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Duke & Farley pictures

The boys are doing very well.  Farley has gotten his second haircut since the beginning of summer.  His latest is a little shorter and he is looking like a puppy all over again.  You donít realize just how tiny he is underneath all that hair.  He looks so much cooler and ready for the summer months ahead!  Duke on the other hand, has not had anything to worry about, just the occasional nail filing/trimming at home.  Duke is still on his medication, taking it regularly (50mg in the AM and 25mg in the PM).  He is getting more comfortable walking through doors, through narrow places around the house, and still loves to be petted and hugged for comfort.  He still barks at sudden sounds or movements and gets stressed when there are more than two people to watch.  We have observed that he likes to position himself strategically so he is in full command and view of his surroundings.  But he does better when everyone is all huddled around one space and he knows he is safe.  In the evenings when all three of us are home is his most stressful time because he has to keep watch of all three of us moving in different directions all around him at once.  But once we are all seated at the dinner table, for example, or for family prayer time in the living room, Duke and Farley gather with us and they settle down and relax.  Duke is still happiest outdoors and he is really getting better at meeting other dog walkers (he is not afraid anymore as they get more familiar to him).  They both still love meeting other dogs and are just so good in their walks.  Duke is definitely my little buddy because he follows me everywhere I go.  When I am by the computer he will be resting beside me; when I get up to go to the bathroom, he will be waiting by the door when I come out.  He is my constant companion.  Farley is his own person, without a fear in the world.  He is our social butterfly, ever curious, playful, full of energy.  But he has turned out to be quite the cuddler as well, coming up and nuzzling against you.  He reminds us very much of a frisky little cat in many ways.  They are just too cute and adorable.  They give us much love and have made our lives so much happier.  These dogs are well aware of our normal routines and schedules.  They expect breakfast and dinner at a certain time (they start moving about when they hear Ianís alarm ring in the morning), they get excited and start ďtalkingĒ when itís time for their walk, or when itís snack time and I open the freezer for their frozen vegetable treats.  They snack on fresh apples and frozen carrots and green beans.  They have also tried frozen okra and fresh watermelon (seedless).  Duke did not want anything other than meat at first, but once he tasted it, he was hooked.  Farley, we know, already eats anything and everything.  In the early spring, we were able to walk them twice a day when the weather was nice and cool, but in the summer it has been hot so we have started walking them late in the day when the sun is going down (7:30 or 8pm).  They still very much look forward to their long walks.  Farley is prancing along on the clean, dry pavement and Duke is on the grass, hunched low, carried away by his nose on a trail.  From the pictures, you will see how they have developed some peculiar sleeping habits.  That has become a nightly ritual for them.  After family prayer, they know itís time for bed and they position themselves.  I lay out the blanket for Farley with his pillow, set up his tent and he crawls and positions himself underneath.  Duke waits patiently for his turn where I position him and put his friends under his arms and legs (he has recently added an old shirt of Ianís for comfort).  And then I swaddle him with his blanket and he stays like that the whole night.  In the mornings, Duke has another funny routine.  He gets a drink of water and then he picks up his friends one by one and brings them to the living room.  Then he starts gnawing and rolling over them and frolicking in the living room.  This is every single morning.  Can you imagine that?  It is so easy with Duke, because he is so consistent, even in the backyard.  You will know where to find poop because it is always in the same place!  Life could not be any simpler!  He is such a good boy.  Farley on the other hand, being more dainty, will wait until his walk to do his serious business if he can help it.  When I let them out in the backyard, since itís been very hot lately, he does not even want to touch the grass so I have found myself carrying him like a little baby towards the fence and then letting him down so he can do his business and then he quickly runs off back inside where it is cooler.  We all have our own little quirks and we are getting along just fine!


That is our update for now.  We hope this makes you all smile today, knowing that Duke and Farley are healthy and happy.  We also hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Any summer plans for you all?


Please take care and know that we are forever grateful for Duke and Farley and are thinking of you always.

-Mitus, Jimmy, and Ian

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