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A Rusty update: He and blackjack have quite the obsession with one another, as you can see! Those two always have to be together and doing the same thing (including playing tug or war with the smallest toy in the house lol) we've ventured to the beach and lake, he's not a fan of water but will walk through it when Blackjack does and Garrett leads. Garrett went away for a couple days and as soon as he came back Rusty was all over him lol he has definitely claimed Garrett as his human. We have installed a doggy door for them after considering how much he loved it at his foster home which they use frequently to sun bathe and chase birds, squirrels, frogs and any other wildlife that ventures into our yard.



I'm so thankful that you all were so particular in placing him, he is our perfect match!








Holly knows how to get comfy in her forever home!  

Mary says, "She smiles all the time.....happy, happy pup!!"


December 7, 2011

Hello from our Family,
I just wanted to send you some recent fun pics of the 2 furry friends you blessed us with this past year. I hope you remember them. Both are doing great and are with a clean bill of health. Great, great additions to our family. They get along great and are doing so well and are VERY spoiled. Barney has a love for the water as he jumped into our pool all the time in the summer, goes crazy over splashing and floats. Angie tends to be more laid back and just observes his craziness. She's my baby, so very gentle and loyal. Both are very good and have a lot of friends at our local dog park. I can't thank you enough for the great year this year and are looking forward to the years to come. I hope the volunteers and family of the Humane Society have a great holiday season. You all are angels in disguise to all furfriends. I only hope this next year is even better than the previous. Bless you all.  -Jaime





Hi, Marilyn,
Monkey here.  I asked my mom to type this for me, because I wanted to say thank you for finding my family for me.  I am so happy here, and just wanted to tell you that.
Mom says today is my birf-day (whatever that is), so I've gotten a couple of extra treats - a really special doggie cookie from the dog bakery in Georgetown that Mom orders for us (and that I have to share with Pepper & Beau!), and some of my absolute favorite, banana!  My mom even let me do some extra barking this morning, since that's one of my favorite things to do.  I know I'm not supposed to bark all the time, and I'm pretty good at stopping when I'm told to, but gosh, I love to bark!  And besides, I just know that post-person who brings the mail is coming to kill us all, and I need to warn my family!
My brother Beau and I are great friends now.  We go outside together, and we play a game called "chase & growl", which we both love.  We especially like to play our game when any of our family comes home after being gone.  Now, my sister Pepper is a different story.  We get along okay, but we haven't played any games together (yet).  But she's okay.  She and I have something in common, though:  we both hate thunderstorms!  We get so nervous, and I shake a lot, but Mom always holds me and comforts me until the storm passes, so that helps a lot.  If it storms, you'll find us all snuggling together on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket, LOL!  Oh, and by the way, I still poop in the car every chance I get.  I really hate it when I do that, but Mom says it's just anxiety, and that it's okay.  
Please hug Bruce and Karen for me; they were just the best foster mom and dad I could have had.  And give yourself a special hug, because I know you are the reason I have a great family and feel so loved, and I appreciate everything you do for all my furry friends.
Here are a couple of recent snapshots of me:   


Mom says you're probably tired of reading by now, so I'd better stop here.  She and my dad said to tell you hello, and that they think I'm just the best little doggie in the world, and that I have a sweet and quirky little personality.  (Humph. . . is that a good thing, do you suppose?)
Much love, Monkey 


Hey Marilyn

 I was just thinking about you and wanted to drop you a short note and let you know that Rascal and everyone is still doing GREAT!!!  Rascal just never ceases to amaze us and make us laugh.. he still turns in every single night around 9:00 and doesn't want to get out of bed before 10:00 every morning.  His latest thing is when I'm getting dressed in the morning and I turn the bedroom light on... he actually takes his paws and covers both eyes.  No one believes us... so we're in the process of getting it captured on camera or better yet video.   


We continue to be so thankful that we were able to give him a forever home and we've spoiled him beyond belief.  But that's what it's all about!

 Tell everyone Rascal says a big hello.. .and that he is still doing great.  Basil ADORES him... and that's putting it lightly.  Basil frets and worries anytime Rascal is not near him or gets out of his sight. 

 Just staying in touch with you and hope all is well. - Perry










Thought I would share a couple pics I had taken of Austin.  Just so you know I have the best dog ever.  Still goes everywhere with me and everyone keeps treats in their drawers at work just for him. Had to get on to them a few times, cause he is putting on some pounds...  Hard to believe when I got him he weighed 54lbs and now 105lbs.   He truly is the best dog. Thank you once again for everything you do. -Bobby














Can you believe Duke and Farley have been with us 8 months?  Time flies so fast, it seems like only yesterday when we first welcomed them home last October.  We owe you pictures and updates.  Here is a link to an album of pictures covering the past 6 months since you last saw them.  Duke & Farley pictures

Read more about Duke and Farley HERE





Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m doing great.  I’m a little bow-legged now but it makes my swagger tougher.  I occasionally have a little tenderness in my leg but only rarely.  Dad says he’s afraid the tenderness may be from the loose plate in my leg but they don’t want to operate on it unless absolutely necessary.  As of about the first of June I’m beginning to wag my tail a little. I can run and keep up with the other dogs and love to wrestle.  I can jump on the couch but the bed is a little too high so Mom bought me some stairs. Dad says I have all my muscle tone back in both rear legs. I can actually climb stairs faster than a couple of my brothers and sisters. Mom lets me sleep plastered to the side of her under the covers.  Life is good.

Here are my Before and After Pictures!

This is me, BEFORE I got well and was trying to learn to walk again.


This is Me, NOW!!



Cassi (foster name Dani) is the queen of our house.  She loves to sit in the big window of our motor home to watch the birds on the feeder I hang on trees.  She also watches the hummingbirds as they zip by.  This is our annual trip to Garner State Park.  She is a very special dog and the light of our lives. 



Hi Marilyn!  All is wonderful here in "Deakinsville".  Abby has been continuing to settle in and is making terrific strides in the process!  She's such a joy to have.  She's more playful everyday going and picking up toys to toss or chew (especially tennis balls).  She sleeps by Maddie at times and at others she'll keep to herself.  Sometimes she's on her bed on the floor and at others she's up on the couch or our bed, where I keep a quilt for them to lay on.  Her appetite is normal.  She runs and plays outside or chooses to bag the rays while laying in the sun (soo cute)!  Of course the cat is available entertainment for her as well, but she's never tried to hurt her.  The cat will even lay on our bed and nap when Abby is up there...go figure.  She's doing better leash walking around the neighborhood and acts like a child filled with excitement to be out when we take her!  Her nose is obviously her guide at these times and it's a thrill to watch her track.  She's just soo smart!  I love how she cocks her head and raises her ears when she hears high pitched-sounds, curious like a pup!  I guess I could go on and on about how much we love her and feel she's always been meant to be part of our family Marilyn.  I feel destiny and God's best has been fulfilled in her coming to us.  Abby has and continues to bring such joy to us and we love lovin' her! 


I'm so thankful to be a "stay at home mom"!  The time I have with them is precious to me.


Take care and our best to you both! ~Becky





What a perfect child.  She may be the sweetest and happiest baby we have ever had.  Of course, she spent the first 2-3 hours after you left watching the front door.  Then Bob and I took turns holding her in our laps and petting her continuously. 


I was worried about her sleeping last night.  She was fine until we started to go to bed, and then she watched the front door again.  I finally closed the bedroom door and she jumped on the bed at my feet.   Naturally, my restless legs changed her mind about that position.  When I realized she was gone from the bed, I jumped up to look for her.   She was very comfortably settled in my favorite chair next to the bed.  I put a little cover on her and there she stayed all night.  She seemed so cozy in the "easy" chair.


She is now eating good.   She is so smart.  She already knows where everything inside and outside is. 


Would you believe some neighbors came over today to meet her.   They know how much we had anticipated her.  She was a perfect hostess.  Our daughter, Linda, also came out with her 2 dogs.   They (hers are female too) all got along just fine.  In fact, by the time they left they were all playing on the deck. 


By the way, we have not let her out on the deck or in the yard by herself yet.  Bob took her for 3 short walks today.  She seemed to love it.


I can see how easy it would be to love her like Ruth does. My heart aches for Ruth. She is a sweetheart.

[Note to Reader:  Ruth was Trixie's foster Mom]


You two are very special people with special causes.  Bob, Linda and I will always feel close to you two and hope you can come to see us in the future.




Trixie on adoption day with her new parents, Sue and Bob.


Dear Marilyn,


Just a short note to let you know Molly (we decided to change Candy's name after all) is doing well and we just love her to death.  She and Sadie get along great and play together all day long.  The first 2 days were non-stop but now they are taking naps in the afternoon (to recuperate) and then they are up and at it again!!  She sleeps all night long without having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  When Sadie was a puppy I was getting up with her in the middle of the night till she was about 1 year old, so I was prepared for this with Molly.


I wanted to return her tag to you, but I wanted to write and let you know how well she is doing and I think she is very happy here.  I took her to our Vet for a physical and she got a clean bill of health.  Her patch of hair is growing in nicely.


Molly was afraid of the stairs and the first night I carried her up to bed with us and then carried her down the next morning.  But Sadie helped me with that.  Sadie would go up about 6 steps and Molly would go up 2 and then back down.  Sadie would go all the way back down the steps and then up again about 7 or 8  and Molly would only go up 3 and then back down.  It took the whole day, but Sadie got her to go all the way up the stairs and then back down and now they just run through the house and up and down the stairs!!


Then the day we had the home visit with Molly's foster parents and they said she was trained to go out a doggie door, when we left there we went to Home Depot and bought a doggie door for her and Juan put it in that very same day.  Sadie would have nothing to do with it till Molly showed her how to use it and boy you should see her now!   That little door has been great because now Sadie doesn't have any accidents in the house which is great and they go in and out of the house as they please.


She is a great joy to Juan and I and I know Sadie loves having her here.


Thank you so much,

Juan, Sharon, Sadie & Molly










Just an update on Max (formerly Pappy). I can't believe we have had him for over 3 years already!  He is just a wonderful, beautiful boy.  Max always does a "bed check" on the kids before he comes to bed.  He got a new baby last year (in addition to our 3 year old).  Max opens her door, sticks his nose between the crib rails and takes a big sniff to make sure she is okay, then he is on his way.

He is extremely loyal and protective of his family (our other dogs included). Max was just the perfect addition to our family.  Thanks for suggesting him for us.





I want to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date with Faith. It's been 3 years since you brought Faith to us in College Station. I can't believe that the time has passed so quickly. Faith has been the the consummate companion and we love her beyond words. She's my buddy and never tires of being loved on. She is the gentlest soul I've ever encountered and is terrific with children of all ages. In fact, I can't recall her ever growling in anger or ever snapping at anyone. We have been so blessed to have her in our lives.


I play with her at every opportunity and she responds in kind. She travels well and loves our grandchildren - ages 4 and 1.  Faith has no fear of strangers and is a friend to anyone paying any attention to her.


I loved our other dogs but my love for this girl goes beyond words. You may recall we had lost our Aussie after 14 years, having her die in our arms after a heart attack in December. Sandi and I had decided that we would wait at least 6 months before we decided if we would consider another dog. Why I was on your web site or why I chose to read about Faith is a mystery. But I know that her bio touched my heart and I knew instantly that we belonged together. I wanted to give her the love she deserved and she has rewarded us by being everything we could have hoped for and more.


Thank you for all you do and for bringing us together. Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you health and joy,  Bill














We found our wonderful boy Bouncer through your website a year ago in October and drove from West Houston to Pasadena Animal Control to check him out. Though he was terrified, sickly looking and very scraggly, we ended up applying to adopt him that day and can say it was the best decision we ever made! He is more sweet, loyal, loving and adorable then we ever imagined and the whole family is truly smitten. When we got him home and to the vet, we learned that he had heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm. It took several months and lots of work to get rid of the heartworm, but he is now a very healthy, happy, energetic boy! After getting well, he gained a good bit of weight, his hair grew in much softer, and his personality changed completely.  He is still very scared and timid around boxes, luggage, vacuum cleaners, and the like, which we think is a result of being abused in his past life, but he has become very good with people, children, and other dogs.  He sleeps on mom and dad's bed every night, and loves to sprawl out on his back. We have also decided that he might just be the snuggliest dog ever in the mornings when he wakes up and nuzzles his head into the blankets and his parents.  We ended up keeping his shelter name, Bouncer, because we quickly learned that he loves to bounce of top of tennis balls when he fetches.  He also loves to go for long walks to make sure he hits every spot in the neighborhood. He is a big time mama's boy and won't wander too far from mom's side when at the dog park or in the field. Thank you so much for making sure he stayed safe at the Pasadena Animal Control center, because we don't know what we would do without our Bouncer! 

Sincerely, Melissa, Brandon and Emma







Marilyn,  I attached three pictures of Austin just being him. He is so funny, and the best natured dog I have ever had. His personality just blows me away. 
It was hard just picking three, have so many good ones of him.
The one of him on the dock is when we went fishing in Port Mansfield last weekend. He LOVES the water, and would just bail in.
The one where he is so proper with his legs crossed, is a normal day at work with me. Everyone at work loves him to death and they all go buy him dog treats. So he makes his rounds everyday and hits all the office people for his treat.
The last one of him in the leaves, is when we went trout fishing in Oklahoma.

He is so smart makes me think he is part human.

He can open doors (yes big doors with round handles), shake, sit, lay, stay, fetch, and so on...
Was so easy to teach and he loves just playing. He never gets more than 10 feet away from me, unless I am at my computer at work then he goes and makes his rounds for treats. He even rides the fork lift with me.
Truly a wonderful animal.
Thank you again. 





Hi there!  Pickles & Noodles are doing great!  They are so sweet, we love them so much, and they have even started to win over Snoopy.  Pickles has really warmed up to us, no longer the scared little guy we brought home.  Noodles is a big love, and just wants to kiss everybody and everything.  Thank you so much for our new kids, they are a wonderful addition to our family!  -Ali, Scott, Pickles, Noodles, and Snoopy
















Katie is doing great! We love that crazy girl so much, and she is the biggest "talker" we've ever had! She definitely doesn't like it when David has to go out of town or one of the kids stays the night at someone's house - she likes ALL her family home! We are so thankful to have been blessed with our Katie girl!  Take care and thanks for all you do!

 Love & prayers - Kathy










My name is Charlie (it was Lonny while I was waiting at the shelter for my new family to find me), and my story just keeps getting better!  I have a new home with Mom & Dad, Traveler (another dog), and Cleo the cat.  I sleep on a big, fluffy round pillow, have a HUGE yard for me to run and play in, and get a real steak treat every morning with my breakfast.  Sure beats the food  and my bed at the shelter!

I love to play chase with Traveler while we run up and down the hill in the back yard.  I also have lots of toys for outside and inside.  Traveler and I get taken for a walk around the neighborhood every day; all the neighbors love me!  I’m very friendly and never get mad at anyone.

I am learning house manners.  I know how to sit and to wait as Mom puts the food in my bowl.  Since I am now housetrained, I no longer have to sleep in a kennel at night.  I do tend to sometimes chew on something I shouldn’t, so I get into trouble once in a while.  I apologize with kisses, and all is well.  I don’t chase the cat, and she appreciates that!  I haven’t quite mastered the word “stay”; it’s awfully difficult not to follow Mom into every room!  Mom talks about my going to “school”.  Maybe I can learn some tricks!


Thank you Baytown Humane Society – it’s through you that I am a very happy boy who is loved and loves back unconditionally.  -Charlie








This is Lucy! Her name was Sabrina when we adopted her from BHS 4 years ago. She looks like a beagle, but is short and long like a Dachshund.  Her foster mom said that Lucy and her sister were left in a park. 

My son plays with Lucy and he gets down on his hands and knees...she will jump up on his back and just sit there.  He didn't teach her this, she just did it on her own one day.  She is a great jumper for such a "short" dog and we always say it is like she just levitates to get up on where ever she wants to be.  Also, she LOVES to go walking with me.  I walk for exercise and if she sees my tennis shoes or hears the word "walk" she gets very hyper and excited.  I wouldn't think of taking a walk without her.  She is my sweet girl and everyone who meets her says they can't believe how sweet she is.  She doesn't jump on people, but just sits and waits to be petted.  I call her my Lucy Loverly because we just love her!   





My boyfriend and I adopted Trooper in January '08. I read on his profile he'd had one of his legs amputated. I already owned a 3 legged cat who had his back leg amputated and figured Trooper would be a great addition to the family.  We brought him home and all was going well, him and our other cat, Tyler, hit it off and played all the time. 

He's a much happier cat than when we first spotted him in the shelter. He is extra hyper now that he can really run and play! We decided to keep the name the shelter gave him because he really is a little Trooper! I'm just happy I found him when I did, who knows how long my little guy would of had to suffer if I hadn't. He is a wonderful, sweet, loving cat, he always keeps us laughing! A big thanks to all the people at the shelter, your work is greatly appreciated.


I adopted Kalli two years ago, it's hard to believe she's been with us this long but she definitely has been a blessing to us.  She's still a little hyper, especially when I first get home but that's just the way she is; we went to obedience classes at My Dog and Me on Shepherd and she was really good...I just need to be more disciplined and let her know that she doesn't run the house (even though she does)!!!   Grandma is able to leave all her trinkets on the coffee table now!  Kalli has learned not to mess with things and she loves car rides, now, too!!

I got a doggie door installed and that is the best thing in the world; they can go in and out all day long, and in the summer I find Kalli sitting out on the lawn chairs working on her tan.   She truly is a special dog, still gets skittish at times which makes me think she must have been abused before, but she definitely is a protector.  Her bark is much stronger than Simba's so when they are in the house one would think I have two big old German Shepherds in the house instead of the cute little girl that she is.   Yes, Kalli is enjoying her home, and Simba sends his thanks for bringing her to our family!   -Gloria




Marilyn, I had a dream last night that you came to the house to check on Barney – who knows why; maybe all that Ellen Degeneris/Iggy drama – so I thought to write.  Barney is the love of our lives!  Chris says he doesn’t know why we have the other pets; he absolutely loves that dog although I remind him that the others are wonderful, too.  Remember how he didn’t want a third pooch?  The kids adore him, too.  Karenna carried him under her sweater half way during our walk yesterday because she insisted he was cold – although I know he’d prefer to walk and just tolerated her carrying him, the way he tolerated her putting a sweater on him before the walk. The other day she put him on a skateboard to see if he knew how to stay on it…and he had a blast being [gently] pushed on the skateboard for a doggie treat.

 He’s still spunky and is currently giving our painters (redoing the upstairs) a piece of his mind, which in its way is also cute.  He always calms down in a minute or two.  And, he enjoys each day playing with his two “brother” dogs and the babysitter’s two Chihuahuas. 

 With all the sadness you must see, I thought you’d like to know that Mr. Barney is doing great.

 Hugs & blessings,  MaryJane








Thought you would enjoy pictures of Stella and Angel. The two of them are best buds! They are constantly playing and chewing on each other's faces (or sleeping). Angel thinks she is a lap dog and likes to lay across Lisa's lap while we're watching TV. She also seems to like to invite herself into our bed (sometimes while we're asleep) and keep our feet warm.

And then of course there's meal time. Still eats her food in about 15 seconds and does spins while waiting. And then Stella will taunt her by showing her the food that is left in her bowl and daring her to try and get it.
Hope all is well.


Martin & Lisa













It's been quite some time since I sent an update on my sweet Penny.  I just wanted to pass on a few new pictures of her.  We recently moved to a new place and my bed sits up against a window and she just loves to stare out of it and watch the pesky squirrels all day long.  She wishes so badly she could catch them! 


She went through a 6-week obedience program last summer and mastered some great skills and has mellowed out a good deal since I adopted her nearly 2 years ago (afterall, she is 3.5 now)  I can hardly believe the time has gone by so quickly! 


Her new obsession is the pool cleaner at my parents' house.  She will run around the pool for hours trying to catch it, dunking her WHOLE head under water.  She has succeeded on a few occasions.  She is the quirkiest, funniest dog you can possibly imagine.  I love her to pieces!













Hi Marilyn,

    Just wanted you to know that we love Beauty!  My daughter wanted to rename her Zoe and she is already responding to it.  She follows my kids around like crazy.  Yesterday, she jumped on my bed and took her first nap with me!  She has truly become a part of our family and I can tell she is so happy.  Her favorite activities are laying on the futon next to my son while he plays video games, going for her walks, and she loves going in the car with us!  Thank you for choosing our family to be blessed with one of God's most beautiful creatures.

    Thanks again..Tonya, Kayla, and JT (of course...and Zoe)














Marilyn,  I just wanted to catch you up a little on Meg.  We are truly blessed with another wonderful dog that still fits right in with not only us, but has bonded with her new best friend and playmate.  Although we thought we were getting her mainly to be our companion, she has been soooo wonderful for and with Greta.  Their breeds are so different, but I have never seen 2 dogs that are so much alike in my life.  They play and play and play through the house, and never get tired of each other or fight. 


We wondered how this whole eating thing with them would work out, but it has been completely effortless.  Meg’s white bowl that you brought with her sits right by Greta’s bowl in the kitchen.  Greta only goes to her bowl, and Meg only goes to her bowl.  They share the water bowl, but never even so much as sniff the other dog’s food bowl.  I also worried how Greta would handle Meg coming around her ottoman while she is on it and I am in the chair.  Greta never growled or even minded.  Meg came up with a solution.  She just jumps right over Greta to get directly in my lap so that they both can share me.  If you walk in the room, you may not actually see me in the chair anymore, but I love all the snuggling. 


My older son, Zack, is back home while applying for Missionary work hopefully being able to use his film degree.  He absolutely loves Meg too.  Once Roland, Greta, and I go to bed (pretty early), Meg hangs out with Zack, and even goes to bed with him first if he has to go to work early the next morning.  When Matt comes in, she immediately gets up and plays with him until they are both ready to go to bed, where she usually snuggles with him with her head partly under his pillow.  Early in the mornings, Greta is ready to go wake up her buddy and start playing and lazing around in shifts throughout the day.  I don’t think either of these dogs realizes that they could be difficult once in a while if they had a mind to. 

We love her so much and can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.  I couldn’t have found a more perfect fit if I had to.  Thanks again for helping us get her and letting her add so much to our whole family.  Love,  Donna






Hi Marilyn,

Eddie and I just wanted to let you know how Teddy Bear is doing. He is just doing great, we love him so much. We have been doing well together. As you know it is becoming summer outside and I thought that Teddy Bear would be much cooler if we had him groomed short so I thought you would love to see how he looks. He is so much cooler and peppier with his hair short.

During the winter we will let it grow out. The groomers where we get him groomed just love him! Thank you so much for letting Teddy Bear in to our lives! We also have a thought of getting Teddy Bear a play mate. If could let us know what you think we would love some advice. We think he may be happy to have a friend to play with.  










Hi Marilyn, 

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

We will also thank you for bringing Dixie to our lives, she is the most precious dog ever, and the whole family, and all our friends, loves her tender demeanor. January 10th we’ve had her for 1 year – unbelievable! She’s gained 7 pounds, is a very happy dog and she loves her twice daily walks.  

       Best regards from Jorunn and family.












Hi Marilyn,

Just thought I'd send another picture. Annabelle is doing great!

She is a wonderful girl!

Happy Holidays!  -Jennifer and Matt


















Dear Marilyn
Its me Bingle ( Formerly Opey). Its been a year since I adopted these people and their trial basis is over. I have fully accepted them as my people/parents. Things have been pretty good around here. The walks, car rides, weekly park visits, grandparent visits, and most of all the love/attention they give me. They even took me to a hotel in the New Orleans French Quarter for a few days and I played tourist.
They have a great yard here for me to run and play in and I have made friends with the neighbors pets also. I still love to run and sleep on my back (my people don't understand the sleep position - One day I'll explain it to them). I am very affectionate to my people and they love me for just being me.
Thank you for giving me a nice home with people to call my very own.








Our family Christmas card with the yellow lab, formerly known there as “Gumbo” in the center.


We adopted him in January 2006 and he now goes by the name of Murray! 


He is shown here with his family, Margaret and Scott, brother Bonzo on the left and sister CeCe on the right. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
























Good morning Marilyn,


Teddy Bear is really doing great.  He has been a wonderful new family member.  He really settled in well.  We bought him a stuffed squirrel play toy, we remember his foster mom telling us how much he liked to watch the squirrels in the back yard and he carries the toy everywhere. 




He loves his morning walks and spins like a top whenever he sees his leash.  He is so excited to see Kim and I when we come home from work that he runs circles around us until he gets tired and will lie at our feet and take a nap. Kim and I took him to his first vet visit and the groomers, he really looks great and his coat is really getting soft. 


Thank you,

Eddie and Kim











I thought you might like some more pictures of Inky. He is such a joy! He has really enjoyed meeting all my piano students and he gets a lot of attention from all the people waiting for the students (parents and siblings)-he sure knows how to get people to pet him!


We got his doggie door, and I have an appt next Tues. for his teeth cleaning.  We love walking him and now he is adored by all the neighbors. (Except the cats.........)


On the pictures, you will see him in the backyard looking up at the trees and protecting us from squirrels. He also thinks the mailman is evil and he protects us from him too!









Hi Marilyn,


I just wanted you to know that everything is still going so well with Cubbie.  You're going to have to break the news to Cheryl that there's no way I'm giving this one back!  She's so loving and gentle with everyone she meets.  Not to mention everyone who meets her, wants to take her with them.....she's such a doll!!       I've attached some of the pictures that I've taken recently.  I can't get her and Leo to pose together for the life of me though!  :o(     She's still learning how to walk on a leash but she improves every time we go out.  And there's the cat issue....she still doesn't know what to make of Oliver.  She chases him like crazy just to sit in front of him and paw at him when she catches him.  It's become really amusing because both of them seem so bewildered by each other.  Cubbie and Leo have become good friends now too (thank goodness).  If they aren't playing together, they're asleep next to each other.  They make me smile every day.


I can't thank you and Cheryl enough for Cubbie and all that you've done!  I hope all is well with you and with the new little guy Cheryl has now.   I'll be in touch and send you more pictures soon!










Marilyn, I wanted to let you know that Pooh Bear is doing great, he is 115 lbs. of pure love.  He has been enjoying his early morning walks with me, and his time with the kids this summer vacation.  This morning he woke me up with his face in mine, saying "Get up!!! It's time for a walk!!!"  When we got back home, he want back to sleep.  He loves the early morning walks the best, because we usually see a good number of deer, rabbits, and other dogs walking on the trails.  I have also discovered that he is very quick to let you know exactly he wants his back scratched.  He also loves to sit on the sofa between my wife and myself, while we are watching TV, and get scratched/petted from two.  I have finally developed some of the pictures that I have taken of him a couple of day after he came into our lives, and wanted to forward some to you.  - Dave










Queenie wants me to tell you how thankful she is that you brought her to live here. she says 'I'm home now.'  she is playing with me some now and she barks at anyone who goes by in front of the house. she plays chase with me of course I cant run after her but she run and stops to see if I'm coming too. she is such a loveable dog.  I never had a dog like her. she gives me hugs and kisses and the way she looks at me with those eyes - you can see how she really feels.

She is really special. Take care and thank you......... Sam









Darby sat at the front window for awhile watching for you to return. He checked out the doors and finally figured out that you probably weren't coming back.  About that time, he jumped into Amy’s lap, jumped from there onto the couch for an “attack” of my son and me, and then decided it was time for Dakota to learn who was in charge, as they chased each other through the house.  We haven't laughed that hard for quite awhile! 


He has a new leash, new collar, new tag, food bowl and water bowl, matching, of course, place mat, and is enjoying a new chew bone also.  He had an appetite and took to the Purina Sensitive System food that Dakota eats, so that's a good sign. My son is thrilled; talked about him the whole way to Petsmart and back!

Here are a few pics. He doesn't sit still too long before Dakota decides he’s had enough rest and comes to bother him. We’ll try for a few people/dogs pics as soon as we all cooperate at the same time!


Thanks again for bringing him out!

 Howard, Amy, Kevin, and Dakota







Hi Marilyn,

Just thought I'd give you an update on Pepper. As you can see he is such a cute dog. So smart. We just love him. He was micro chipped last week at the Baytown Animal Hospital. Was happy to be able to do that.  About a month ago Pepper had laser surgery to remove a tumor from the back of his ear. The results came back negative and he was back to his romping later that same day. He's happy and healthy and weighs 34 lbs. already.

Thanks for going out of your way to put us together.

Licks and hugs, Cheryl














Hello!! Here are some pictures of Boo-Boo. We'd like to express our gratitude to you for bringing such a precious angel into our life. She is doing wonderful, & we couldn't imagine not having her in our family. We have a fantastic vet who diagnosed her with an enlarged heart & allergies, so as long as she is on her meds, she is like a young puppy. She lost almost a pound of water-weight, then she had oodles of energy, & gained back over a pound of muscle weight! 



She loves her baby sister (our other chi), & you almost never see them apart. They do everything together.




Once again, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!! 

You've made Boo-Boo and us very thankful & happy.

We spoil her like there is no tomorrow!! She is our little Princess!

Thank you,  

Wanda Krenek






I just wanted to give you nice people an update on "Cookie," now Penny.  Penny quickly became my sweet companion.  It always saddens me when I think that she was in the shelter for a few months before she came into my life.  It took her a little while to adjust because she was dying for the love that she was deprived of in her first home.  But I can easily say, lack of love and attention is no longer an issue and she is much better behaved because of it.  I look at her from the day I adopted her to now and she really has made a lot of progress.  She has learned some of the basic manners that she had no clue about when I adopted her.  She goes with me everywhere --- to run errands, out of town to the country and we go for loooong walks around the lake in the evenings.  Perhaps her favorite part of the day is at bed time... she quickly learned that my bed is more comfortable than hers and so she curls up next to me on her pillow and is out like a light.  She has so many little quirks and keeps me laughing all the time.  I couldn't imagine not having her and she truly is a joy.  Ya'll do a great job on this website!  One of the best ones I have seen for pet adoptions.  Please keep it up because I know so many animals are finding loving homes because of it!

Laura & Penny




Marilyn,  We wanted to send pictures of Chum a long time ago.  We love him so much. Everyone has really done well with the transition including our other dog, Molly.  He smiles and "talks" to us every morning.  (He says "helloo").  He still limps a little bit but mostly walks on all fours.  He is the smartest dog I have ever had.  He just observes and figures things out (like routines). 

Thank you, BHS, for saving him!

The Hardgraves (Kurt, Terri, Jake, and Drew and Molly and Chum)






Marilyn,  I wanted to update you on how Snowy is doing.  She is a character.  When she finishes eating, she turns her bowl upside down.  She likes her drinking water really cold.  We are still brushing her quite a bit.  The excess hair is gone.
She gets three walks a day.  My husband walks my son to and from school.  They usually detour to the park in the morning and afternoon.  The third walk is late at night before bedtime. This routine has
helped her get very comfortable with him.  She comes right up to him and places her head in his lap.  If he quits petting her too soon, she prods him with her paw. If he is not awake when she thinks it's
time to get the kids up for school, she finds his bare feet on the bed and pushes him until he pays attention.
On the first day she was here, she decided my closet was a safe place if she got nervous.  She doesn't spend any time in there during the day anymore. She still likes to sleep in there at night. This is where she hides her chew bones. I moved her bed (big coverlet with 3 goose down pillows inside) in there.
Snowy is thumping her tale and is showing more enthusiasm each day. We bought her a new collar and ID tag on Tuesday. The owner of the pet shop gave us a bunch of chew bones and a peanut butter
doggy biscuit. 

She's a great dog.  She is also very well behaved.  It's nice to see her opening up and playing a little.  She won't chase a ball.  She just looks at us like we are all stupid humans.  Maybe one day.  She does love to play with the chew bones.  Please update her foster parents.  I bet they miss her.       -Ellen







Dear Marilyn,
I'm sending you some pictures of Scooter, we enjoy him so much.  He always keeps us laughing at his antics.  He likes to attack the vacuum cleaner when I'm vacuuming, which is hilarious to watch.  He also likes to sit on the back of the couch (I'm sending you a pic of this) and sleep, or watch me eating from over my shoulder and tries to grab my food when I'm not paying attention.
Scooter and Tigger are best buddies.  I also call them "partners in crime" since they usually get in trouble together.  If they are out of my sight, and I don't hear them, I know they are probably up to something and I go investigate.  Both sleep under the covers with us every night.  Scooter likes to nap during the day under the covers, too.  If he's missing, I pat the bed down and that's usually where he is. 
Both dogs have run of the house (most of the house anyway, we use baby gates for those rooms we don't want them in unsupervised) and backyard.  Scooter loves to run around outside, chase butterflies and play with bugs.  He also enjoys sleeping on the cement, where it's warm, and digging holes in the dirt.  Putting up that electric wire like you suggested was a great idea, Scooter doesn't go near the fence anymore.
We had to get higher baby gates after we adopted Scooter, because one gate he could jump over, and the other, a little higher, he just climbed over!  Quite the Houdini if you ask me. 
Now that school is out, I'm home for the summer, and I'm a "stay at home mom."  Scooter is so cute and sweet and funny, we all just love him!  Even Sticks, our 15 year old whippet mix, has learned to tolerate him.  When we first got Scooter, he would bark at Sticks and try to get her to play, much to her disgust.  It was much to her relief when Tigger began to play with Scooter.

Scooter is truly a gift, and we just love him so much.

 Troy & Cindy Martin





Hi Marilyn,

 It's Sally!  Can you believe it has been five great years since I have been in my new home.  My parents had a  birthday party for me with party hat and cookies.  The time with my new parents have flown by.  I am still pretty spunky but have slowed down some-I am getting up in age you know. When my parents picked me up from Baytown Humane Society the vet estimated I was between four and six years old.  So now five years later I am between nine and eleven years old. 

Thanks again for all that you do for us. 

 Love, Sally














What a difference 22 days makes!  That's how long our family has had
Bella (named Buttercup on the website), and she has brought such excitement and happiness into our house.  Bella is without a doubt one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet-- her tail never stops wagging!-- and she has yet to meet a Bella's First Thanksgivingstranger.  We were amazed at how well Bella adapted to our house.  Her first night was mellow because she was still under the effects of anesthesia, but ever since then she's made herself right at home.  Our family room has tennis balls and toy ropes strewn from one end to the other where Bella dropped them.  Sparky, our 12 year old Australian Shepherd, also loves his new sister, even if her enthusiasm does sometimes wear on his nerves.  It is not uncommon forSparky and Bella the two dogs to play tug-of-war over a rope toy or simply tussle around the room for a few moments.  What a joy it has been to see how Sparky (our guard dog) has found his sensitive side with Bella!  Even when she's jumping on top of him or chewing on an ear, he realizes she's a puppy and is gentle with her.  Sparky even shares his bed with Bella, even if it's just for an hourlong nap.   Bella delights us each day with her antics.  Recently she's learned how to howl, and uses this new talent whenever she wants to get her way.  At about 4 o'clock every morning she begins her melodramatics, so I get her out of her kennel and bring her into bed with Sparky and I.  Bella also loves to chase squirrels, even if she can't catch them quite yet.  Our whole family has a good time watching her run around the yard with her ears flapping as she tried to scrounge up a squirrel or two.  Simple things are sometimes confusing, like her shadow early in the morning or leaves rustling in the wind.  While at first falling acorns made Bella jump, now she chases them around and pounces on them.   Words cannot express how happy little Bella has made us.  She is without a doubt the most loveable and sweet-natured puppy we've ever seen.  Thank you for helping us find our "angel baby"! 

Sincerely, Cathy








Marilyn,  I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since you brought Hunter into my life.  I thought I would send you some of Hunter's latest pictures with my granddaughter Sophie.  She now spends almost every week end with me and my zoo and Hunter loves her to death (and is a bit jealous at the same time).   When she goes down for her nap on our (whoever can get a spot after Hunter finds his) bed,  Hunter lies right beside her like a guard dog.  He hates when I leave the house with her and not take him, so we have to put him in the back seat beside her in her car seat and make a run around the block and then put him in the house, so we can leave without him throwing a fit.  Spoiled?     A................that would be a YES!!  And after I take her home and come in the house alone,  Hunter looks all over for Sophie.  It is so funny.  He has a new little buddie to care for.  He's very tolerant of her body hugs.  I need to get a picture of her standing beside him.  She looks so tiny, and she is really quite tall for her age.  She calls him Hut-ner.  And always says Hi Hutner when she is on the phone. 










Jade with ShamrockMarilyn, I  wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Jade.   She snuck up on the couch one evening.  I keep this stuffed Rottweiler on the couch to keep them off but it did not stop Jade.  Bailey and I love this picture...she was laying soJade sneaking a snooze on the couch still; reminded me of E.T. when he was hiding in those stuffed animals. She is such an angel, she and Shamrock wrestle all the time. They get along so well.  When shamrock starts wrestling with us, Jade comes up and starts pulling at his ears and barking. The other picture is of her and Shamrock at the top of our stairs. She is the sweetest thing....we are so thankful to have her in our lives.  I just love having two four legged children again. She has really filled my heart with even more joy .....she is meant to be in our lives. 

Thank you again for letting us have her,


    Jade BEFORE moving into her forever home












Hi Marilyn,

Hope this finds you well.  I just had to write you again and tell you how much
we all LOVE Tinker!!! She is so precious and so obedient. 

She's friends to everyone, and goes with us everywhere.  She's well liked by the high school marching band, as she goes with me to rehearsal several times a week.  She never runs off, gets along with all animals, including cats and my daughter's bunny, she loves to jump in the car, and she RUNS up and down the steps to follow the family everywhere. 

She's into her routine of my oldest putting her out in the morning, her waking me up with kisses, unless I'm not quite ready, and then she'll lay back down, and then my youngest feeding her breakfast.  She loves to play ball now, so she's earned her title of Border Collie.  Thanks so much for trusting us and giving her to us, as we're all loving her!!! 

She's on Black Cohosh for her leaking and it's better, but she still has times that she can't help.  But, a small price to pay for an awesome animal!!!

Good luck in your work and thanks again!!!


The pen where Tinker was kept BEFORE Tinker  NOW




I just thought I would give you an update on Simon.   He is adjusting
just great!  He has been to the groomer and the vet.  He was scratching
away and we knew it couldn't be fleas so we took him to the vet.  He has
a skin condition that is common to Schnauzers.  Katie also has it.  So
he is on antibiotics for a few weeks. 

We were wondering how he got to the pound.

 He seems to be well trained.  If you say shake, he will hold
up his paw. He understands going in and out outside.  He adapted to the
doggie door immediately.  Katie hasn't decided she really wants to be
his friend yet, but they do not fight or anything.  She will at least
sit closer to him now.  I guess when she figures he's not going away,
she'll try to make friends.  I just thought I would let you know how
things are going.






Hi, Marilyn.  Just wanted to let you know how our newest family addition, Toby, is doing since I adopted him from BHS. I knew when I saw that cute little face on the Web site, Toby would be a good fit here. But I never would have guessed it would be a perfect fit. Toby is one of the coolest little dogs I've ever met -- he doesn't do anything halfway. He plays hard, sleeps hard and gives love, hugs and kisses without reserve. He and my other kids, Uno and Gracie, get along wonderfully, playing and chasing constantly. And with Toby here, Uno now has a little brother to be mischievous with, and there is nothing like two terriers running around together! Toby also has proven to be quite the guard dog, alerting me the absolute second a mourning dove dares to land in the back yard!

We are all so appreciative to BHS for saving Toby, and also to Toby's foster mom for being able to give him love and keep him safe until he found his forever home. Toby is a precious little guy, and we are so happy he is part of our family!
-- Lori

Hi guys.  I still love my home and wish all my friends find a place like
this.  Lot's of love and a big yard to play in.  On a sad note, the oldest
boy-child moved away.  They say he's now a "Longhorn".  I don't understand
how a boy-child changes into a cow.  I miss him.  Glad the others are still
around.  Almost forgot .... I now have friends come over to play for days
at a time!  Brandy came first.  She was fun and we played a lot together.
She called my home her "foster home".  I don't understand "foster homes"
anymore than changing people into cows.  Brandy left a couple days ago.  I
hear she found a really neat family to live with and love.  I'm happy for
her!  I thought I'd be lonely but we have another friend now.  Her name was
Brandy also but we had too many Brandy's around so my family calls her
Stella.  She's a Husky with beautiful blue eyes and so nice and friendly.
I hope she also finds a home like Brandy did.  Oops, I hear someone saying
its bedtime.  And that means a great big milk bone!  Bye!

Click here to see Brandi's first letter to BHS in 2001!

  Brandi plays with Stella



Wanted to let you and Lynette know that Penny is doing fine.  I'm taking her to my vet tomorrow to get her Heartgard and set up files.  She is adjusting quickly to the metal steps outback, as a matter of fact she just runs up and down them because she can.  And, unlike my previous dogs, she doesn't mind the rain: getting her paws wet or even herself.  I am enjoying her so much.  I think all of my employees have been for a visit, and they have been bringing her lots of playthings.  I hope Mattie is doing ok without her sister.  Will keep you informed of any changes!




Mr. T now answers to Mickey, and thoroughly loves romping with his new roommate, Megan - pictured below in a competitive game of tug-o-war.  They both went to camp for 8 days, for behavior training, even though they'd had some training before.  Now they recognize and respond to all the same hand signals and command words.  They play so well together and act like they can't be separated, not even from one room of the house to another.  They're just beautiful together, and so well-behaved in the house you'd think they were posing for pictures frequently.

 Megan and Mickey were really rambunctious in getting acquainted at first, and I had to keep them outdoors for a few days.  Now they are on their best manners in the house, and look so regal and elegant.  We are all so happy to have each other, and I'm so very thankful to have rescued these two wonderful companions.  Thanks to all of you - Judy 

Hi There

I adopted Augustus about  a year ago and he is doing so well and has settled in great.  If you cant tell by the picture I think he has grown leaps and bounds since I adopted him.  He finally grew into his feet, since he was a 6 toe and all.  Augustus is one of the prettiest cats and he gets so much attention for his handsome looks and his extra toes.  He gets along great with my other cats and has plenty of room to play out here.  I have 5 cats all together and all them are as different as can be from one another.  The cat pictured below is BOB, a manx kittie and as you can see they get along great.  Just thought I'd drop you a line and leave a little update on his wonderful progress.  It was a great pleasure adopting him from you all and y'all are doing a great job.

Thank you so much,

Nicole Gibson & Augustus


We have had Sugar, now Molly, for over a month now and I just wanted to let you know what a joy she has been.  We have been wanting another dog for some time now and when I saw Molly on your website I knew she was the one.  We wanted another dog for a companion for the dog we already have.  They get along so well and can play for hours.  Molly also gets along so well with our two cats, actually the cats like to chase Molly, it is pretty funny.  It took us a couple of weeks to get our routine down and for us and Molly to adjust to each other, but now we are doing great.  I really want to thank Baytown Humane Society for the wonderful pet they have brought to our home. attached a couple of pictures of Molly and Sadie.

Thank you so much,

Debi Cravens


Hi There!   I'm doing great.  I've gained almost two pounds since I last saw you.  I love my new home and my mommy treats me wonderful.  She made me a Christmas cape this year and I took lots of pictures.  I thought I would send these for you to see.  I had a great Christmas and got to open up presents.  Lots of treats mostly....guess that explains why I've gained weight.  I also got to eat a little turkey and did lots of sleeping and resting w/ my mommy.  Thanks for finding me a good home. 



Hi Marilyn-
Hope things are going well for you.  Just thought I'd drop a note and let you know Sunny is doing fine and dandy.  Here are some pictures of her first week at home with Pickles and I.  They came out a little cloudy but as you can see she's really made herself feel at home.  I'm so happy to have her !  She's the sweetest dog ever.  I want to take her with me everywhere.  If I could I'd bring her to work with me.  She just loves to cuddle, she's a little snuggle bug.  She's very spoiled and gets lots of attention at home.  I've discovered she REALLY likes peanut butter.  She doesn't let Pickles anywhere near it.  She's small in size but not scared to protect what's hers :)  I hope her babies have found good homes and that they're being loved and cared for just as much as Sunny.

Happy holidays,
Christina, Pickles, and Sunny

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Zoe [Sandi] and I are doing great.  She has definitely settled in.  She thinks she owns the office.  We go on morning and evening jogs.....well.....I TRY to jog and Zoe [Sandi] stops and sniffs a lot.  She's learning, though to keep a pace and not stop so much.  She has learned to sit on command and is working on "playing dead." It's a hoot to see.  We're also working on the stay command and she is doing quite well with that. She really is so smart. She has littered the place with her toys and no one has to wonder long if a dog lives here with me.  We are inseparable. We are so very happy together.  I am SO appreciative of the foster home and your efforts to save animals such as Zoe [Sandi].  It breaks my heart to think what if Animal Control had gotten to her first!!!  I have attached a few pictures... maybe you could send them on to her foster home.  I can only imagine how much they must miss her.  I couldn't do without her already.





Dear Marilyn,
Here's an update on Precious aka Roxy!  She has settled in here very nicely. She seems to be very aware that the other dogs are very old and not terribly playful, so she plays with the cats. That surprises me, because when she first came, she was terrified of the cats. She knew they had claws that hurt! Now they chase each other all over the house. It's very funny to me to see a cat chasing a dog!

She had chased the cats who live in my yard (I guess they are my cats, since no one else is doing anything to care for them, but they are so independent that it's hard to think of them as "mine") and both cats left for about a month and would only come in the middle of the night to eat. But they have finally come back so when they are in the yard, I take Precious on the leash so she can't chase them. She is learning, and eventually I think she will understand that they belong there. They have made friends with my other dogs and I think they will befriend her when she stops wanting to chase them.

I know you know this, but I just have to tell you that Roxy/Precious is just about the sweetest dog I've ever known. When I come home from work she needs pets and conversation. If someone who didn't know dogs heard me, they would think I was insane, but she really loves conversational speech, so I tell her about my day and ask her about hers. I could pet her all day and night and it wouldn't be enough for her, but she isn't pushy about being petted all the time. And she follows me around
everywhere. If I walk into another room, her nose is just behind my left knee. And I only know that because if I change my speed or stop unexpectedly, her nose brushes the back of my knee gently.

My three year old granddaughter spent the night with us last weekend, and Roxy/Precious was absolutely wonderful with her. As well-behaved as she is with us, she is 100% more well-behaved and attentive to little kids. I showed Georgia how to give her the down command, and Roxy/Precious obeyed immediately. So I showed Georgia how to give the sit and stay commands and Roxy/Precious was just  wonderful. She slept at the foot of Georgia's bed all night. Every time Georgia stirred or made any noise, Roxy was right there, attentive and ready to do whatever Georgia asked. They were so cute together it almost made me cry. The next time Georgia spends the night I will get a picture of them and send it to you.

Bill and I are coming to the conclusion that it would probably do Roxy a lot of good to have a companion do, so we are thinking of adopting another young (not puppy, since we are gone all day) dog. If you know of one who is sweet-natured and medium- to large-sized, please let me know.

Finally, Marilyn, I just want to thank you for Roxy!!!  She's truly wonderful and how anyone could make her live outside (she's really scared of thunder!) or give her up is beyond me! I'm just so glad you were there to take her in and find shelter for her!

Thank you so much!




Hi,  I adopted a dog named Sally from Baytown Humane Society last April.
Her new name is Jasmine Leigh.  She has grown a bit and has settled in nicely.  She has 2 canine siblings -- Bailey (her brother) and Blondie (her sister), and two feline brothers -- Moses and Willy. 

Jasmine is an exuberant and happy girl.  She has her own beds (upstairs and downstairs!!) which her grandma made especially for her and is very comfortable and territorial.  She barks at passersby, just to let them know that they are on her turf.  She loves to frolic in water and has great fun running back and forth through the lawn sprinklers. 

She gets along well with all of her siblings and she is very loving and obedient with her human companions.  We are very happy to have her with us.

I am attaching some photos.  Some of these were taken at the Houston Humane Society Funwalk.  She made quite an impression on all the other pooches there!  Please feel free to post these photos on your website.

Jasmine's mommy



Dear Marilyn,
It's been one week since we adopted our latest family member, Ruthie.  We've since changed her name to Lucy.  She's getting along well with her new family, both dog and human!  She's become my little shadow, even following me into the shower once! 

I'm so glad that I came upon your website and found my newest love.  I want to thank you and Lucy's (Ruthie's) foster mom, JoAnne, for taking such loving care of her.  It shows!!




Hi, Marilyn,

I don't know if you will remember me, but I e-mailed you a few times last month as our family searched for a dog to adopt.  We found one at the Pasadena Animal Shelter, and what a find she has turned out to be!  We've had her for two and a half weeks now, and she is the most well-mannered dog I have ever been around.  I had asked your opinion about going down to the shelter to give her a bath before her spaying, and we did follow through with that, and I am so glad, because she seemed to be genuinely greatful for this simple act. She had her surgery the following day, and we picked her up that Friday.  Amazingly, she knows the commands of sit, stay, lay down, beg, and shake, was already housetrained, and she has not one bad habit.  We just marvel that we found her in a shelter.  We've named her Heidi, and she just loves the children.  They have bathed her twice already, keeping her black coat shiny and clean.  I just wanted to let you know how it all ended, and to say thanks for all of your guidance and advice. Your organization is doing a wonderful thing. It's nice to know we saved one animal from a potentially horrible end. 

Thanks again!




Skittles, who was adopted Christmas 2002, is happily enjoying her new home.  When interviewed Skittles added "Life is wonderful as I am totally spoiled! I get breakfast in bed every Saturday morning, then my Mom brushes my teeth and I get a bath! I love my new sister Cleopatra, she shares all her balls and chew toys with me. We have two doggie doors and a huge yard to romp and play. Cleo and I sort of look alike, don't ya think? Thank you for saving me, not once, but twice - I love you BHS volunteers!"


Skittles and Cleo                         Skittles in her Forever Home




Hi, my other Mom. Just wanted to let you know I love my new home and mommy. I am so spoiled already. The cat (Alex) is afraid of me. Ha Ha. I go outside to potty all the time now and have a lot of toys. I sleep with my Mommy every night. We cuddle a lot. My mommy told me we were going to take some pictures of me and send to you and Marilyn. She is really busy right now but will be taking them soon. Thank you again for saving me and giving me a good home.
"Emma" or Baby Em
P.S. I say my prayers at night.



My name is Dana and I adopted one of the kittens that Kit Adams fostered....I have renamed him Hobbes...I have had him since March, and he has become a part of my family....with my Golden Retriever and Black Lab.  He is so sweet, and I know that he would have been put down if Kit had not taken the time to foster 5 of the kittens at that time....I am attaching a photo of him...I am so lucky to have him share his life with me.

Thanks so much to you and the volunteers....for giving Hobbes a chance.




Tonka, a male Malamute in the shelter in Jan,2002 Very big, Very sad and Very,Very stinky. He was too matted to be groomed, and had to be shaved down to the skin on Jan 17,02.


Tonka is a HAPPY boy in his new home in VA on May,2002.

I was thinking about you, we've had Lacee for a year now.  It's so hard to believe!!  It feels like we've had her forever.  She is such a wonderful girl, I find it hard to believe that no one claimed her when she ended up in the shelter.. She is the smartest dog I've ever had, she picks up on everything.  And boy, can she talk, and talk loud!!  It's hilarious.  She has me laughing all the time. 
She and Katie, our other Border Collie, get along great; and Lacee has actually helped Katie come out of her shell.  They both live to play ball. 
I wanted to thank you for making it possible to have Lacee as a member of our family. 
Sincerely, Diane


"We love our new home and our family is so good to us...they let us get on the furniture and everything!  It's just PURRRRfect here!!"


Here we are at Animal Control!               Here we are in our new home!

"Well, I'm glad SOMEONE finally realized that I am a VERY SPECIAL cat....Now, where is that room service guy with my warm milk...."


Here I am at Animal Control!     Here I am in my new home!

Dear Marilyn,
I wanted to send you a note to thank you for rescuing me from that place.  My new home is wonderful and my family is great.  I have been very sick and have made several trips to the doctor, but I am almost well now and I have my mistress right in the palm of my paw!  I am working on making friends with the other dog in the house and I am very good with the cats.  My mistress lets me sleep in her bedroom and the other dog, "George" sleeps there, too, in his kennel.

I am so happy and I am so grateful to BHS.  I know all the others at the shelter aren't as lucky as I am.  But I know you have done so much for so many of them and we all love you.  I will remind my mistress to keep in touch with you.
Hunter Vest

Hi Marilyn, It’s Sally!  I just want to give you an update on my new life.  Remember when my new owners came to the shelter in May of 1999?  They saw me and it was love at first sight.  There was no way they were leaving without me. After the few minutes we were together they were filling out the paper work to take me home.  Good thing because I was to be put to sleep in just two days.  After medicine for pneumonia, two heartworm treatments, a blood transfusion, many treatments for hook worms, and a little weight gain, I am good as new.

I want to thank you for believing in BHS and doing so much to save us.  It is because of you and BHS that I have the most wonderful family in the world!!

Love, Sally

Hi!  I'm Ethyl, a little old lady beagle from Baytown who was adopted on Christmas Eve.  Mom doesn't know how old I am yet.  We're going to see the vet tomorrow. Anyway, I love my new sister, Lucy Pug. She lets me sleep with her and Mom and everything.  Now Bruja, the kitty, is another story.  We sit and stare at each other for hours.  I used to howl at her and chase her, but Mom won't let me do that anymore.  I just love my new overstuffed green recliner.  It's sooo comfortable!
What a nice Christmas I have had!

Hi BHS volunteers!  Remember me? 

I'm Cleveland the butterscotch colored cat that was a big cry baby because I was so lonely at the shelter! Now I'm spoiled rotten and happily living with 12 dogs! Yep! I love each of them and even sneak puppy food from Chaffey, The Catahoula pup!  Thank you for saving me!

Hi Y'all,

It's me Roscoe. I just wanted to let you know how my first night in my new home was great!!! My new family loves me very much, except for the cat (but we are working on it). My family bought me chew toys and took me to the park. Thank you for taking such good care of me, I think everything is going to be okay from now on.

Love and Kisses


I'm back in the office today and Blanche (now Kyko, pronounced "Keeko")

 is at home with Misha and having a little nap in her new bed.

I can't tell you both how much I appreciate your helping me find Kyko.

She has been an absolute angel (excusing the normal high spirited things Eskies do).  


She has already come out of her shell almost entirely and is up to all kinds of antics,

running pall mall through the house, turning on a dime, and running back through.
I will keep you updated.  Thank you both again.


Hi.  Just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am in my new home.  I've already learned how to "sit", "lie down", "play dead dog" and walk on a leash.  My new family seems really nice.  They bought me some yucky treats and kept trying until they found some I liked.  They take me for several walks a day and play with me a lot.  I can't decide who likes me more, the 10 year old boy or the Dad.  I'm starting to get used to things here, and don't feel quite so scared.  I really like how everyone rubs my ears and tells me what a good girl I am.  It feels really nice to have a family who knows how special I am.  I hope all my other special friends find good homes like this one too! 

Brandi, while still homeless and in the shelter

Brandi (the dog formerly known as Pipi).




Hi, Marilyn and Judy -  I was just lounging around in my new backyard in Austin with my new friends, Duncan and Cindy when I thought I would drop you a line!  I'm feeling good and life is GREAT!  Thanks for saving my life....many, many thanks!!!  

Teak  (The dog formerly known as "Repo")




Marilyn, I've been meaning to tell you that it seems that our Ben is quite a character.  Homer's daughter and he have become best friends.  They built him a big doghouse for the backyard when he is outside.  He only gets in it when the little girl is in it with him.   When he wants to play he jumps up on the window until 1) they let him outside, or 2) they come outside if he is already out.  Then he runs and jumps up on TOP of the doghouse and BARKS AT THE KIDS UNTIL HE CAN GET THEM TO CHASE HIM AROUND AND AROUND THE YARD, UP ON THE DOGHOUSE, BARK BARK BARK!   Homer said he is just hilarious!   He got over being quiet on about Day #3!  They are just crazy about him!!








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