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April 28, 2004
Wade is doing wonderfully well!  His incision is healing very nicely, and he's starting to get a "5 o'clock shadow" on his side and hip where he was shaved smooth.  He's moving about in grand fashion and while he has kind of a hippty-hop gait when walking, he can RUN like the wind and those three legs move so quickly that you can't tell there's not four! 
Wade has received get-well cards and sweet e-mail messages of support from all over the Country and even one from Canada!  We want you to know that we actually READ those to him.  He concentrates on our faces and slowly wags his tail when we do.  He's Listening! 
I thought you might enjoy seeing Wade open a "care package" sent to him from a perfectly wonderful family in Denver, Colorado!  We cut the tape, pulled back the flaps and let Wade make his choice from the generous contents!
He chose a chew bone that was in a package.  Pulled it right out and headed back to his "safe place." 
Well, of course, we couldn't let him have that plastic and paper, so we called him back.  He came, but every so reluctantly, in his hippity-hop fashion. 
Patty, one of our volunteers, opened the packaging for him and let him pull out the bone.
Wade LIKED that bone even better, now that he could REALLY smell it! 
So, he pulled it out of the paper and OFF he went!  NO hippity-hop in THIS getaway!

He ran back to "his room" and into his "den" where a brand new blanket awaited him, also a gift from the Denver family.  He settled right in and started working on that bone.

Yes, Life is Good for Wade, these days!  We notice that he cowers a bit when approached by a man, but gets over his fear quickly.  He LOVES other dogs and wants to play! 
Here he is with Lou-Lou, our BHS "Show & Tell Dog" for School Programs
  We are teaching him "sit," and he hasn't EVER had an accident in His Room! 
Here he is showing off his scar to the camera!
And here he is, just plain Showing Off!
You know how we read all his mail to him? Well, when I was telling him that these presents were from a family in Denver, he concentrated on my words, and then looked as if to say,
"They did all this for ME???"
Your Caring has made this possible, and we can't say Thank You often enough!  Wade will be neutered in another week or so; and then after appropriate recovery time, he will begin Heartworm Treatment.  Not fun for him or for us, but necessary. 
Thank you all for everything, and please keep praying for Wade!  He's still got a bit of rough road ahead, but how can he possibly stumble with good friends like you out there to help him along!   Check back for more updates as he undergoes these procedures. 
He'll want to stay in touch! 

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