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Woofstock 2005


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If you didn't make it to Woofstock this year, you missed out on a lot of fun!  As you can tell by these pictures, all taken by our very own webmaster, Maria Johnson, there was lots to see and do.  It's always so good to be in the company of that many dogs and dog lovers... oh, and One Very Confused Ferret!  =) 
"OK, so, What kind of cat am I??
and, a "shopping" horsie!
"Thanks" to all of you who participated!  It was wonderful to see some of our Adoptees and their families, too!  Here are pics of some of the ones who came by to say "Hello!" 
Here's beautiful Babe along with her super family, The Serrell's

And Lynne Auchter brought Lucky by to say "Hi, guys."  Lynne promises Lucky is on a diet!! 

Hey, Is that ice cream I see on her mouth???



And this is our Libby aka "Weezie" as named by her new Mom, April Cash.

  She had to be named Weezie to go along with George who was already in residence!  :)


Here's our Booth and a few of the Foster Dogs & Families who came out for the fun!

(please click on the dog's name to read their bio/view more pictures on our Foster Pages

then click "back" on your browser to return to this page, there are many pictures to see)

Goldie, taking it easy!
Jetta, Handing out kisses!!
and getting "read" by the Animal Communicator!!!
Snowy keeping Watch...


Stella with her Foster Brother, David; and Foster Dad, Eric

Zeus & Foster Dad, Luke, watch one of the competitions & Snuggle...
Goldie, Zeus & Snowy with their Foster parents and BHS Volunteers
Thanks again, everyone!!  See you Next year!

P. S.  Below you will find many more photos that Maria snapped while seeing the sights at Woofstock, 2005! 

  Hope you Enjoy them!

 (be sure to hold your mouse pointer over each picture for a few words... from us & the dogs)

"This is one tasty ball..." quick family portrait Nothing better than a man and his best friend. "Come on, say it   SAY IT   I can't have it until you say it!!!" All dogs, great and small, enjoyed the event. "This shirt feels a little loose, how does it look on me?"zoom-zoom This huge blue dog was just one of many prizesOur Jetta checks out a wee Dachshund on wheels   Woofstock is just doggone fun for everone! Rescue friendly kids check out the bubble machineDid we mention Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream was there?! Yummy! The Smooch Pooch - Take a licken, keep on ticken! Ok lady, I'll give you a smooch, but those whiskers are freaking me out!"

Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club entertains us with their flying dogs!

 Wow! Now that is what I call FETCH Head rush!  Hugs for a great performance!These flying dogs are amazing and such fun to watch!

"Got it!" "Here I come!" "Wow, everything looks so small from up here!" Yee-Haw! ZOOM! Off he goesIt's like they walk on air... In one end, out the other! "I am trained to find illegal substances, and I am very good at what I do!"

Most handsome Boston of the day! Portrait of a Dane A very pretty little lady indeed "Let's party!" "I think I see a giant bone with my name on it over there.." "What kind of dog are you supposed to be?""I think there is something strapped to my back, would you check for me?" "Quick give me a smooch, I don't think anyone will notice" Here are two very good lookin' Danes Twins?"I am, by far, the best dog here." "I hope I don't fall in, this water bowl is HUGE!" Princess Tiki graces us with her beautiful pink ensemble What a pretty smile!"Do you think this bandana goes with my wheels?" "All this activity is really making me thirsty" "I think that terrier over there is checkin' me out!""This way... no, this way!"  They just can't wait until next year!

Woofstock 2006... where all the cool dogs get their kicks

Hope to see you there!

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