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Monkey was a lost little soul rescued from the side of a busy highway near a thickly-wooded area where he had evidently been living, or trying to live, anyway.   He came to us a total matted mess, so matted in fact that we weren't sure if he was a boy or a girl, or even what breed he was until we were able to get him out of his cocoon.   What we found inside is an adorable little boy thought to be a Shih Tzu, with lipid brown eyes and a calm sweetness about him that is undeniable.   He's NOT that old, but he doesn't seem to know how to play.  He much prefers to sit quietly and watch the action without getting all hot and bothered!  Monkey claimed that as his name when he responded so strongly to a comment made when he was being shaved down that his face looked like a little monkey's.  At which point, the little thing did a couple of whirls around and looked up at us expectedly, like, "HOW did you know my name??"   So, we tested him again...calling him all sorts of other name, but when we threw in "Monkey," the same response came from this precious little boy!!  So, "Monkey" became his name, and he likes it just fine.... only LATER did we discover that bananas are a favorite treat of his!  Monkey is fully vaccinated, neutered, housetrained, and has a brand new beautiful coat, now.  He's NOT a dog for an active household; preferring peace and quiet as a way to fill his day.  He gets along fine with other dogs, and he can get frisky, but it doesn't last long.  He's quite the distinguished gentleman, and expects to be treated that way.  If you think your home is a good match for this darling fellow, please apply for Monkey today!


Monkey with his new loving family!







Since this cutie is " Not 'yo " ordinary kinda guy, he wears the name, "Nacho!"   This handsome fellow has been fully vaccinated, neutered, and finished his heartworm treatment in May.  The foster mom has this to say about him:  "I really canít say enough good things about this handsome boy Iíve been fostering for the last 6 months.  Heís a sweet, three-year-old Pomeranian mix, weighing about 18 lbs and he is house trained.   He gets along great with my 3 other dogs (from a large Dobie mix to a 16-year-old Jack Russell) and is perfect with kids.  Nacho has had limited interactions with cats, but showed no issues at all.  He also loves treats and ice!  This cutie is patient for haircuts and baths, rides great in the car, and is an excellent cuddler... In short, Nacho is just a total sweetheart."   He loves human interaction/company the most, and we believe a best fit will be with someone who is retired or works from home.  Nacho truly is an exceptional pup and will prove to be a great new family member for years to come!! 



Nacho is quite pleased to be a part of such a lovely family!




Oreo is a Smooth-coated Border Collie who is about a year of age and weighs in around 35 pounds.  She gets along great with other dogs and with children.  She hasn't had any experience with cats, so we don't know how she would be; however, she is so gentle and sweet, I can't picture her being anything other than curious about a cat.  She and another slightly larger dog in the foster home have such fun tumbling and playing together.  Oreo is a little shy at first meeting; but, given just a little time she will warm up and show you affection.   She is a quiet girl who hasn't had a single 'accident' in the home and makes it obvious she wants to please.  Border Collies are known to be one of the very most intelligent canines around; so, her new family is going to benefit from brains as well as her good looks!  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, tested Negative for heartworms, and microchipped!  Oreo is ready for her forever home!   If you can give her a great home for the rest of her life, please apply to adopt her today!!



Oreo with her family now!!






Just Look at this Prissy sweet thing!   This beauty is about 50 pounds of grateful, happy puppyness - all full of vim, vigor, and love!  We are guessing her age to be 10 - 11 months, but can't say for sure. 
Prissy is a little unsure when she first meets a new acquaintance, but warms up quickly and wants to play!   She is still a pup, so normal behaviors of stealing shoes, pulling at the leash, not liking baths and being startled by loud noises are present, but being worked on by her Foster Mom!   House training is almost complete, too.  She is being taught to sit by the door when she needs to go out and her Foster Mom says it is coming along nicely.  Prissy responds to reprimand quickly and really wants to please.  The Foster Mom says that Prissy is treat-motivated and has mastered 'sit,' already!  
Even though she loves chasing squirrels and playing tug-of-war in the yard with her canine companions, Prissy is a big-time cuddler who will watch TV or nap on the couch with you to your heart's content.  She has more kisses to give than you could ever use up! 

Prissy at home with her family, yay!





REBA!!  Remember her song, "One Chance Fancy?"  Well, that applies to this fancy girl, too!  =)   In case you can't tell, our Reba is a red Husky!  We believe purebred, but since she was pulled from an animal control facility where she was listed as 'stray,' we have no proof!   We DO know for a fact that she is as sweet as they come and quieter than most Huskies!  She is a small package (like her name sake) at only 33 pounds.  She is full of joy,  antics, and affection.  Reba does great with other dogs and children - shows interest in cats but hasn't been officially "cat-tested."  She loves tummy rubs, crunching ice, and playing tug-of-war with her canine buddies.  She sleeps on her back, always making that tummy available for a little rub!  Reba is very close to being officially house trained, and she is great on leash.  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.  She is approximately a year of age and she tested heartworm negative!  Reba is All of this tied up with a red bow!  Apply for her today, if you are interested in giving this beauty a great home and enjoying her company for many years to come!  She may even learn to sing for you! 

Reba settling in to her forever home!




Rocky is a precious little guy with a playful, loving personality!!  BHS pulled him from the local animal control facility a couple of months ago.  He had to be shaved down because of severe matting, but his curly coat is growing out, now, and revealing some interesting gray markings near his ears, tail, and a little on his back.   He is young - only a year to a year-and-a-half and appears to be mostly Mini-Poodle -- all 11 pounds of him!   He is heartworm negative, neutered, and microchipped.   Rocky will dance for his treats and does well with dogs of all sizes and cats, too!   We feel that he really does need at least one other dog to play with because this little guy does love to play.  But, he likes his quiet time in your lap, too!   His Foster Mom says he is quite the cuddle-bug and he gets to sleep in bed with her!  Rocky does have an adventuresome spirit and likes to explore - sometimes outside the confines of his own yard!  So, he will need a very securely fenced yard to keep him safe when outdoors.  Of course, the best idea is to go out with him to supervise his activity, and to keep him safe from birds of prey.   If this boy sounds like someone you would like to share life with, please apply to adopt him today.  This Rocky can help you smooth out any rough patches life may deliver!  =)  Apply Today!! 



Rocky with his wonderful family, yay!





Rudy is Ready!!   This handsome boy is rearing to get on with life in a home of his own!  Rudy was rescued from the streets and he has now gained weight, been house trained, fully vaccinated, neutered, tested Negative for heartworms and microchipped.  All that he needs now is a great home!
Rudy is a young (12 - 18 months), Very Energetic guy; so, if you are looking for a slow-paced, laid-back dog, keep scrolling!   This fellow is all about checking everything out, running like the wind, playing hard, and squeezing every ounce of happiness from every moment.   And, at the end of all that.... he will cuddle like a teddy bear.  =)    His Foster Mom describes him as "goofy and fun-loving," and she is touched by how affectionate he can be.
He's in a foster home with just one small dog and 3 cats... None of which fills his need for hard play; but, Rudy makes the best of it by chasing squirrels in the yard, playing with toys (he LOVES toys), and just running laps!  He needs an active home, hopefully, complete with at least one other energetic dog or an older child who wants to play.  
Rudy may have had a hard time on the streets because he is a little skittish on first meeting.   NOT at all aggressive, just good at avoidance; but, once he decides you are not there to hurt him, he's all fun and giggles!
If you think this beautiful, free-spirited soul is suited to your lifestyle and home, please apply to adopt him today.  Rudy is Ready!!   Adoption Application or E-mail us.







His name is RUSTY, ~39 pounds of pure sugar rescued from the streets on a freezing night!  He's now been evaluated, vaccinated, microchipped and tested heartworm Negative!   How he got so sweet in the 6-7 months he's been alive, particularly with the rough start he had, is beyond me!   But, they Always amaze  with their forgiving love and acceptance. This boy is absolutely precious, friendly, and loving!!   We can see Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) in his heritage- the rest eludes us, but he is so handsome!  =)   If you adopt Rusty, he will most certainly become one of your most favorite family know him is to Love him!!  Please apply today!




Rusty is thrilled to be off the streets and in a loving home.





Sandy, a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix, was rescued from a hoarding situation.  We believe her to be approximately 7 months of age and she is now 33 pounds and growing.  Sandy has the wonderful, easy-going personality of a Golden Retriever coupled with the intelligence of the Aussie!   What a great combination of breeds!  She learned to use the dog door in less than 5 minutes, sits on command, is mostly house-trained, and responds to reprimand immediately.  She's the first one to show up and sit when she hears the ice dispenser activate... LOVES crushed ice!  =)  She gets along great with all the other dogs in the foster home.  She spends the day running, chasing, tumbling, and roughhousing with the others and shows immediate submission, if someone gets too rough! Smart Girl!!  Sweet Sandy is ready for adoption now that she is healthy, vaccinated, and spayed.  If you are ready to have a fantastic, life-long canine companion, Sandy should be a strong contender! 



Sandy's 'family portrait' in her new home!





Shasta is ready for her forever home!  This absolutely PRECIOUS senior girl  (6 - 7 years) is about 64 pounds of pure sugar.   She is very sweet, gentle, house-trained, tolerant, quiet, and just wants to be by your side and loved. She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.
Shasta had a Hellacious life, and now deserves to rest and repair.  We believe she may be a Great Pyranees/Yellow Lab mix.  She was rescued with another dog who did not survive and she misses him. 
Shasta has some quirky behaviors, but none that would be show-stoppers in a great home.  She does not require a lot of activity, although a daily walk around the block would be nice!  She is a mellow dog who is content to sit at your feet and watch the world go by.
You will see in the photos how good she is, even with the pesky little puppy who thinks she may be his Mom.  =)  
My heart breaks for her when I visit with Shasta.  There is an underlying quiet - almost sadness that tells me a lot about her life before rescue.  We want to see her in a happy home, soaking up all the love she was denied by her original humans.
Please apply to adopt Shasta, if you are looking for a gentle, sweet dog to pass time with till the end of her days.  You will never find a kinder heart than hers.   Adoption Application or E-mail us.






Little SPIRIT is a Shih Tzu mix, and only about 10 months of age. She was found after having been securely taped inside an old diaper box and thrown into a ditch.  There are witnesses that saw the box in the ditch for at least 4 days.  Someone got curious and stopped to look, and discovered this little Treasure buried inside!  She was in terrible condition from having severe mange, and from having been stuffed inside that box for so many days AND nights... in January!!  But, she emerged from the torture with such a wonderful, happy Spirit even though she was in misery with her eyes matted closed, and literally bleeding from the horrible mange and cut-up mouth from trying to chew her way out of the box.  The veterinary staff were also amazed and they actually are the ones who named her SPIRIT!  She has now recovered completely from mange, is growing a nice new coat,  has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.  Spirit is ready for the great home that she has EARNED and deserves!   If you are interested in adopting this darling little girl, please apply today!



Spirit is one happy girl in her new home!!




Stella is now all well and ready to get on with life with a home and family of her own! We believe this beauty to be Husky/Lab mix with maybe a little German Shepherd heritage stirred in! Stella is approximately 2 years old and weighs about 55 pounds and she's a talker! She had brought so much joy and so many laughs to her foster family!! She is a sweet, funny girl who has been house-trained, fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped! She loves her walks and does great on leash. She is good with other dogs, and adores her humans, especially children! This is a beautiful, intelligent, and fun-loving dog who definitely will become a cherished member of some lucky family!

If you think that family should be yours, please complete the online pet adoption application today!   Adoption Application or E-mail us.








Say "Hello" to TATUM  -  all 108 pounds of her!    What a life this girl has had...and we just know part of the story!!   But, we also know the Rest of the Story!! 
Tatum will spend the rest of her life in a great home and every ounce of her will be loved and cared-for like she has deserved all along.  This beauty is approximately six years of age and is fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and treated for heartworms.  Tatum is the total package of affection and protection.  Her German Shepherd heritage makes her one of the most loyal companions any family could hope for, and just her size and bark will ward away any possible evil-doers!  =)   
Tatum does well with other dogs and with all humans, big and little.  She is the Queen in the foster home surrounded by other GSD's, a Hound, and various and sundry little dogs.   She is fine with them all as long as they do not try to take her toys, her bed, or her food.  Tatum protects what is hers!  =)  However, a human can go take any and all of these things, and she doesn't mind at all.  This girl knows her place! 
She does well on-leash and in the car.  She is house-trained, has a calm, friendly demeanor, knows "sit" on command, and responds when called.  She will be a great companion to some lucky family who wants a dog well past all the training stages for house-training, chewing, digging, barking, etc.   Tatum is a finished companion with years of love and devotion left to give! 

Tatum now! 




This little tyke is Tiny!   No, really, her NAME is Tiny!    She weighs about 7 pounds, but her personality far outweighs that!   She is such a happy little girl who loves to play with other dogs Tiny w/ another Dog, cats (new creatures to her!), humans, or Anybody who will play!   She knows how to retrieve; Tiny Retrieves    Plus, she can dance and pray all at the same time! Tiny Dances & Prays And, talk about Snuggle! Oh, she's a Pro at snuggling!!  Tiny is approximately 2 years old and she has been fully vaccinated, tested negative for heartworms, spayed, and microchipped!  We are searching for a home with at least one other small dog and maybe an older child or two.  This is a joyful little dog who is happy to be alive and safe!  She deserves a great home! 

Tiny with her new family!



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