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Last Updated on 05/17/2021

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Rosie is looking for her Forever home! At approximately 3 years of age and 50 - 52 pounds, this beautiful girl has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. We believe Rosie may be an Irish Setter/Chocolate Lab mix. She is currently in a foster home with 2 like-sized dogs and several cats. She does great with the dogs, and is cat-curious, but not aggressive. Rosie likes all humans, and particularly children. She is an active, but affectionate girl who is striking in appearance and will make friends wherever she goes! If you believe Rosie is the girl for you and you will give her a safe and loving home, please complete our application.   




Rudy is Ready!!   This handsome boy is rearing to get on with life in a home of his own!  Rudy was rescued from the streets and he has now gained weight, been house trained, fully vaccinated, neutered, tested Negative for heartworms and microchipped.  All that he needs now is a great home!
Rudy is a young (12 - 18 months), Very Energetic guy; so, if you are looking for a slow-paced, laid-back dog, keep scrolling!   This fellow is all about checking everything out, running like the wind, playing hard, and squeezing every ounce of happiness from every moment.   And, at the end of all that.... he will cuddle like a teddy bear.  =)    His Foster Mom describes him as "goofy and fun-loving," and she is touched by how affectionate he can be.
He's in a foster home with just one small dog and 3 cats... None of which fills his need for hard play; but, Rudy makes the best of it by chasing squirrels in the yard, playing with toys (he LOVES toys), and just running laps!  He needs an active home, hopefully, complete with at least one other energetic dog or an older child who wants to play.  
Rudy may have had a hard time on the streets because he is a little skittish on first meeting.   NOT at all aggressive, just good at avoidance; but, once he decides you are not there to hurt him, he's all fun and giggles!
If you think this beautiful, free-spirited soul is suited to your lifestyle and home, please apply to adopt him today.  Rudy is Ready!!   Adoption Application or E-mail us.






Shasta is ready for her forever home!  This absolutely PRECIOUS senior girl  (6 - 7 years) is about 64 pounds of pure sugar.   She is very sweet, gentle, house-trained, tolerant, quiet, and just wants to be by your side and loved. She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.
Shasta had a Hellacious life, and now deserves to rest and repair.  We believe she may be a Great Pyranees/Yellow Lab mix.  She was rescued with another dog who did not survive and she misses him. 
Shasta has some quirky behaviors, but none that would be show-stoppers in a great home.  She does not require a lot of activity, although a daily walk around the block would be nice!  She is a mellow dog who is content to sit at your feet and watch the world go by.
You will see in the photos how good she is, even with the pesky little puppy who thinks she may be his Mom.  =)  
My heart breaks for her when I visit with Shasta.  There is an underlying quiet - almost sadness that tells me a lot about her life before rescue.  We want to see her in a happy home, soaking up all the love she was denied by her original humans.
Please apply to adopt Shasta, if you are looking for a gentle, sweet dog to pass time with till the end of her days.  You will never find a kinder heart than hers.   Adoption Application or E-mail us. View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o




Stella is now all well and ready to get on with life with a home and family of her own! We believe this beauty to be Husky/Lab mix with maybe a little German Shepherd heritage stirred in! Stella is approximately 2 years old and weighs about 55 pounds and she's a talker! She had brought so much joy and so many laughs to her foster family!! She is a sweet, funny girl who has been house-trained, fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped! She loves her walks and does great on leash. She is good with other dogs, and adores her humans, especially children! This is a beautiful, intelligent, and fun-loving dog who definitely will become a cherished member of some lucky family! If you think that family should be yours, please complete the online pet adoption application today!   Adoption Application or E-mail us. View more pictures by clicking on the Foster Page.o




Tatum will spend the rest of her life in a great home and every ounce of her will be loved and cared-for like she has deserved all along.  This beauty is approximately six years of age and is fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and treated for heartworms.  Tatum is the total package of affection and protection.  Her German Shepherd heritage makes her one of the most loyal companions any family could hope for, and just her size and bark will ward away any possible evil-doers!  =)   
Tatum does well with other dogs and with all humans, big and little.  She is the Queen in the foster home surrounded by other GSD's, a Hound, and various and sundry little dogs.   She is fine with them all as long as they do not try to take her toys, her bed, or her food.  Tatum protects what is hers!  =)  However, a human can go take any and all of these things, and she doesn't mind at all.  This girl knows her place! 
She does well on-leash and in the car.  She is house-trained, has a calm, friendly demeanor, knows "sit" on command, and responds when called.  She will be a great companion to some lucky family who wants a dog well past all the training stages for house-training, chewing, digging, barking, etc.   Tatum is a finished companion with years of love and devotion left to give! 




TEX is ready for his forever home!! This male Blue Tick Coonhound is growing like a weed! He is now approx 6 months old and about 45 pounds.  He such a affable, goofy, happy little guy!  He is so grateful to be rescued and he really wants to please his Foster Parents!  Tex knows "sit" (and "stay" most of the time) and he has learned to walk on the leash after being scared of it originally. He tries to retrieve the ball, but sometimes loses interest about half way back! LOL!  I mean, after all, there IS that lady bug in the grass, and then there was that butterfly flitting all over... He has been wormed, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Tex loves Everyone and Everything! The world is a place of amazement to him, and he wants to learn all about it. There have been No issues with excessive barking or digging and house-training is coming along, He is such a sweet, gentle, easy-going boy and will do well in a home with other pets and children.



This little tyke is Tiny!   No, really, her NAME is Tiny!    She weighs about 7 pounds, but her personality far outweighs that!   She is such a happy little girl who loves to play with other dogs Tiny w/ another Dog, cats (new creatures to her!), humans, or Anybody who will play!   She knows how to retrieve; Tiny Retrieves    Plus, she can dance and pray all at the same time! Tiny Dances & Prays And, talk about Snuggle!!  Oh, she's a Pro at snuggling!!  Tiny is approximately 2 years old and she has been fully vaccinated, tested negative for heartworms, spayed, and microchipped!  We are searching for a home with at least one other small dog and maybe an older child or two.  This is a joyful little dog who is happy to be alive and safe!  She deserves a great home! 




Tito says it is about time he gets a permanent home of his own! He has been wormed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and amazingly, he tested Negative for heartworms! We believe Tito is a young (approx 2 yrs.) Beagle/Harrier mix and he weighs a tad over 45 pounds. He could use a little more weight, and we are working on that...but, he should top out around 50 max. Tito is housetrained, good on leash, great in the car, and he loves his stuffed toys. He tolerates swats from the cats in the foster home without any retaliation. He gets very excited to meet another dog, but hasn't had the opportunity to actually play with one. The older Dachshund in the home isn't the playful sort! We do know that Tito is strong and has lots of energy; so, a home with another dog of similar energy and/or maybe a couple of children would be a good match. Tito doesn't fight a bath, but he's not at all crazy about the rain. He loves attention and will slather you with kisses if you allow. He sleeps on his own bed at night and is a collector of any socks left lying about. Tito is going to be a great new family member for his human pack; and they will be blessed to have him! 




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