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Woody's Trip to Baytown


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Here are a couple of the pictures that were taken of the two original rescuers (on the right)

releasing Woody to BHS Representative, Marilyn Kinney, at left. 


 I thought this one was sweet of Jane hugging her friend!

 IT was our absolute pleasure and joy to bring 'Woody' to Baytown with us... I swear, I am IN LOVE with that boy and Bud is, too!  He STOLE our hearts...  Just look at these pictures and you'll see why. 


We stopped at a roadside park to eat sandwiches on the way back and this sweet boy loved every minute of it... He shared bits of my sandwich with the softest mouth you can imagine. He marked every tree in the park as HIS, and made a giant poop to seal the deal!  hahaha   Then he found some stinky something that he was DETERMINED to investigate closer and he and I had a pulling contest!  It was too funny and here are some pics of our competition!



I declared myself the winner, but Woody didn't hold a grudge!!





He was also determined to help Bud drive!  We let him put his elbows and chest on the center console, with the rest of him still lying in the back...  Just look at these pics!!  Sooooooo sweet, and THEN he decides that he's in  LUV, and begins to kiss Bud in the ear until I had to make him stop!!  Here are some pics of the whole thing!!!



Driving Buddies!!



Notice the nonchalant look and that paw in Bud's lap!! 

He's about to make his Move!!



He was insatiable!!! 



Look how red Bud's neck is!!!  (NO PUN!!)  =)




He was more into it than Bud was!!  hahahahaa



When I finally made him stop kissing Bud in the ear, gave me this look like, "WHUT?"



When we got almost into Conroe, Woody SWORE that he HAD to go to the bathroom... so, we took the first exit and found a safe place to take him to do his business.... we walked and walked... basically, he LIED!!!  Didn't even mark a blade of grass... and then leapt back in the car with a silly grin on his face like, "Gottcha!"   We had to laugh!


The foster home has an older Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a little Beagle in residence.  They all did a lot of sniffing and a good amount of posturing when we arrived, but there were no problems... Until Woody decided to mark the Retriever!!!  We couldn't believe our eyes, but HAD to laugh!!! 


Woody is TOOO full of personality and couldn't possibly be any more precious ... I'm so, so grateful that he's been saved and I'm just SICKENED to think of all the wasted days of his life on that chain!! AARGH...  You know, people talk about wasting water, or wasting time, etc...  But, THIS was a WASTE!!! 

Here are a few examples of Woody's life before he was rescued from his chain and so-called life.


This was Woody's dinner apparently...


This is Woody's house and living space


click here for more pictures of Woody's old life....


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