from God and we will try to utilize him the way he is meant to be.  
The old saying about one man's trash being another man's treasure springs to mind. 
This Throwaway Dog is most definitely a Treasure to us.

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