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Last Updated on 04/12/2021


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Pets living in BHS Foster Homes - Foster Families Save Lives!




Duke is absolutely PERFECT! All 20 pound of him!! Well, we know he should (and will) lose a few of those pounds, but it won't make a dent in his 'perfect!' Duke is a handsome Dachshund mix, guesstimated to be at the Perfect age of 3-4 years.

This sweet boy was rescued from a WalMart parking lot and a major search for his owner ensued! We have come to believe he was dumped, but can't for the life of us understand Why!  Duke is PERFECT!!

He was poked, prodded, and suffered all manner of indignity at the vet's office without a single whimper. He is neutered, wormed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm NEGATIVE! Duke is house-trained, doesn't chew, doesn't bark, doesn't dig, cuddles like a Pro, likes other dogs and cats... DUKE IS PERFECT!! And, we will settle for nothing short of the Perfect home for him!!

If you have been looking for the perfect dog to adopt, here he is! Please apply for him quickly, if you are seriously interested. Perfect dogs don't come along too often!!  

View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o



This little guy was taken to a high-kill facility after having suffered trauma to his hips and back legs.  He was barely two months old and already homeless, injured, and in an animal control facility!!  No situation for a precious little guy like Harris, so Baytown Humane pulled him from the euthanasia list.

 As it turned out, no surgery was needed!  Pain meds and restricted activity was the prescribed method of healing.   So, NOW, little Harris as fully recovered from his injuries (with no evidence of it ever having happened) and he has been vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.

 His personality is absolutely irresistible.  Harris is a young dog with an old soul... He is playful with his roomies, but an absolute cuddle bug with his humans.  He likes to sleep right under your chin and at about 8 pounds, he's just the right size for that.  His Foster Father says that Harris is noticeably intelligent, good with the cats, and learns routines quickly.  At feeding time, when all the others are excitedly jumping around and making noise, little Harris can be found sitting quietly at the place where his bowl is always placed.  He patiently watches the food being prepared and the bowls put down, but never carries on like the other guys do.


We have a wonderful Senior who needs a great forever home! Well, he is barely a Senior at 5 - 7 years of age; but, Jake has an old Soul! This sweet, SWEET dog was pulled from the County shelter on the day his 'stray hold' was up. He came to us gaunt, sick, and injured; but, also friendly, grateful, and soo loving! You can actually SEE the sweetness in his face. Jake has been totally rehabbed, neutered, microchipped, and treated for & cleared of heartworms. He is a quiet soul, housetrained, good on leash; loves rides in the car; and good around other dogs, although he doesn't interact with them much. We are looking for a quiet home, maybe with a retired couple who would love to have this beautiful creature lying by the fire in the winter and on the porch with them in the Spring! Jake is a Comfort dog!! Like mashed potatoes with gravy or rich gumbo over rice! =) His calm, gentle nature helps put life in proper perspective. We know his back-story (before the shelter) and it makes him even more amazing!! Please consider Jake if you are looking for a sweet, gentle, and quiet dog to enhance your life. I promise he will do that - in Spades!!




Journey is a young, purebred Boxer who was found wandering in a neighborhood and getting into trouble while searching for food.  He had no collar/tag or microchip; and after a concentrated search, his owners could not be found.  So, Journey came to us and has been wormed, fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated to clear him of heartworms.  He is ready for the best and final leg of his 'journey,' and that is to find a great home worthy of this sweet, friendly, fun-loving dog!  Journey weighs in at just under 60 pounds, and he does well with dogs of all sorts and sizes.  He ADORES humans and knows no strangers.  He's playful, yet cuddly.  His only bad habit (that we are working to correct) is that he will sometimes counter-surf for goodies.  Not unusual behavior given the fact that he was starving when he was rescued!  If you have a warm place in your heart and home for this handsome fellow, please apply for him today!  You will never regret taking this Journey!! 




Please meet Kimber!! This beautiful girl is SUCH a treasure! She was pulled from the local animal control facility, and brought to the safety of a Baytown Humane Society foster home.  We believe  Kimber is a Catahoula/Labrador mix weighing about 60 pounds and approximately 2 years of age.   She has now been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.   All that's left to do is find her new home and a loving family.  We are searching for a fairly active home as Kimber is a young energetic girl who is in love with life!  She is equal portions play and cuddle!  Kimber does well with other dogs, children, and with cats, too!  The family that adopts her will be so blessed to have Kimber in their lives!   Adoption Application or E-mail us.  View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o



This precious Mini-Poodle lost her life-long home when her human Mom died.  She is now seeking another loving Mom and home in which to live and love.  Libby was always well-loved and cared for.   We have her vet records and we continue to provide her with regular heartworm prevention and lots of love.  She was long-ago spayed.  Libby is easy-going house trained and enjoys her toys; but, also loves to sleep in a nice warm lap!  She has a Yorkie companion named Abby; but, her foster Mom says they only sleep together and don't play with one another much.  So, she feels that they will be OK adopted separately, if we aren't able to place them together.  At 12 years of age, Libby has put on some weight over the years.  However, she is on a diet to lose those extra pounds.   She was a bit woolly when she first arrived, but now has been groomed.  We are posting pictures of her with both her 'looks.'   If you are interested in adopting Libby, please send in your application soon.  She wants to get on with life in her new home! 







Marti was dumped by a homeless man!   How does that happen, you ask?  Well, the man tied her to a line of shopping carts in the parking lot of WalMart, boarded a transit bus and never returned... In August... In Texas.. 
But, as bad as that is, it turned out to be a good thing for Marti, as she is now safe, healthy, and very happy to be rescued!  Marti is a young girl of unknown heritage, weighing about 39 pounds.  She is equal parts energy and affection; although, she is a little defensive upon first meeting anyone new... but, give her 2 minutes and you have a new friend who wants to play!  
Marti is good around dogs of all sizes and really wants to play with them.  She WILL play all by herself, though, if given some toys.  She will pounce on them, growl and shake them, and toss them in the air only to retrieve them to do it all over again.  But, her best play time is with other canines, or perhaps an older child or two!  
She sleeps with the Foster Parents and loves that; but, she can be encouraged to sleep in her own bed on the floor.  She learned to use the dog door very quickly, and has not had a single 'accident' in the house.  Her Foster Mom says that Marti takes treats very gently from fingers, is good on leash, and likes to look out the windows during car rides.  It appears she had puppies at some
point, but there were none with her...she's not much more than a pup, herself.
All in all, this little girl will be a great addition to some lucky family.  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and tested Negative for Heartworms.  Now, we only need to add a great home and Marti will be on her way to a great life! 









This precious little Chihuahua was dumped at a tractor supply house before daybreak early one morning.  He was terrified, skinny, and appeared to have an awful case of mange.   The plea for help went out, and Baytown Humane Society took him into the Program. We  named him Mouse in honor of his extremely large ears!  Turns out that little Mouse is only about 8 months old, and he is hairless, not because of mange, but because he has Color Dilution Alopecia!   Mouse will forever be naked!  =)   But, there are SO many possibilities for him among all the people who love dogs, but are allergic to them!  The only different care-need is that he should have moisturizing baths, and he will need shirts and sweaters to help keep him warm and the sun off his skin.  And, even those things just add to his appeal!  Think how cute he can be dressed up!   Mouse is available for adoption after having received all his vaccinations, been neutered, and microchipped!  He tested Negative for heartworms and is receiving monthly heartworm prevention!  If you are interested in a hairless little dog, that is perfect in every other way, Mouse is the little guy for you! 



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