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Remember your beloved pet with a personal memorial that honors their lives.  Making a memorial donation to BHS is a meaningful way to say goodbye while sharing a deep concern for all of the “throwaway” animals of Baytown.

Each memorial may optionally include a picture and a few words to honor that special loved one. To place a memorial contact Baytown Humane Society or by mail, Baytown Humane Society - P. O. Box 2772  -  Baytown, TX  77522-2772.


I've come to the end of the road,


And the sun has set for me.


I want no rites in a gloom-filled room,


Why cry for a soul set free!


Miss me a little, but not for long;


And not with your head bowed low.


Remember the love that we once shared,


Miss me, but let me go!


For this is a journey we all must take,


And each must go alone.


It's all a part of the Master's plan


A step on the road to Home.


When you are lonely and sick of heart,


Go to the friends we know;


And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds,


Miss me, but let me go!


Author Unknown


Gifts Have Been Given In Memory Of...



In Memory and Honor of  Roxy-Sue,

beloved canine companion to

Dawn Shirar and Forrest White


Donors:  Jana and Kevin Guy  -  Baytown, TX




In Honor and Memory of Sadie,

 Much-loved Doberman member

of the Martin Family



Donor:  Jana Guy    -    Baytown, TX




In Memory of Billy

Loving and loyal companion

to Leah and Lou Bauer.


Donor:  A. Lynette Parsons    -    Anahuac, TX




In Memory of my baby, Noelle,

who died on June 22, 2019.


Donor:  A. Lynette Parsons    -    Anahuac, TX





In Memory of Ruby, beloved dog of

my neighbor and friend.  Ruby lived to be 17!




Donor:   Julie Baten    -     Huffman, TX






In Memory of Cookie Presswood




Donor:   Jacqueline Ritchie   -   Austin, TX






In Memory of Greta. 

Loving companion to Julie and Dan.



Donor:    Jacqueline Ritchie           Austin, TX







A Memorial Gift in honor of Bosco, the

Black Lab who was well-loved and will

be desperately missed.


Donor:   A. Lynette Parsons       Anahuac, TX


 2003 - 2018




In Loving Memory of Sweet Jessie     

-She paved the way for my deep love of dogs, now.




 Donor:   Laurie Palmer      --      Gilbert, AZ






In Memory of Goldie, loyal protector

& companion of the Crow family for 13 years.



Donor:  Craig Haltiwanter   -   Houston, TX






In Honor and Loving Memory of River,

Cherished Black Lab member of the Knott family



Donor:  Timi Rice  





In Memory of Ivy Palmer,

Loving Canine Companion

to Laurie Palmer



Donor: Jacquelyn Zinkhan        Paradise Valley, AZ







Sweet Billy, run free in the Kingdom of Love

where no more pain will you feel.


Donor: Peggye Ripkowski       Mont Belvieu, TX







In Loving Memory of Zoey,

an energetic little dog who

repaid Sara's love and good care by

being a happy ray of sunshine in her life.



Donor: Dr. Lee Wroten        Baytown, TX














Mookie, my Sister's cat,  lived for many years in Westfield, New Jersey, eventually retiring to Pennsylvania.  Mookie leaves behind Nancy, Bob, Samantha, Lex, and a beloved bedraggled stuffed reindeer.


Donor: Roy Bateman               California














In Memory of Gracie Janick,

A Joyous and Loving Companion


Donors:  Suzanne and J.C. Morris           Rusk, TX












To:  Karen, Bruce, and Jake

"Our Hearts are filled with tears for your loss of Jasmine."



Donor: Perry LaPointe and Robert Luna     Houston, TX




In Honor of the Life of

SKIPPER Ripkowski,

Beloved Canine Companion of

Peggye and Charles Ripkowski



Donor:  Robbye Foerster     Baytown, TX




In Loving Tribute to my

very Special and Wonderful dog,


    I will love her and miss her forever.



Donor:  Amanda Prazak      Houston, TX













In Loving Memory of our Sweet Lily

 We Miss her so much!


Donors:  Jamie, Eddy, & Lucy Alms













In Memory of Molly


We miss our beautiful girl


Donors:  Darlene and Robert Knepp   -   Magnolia, TX



 A gift in Honor of our Pets - Past and Present!


Donors:   Bonnie and James Kilburn               Baytown, TX





In Honor of the Long and Loving Life of

Our Precious Basil



Perry LaPointe, Robert Luna, and Rascal  - Houston, TX














2002 – 2015

Beach lover, bird chaser, Frisbee catcher

Rest in peace, sweet girl


Donor:   Lori Ashworth   -   Hutto, TX






  In Loving Memory of "McKenna"


  In Deep Appreciation of Dan Kessel, D.V.M.,

Haley, Betsy, and Liberty at

Kessel Veterinary Clinic -  Alto, TX



:  Suzanne and J.C. Morris        Rusk, TX
















In Memory of Melissa Parker's dog, Molly


This gift is In Loving Memory of Molly.  She was a great companion and was very lucky to have you.


Love, Karen and Mark         Houston, TX

























Memories of Marley - 

    Always a gentle soul, a true gentleman. He liked to climb to the top of the highest snowbank in Prospect, and look off into the East River Valley.


He was a survivor for 2 extra years, when all of the doctors gave him no chance to live! He gave me nothing but joy, and Goldie taught him how to play.

    Every morning he and I went into the chapel together, and he seemed to know it was our time with God. Goldie was "allowed in" after he and I had said some prayers together. The rest of the day, they were together in everything. He will be missed for a very long time.



Donor:  Adelaide Biggs  Crested Butte, CO



Kizzy on Rescue Day


























In Loving Memory of Kizzy who was rescued

in 2003 and lived a long, happy life with her

human-saviors, her true brother, and a myriad of

other adopted siblings.  You will be missed by

everyone, Sweet Kizzy!  Godsspeed, Precious Girl!


                                      Kizzy Howell

                                            2003 - 2014


Memorial by: 

Baytown Humane Society, its members and officers.
















In Memory of our Beloved Tad






Donor:  Lyn Weycer   -   Houston, TX
















In Memory of Sadie B.






Donor:  Marcy and Herman Arce   -  Baytown, TX
















In Memory of sweet little Louie






Donor:  Lydia Robinson   -  The Woodlands, TX
















In Memory of Laney








Donor:  David E. McKay   -   Pflugerville, TX 
















In Beloved Memory of:

       "Silly Willy"

My precious Dachshund

who passed away on December 2, 2012




Donor:  Jean E. Lagow      Anahuac, TX















You haven't heard from me in quite a while, as our little family has been living happy in Houston and I somehow lost all of your contact information when I changed jobs last year. But, I am emailing now as I was hoping you could pass on this email to Mason's old foster parents, as I think they would appreciate knowing.  

To jog your memory, Mason came to us (~8 years ago) when we were training our other dog, Lucy. Your volunteers had rescued Mason from an abusive situation where he needed to be socialized so he, too, was in the same training class in the Heights. Mason began to flourish in our family, soon getting over his fear of people, though always very protective of us. Three and a half years ago, we welcomed a daughter in our family and Mason took up residence as her official protector. He insisted on sleeping nearby her crib until she had a bed of her own, where he insisted on sleeping in her bed with her each night (and she insisted on it too). He was truly her best friend and we couldn't have hoped for a better match between kid and dog.  

This past year, Mason's behavior changed as he became even more protective of our family when strangers came around. I took him to the vet but they couldn't find anything wrong until June when he was finally diagnosed with Lymphoma. We put him on chemo treatments right away, and although he only responded to a few drugs, it seemed that he was going into remission, until suddenly a few weeks ago, it was evident that it had spread to his heart and he was in too much agony with a poor outlook to continue. 

Saying goodbye to Mason was indeed the hardest thing I've every had to do and our family is still grieving for him. He was such a special dog and was always in such good health that it was a bit of a shock that he could be taken after only 9 years on earth. He passed in the loving arms of his family and was spared as much pain as possible.  

Thank you and BHS for saving Mason and bringing him into our lives. He was truly a blessing for our family.






In loving Memory of Makayla


"Special Friend and Canine Companion

to Lee Wroten.  She was so lucky to have

you, Lee."


          Donors:  Sara Mondier - Baytown, TX





In Memory of "Hiram"


"You were a light in

Mary's life for over 14 years.

You will be dearly missed."



          Donors:  Charlotte McDevitt

                     & Cherie Morgan 






In Loving Memory of Olie

faithful friend and companion to

Fred and Sherry Marti



          Donors:  Tommy and Linda Hathaway,

       Kelsey and girls

    Baytown, TX





In Memory of Missy

A Grand Old Lady



Donors:  Linda Foote






In Memory of the Life lived by Tahoe

Beloved Dog and Companion of Cheryl Rhoden and her Family


Donors:  Alice Freed



Jillie Buddecke



In Memory of Jillie Buddecke

A very special dog who shared life for 17 years with her beloved owners, Rosemary and Robin



Donors:  Shirley Ulrich






In Loving Memory of "Jake" Sedtal    

      April 1998 to November 2010



Donors:  Edie and Kenneth Sedtal





In Loving Memory of Alice,


A loyal and true and generous companion.


She was loved, tremendously and completely. 









In Memory of Baily,


Loving dog of Joe & Mairlyn Whitehead



Donors: Lois and Tim Manier

 2000 - 2010



Hunter was a save by BACCR from Baytown's Animal Control Facility back in 2001.   He was adopted by his Earth Angel, Terri, in the Dallas area and enjoyed a wonderful life filled with all the love and attention any dog could ever wish for.  Now, Hunter has gone to the Bridge where he is young again and frolicking in the tall grass watching for the birds to fly.  Hunter will be missed as dearly as he was loved by all that knew him.  He was a very special dog who brought together friends who wouldn't have known one another without him.  Thank You, Sweet Hunter...till we meet again!

Marilyn Kinney

Baytown Humane Society





In loving memory of Emma 1996  - 2010.



Faithful friend and companion to her momma Libbie and the Coleman family. Rest in peace sweet girl.




The Donahue Family 

Marie, Chris, Sloane, Marek & Jackson Brown


The Smith Family

Michelle, Cary, Chelsea & Kaje





In Memory of Andrea's cat named "Lil"


Donor: David E. McKay   -   Pflugerville, TX




A very lucky rescued cat who lived with her loving family in California for over 13 years


Donor: Elizabeth and Glenn Blome   Houston, TX




Thank you for rescuing us sweet Mudge and I know you and Buddy Ray will be there waiting for your “Daddy Man” and I when our time on earth is done.

 Memorial for Mudge

Donor: Charles, Peggye, and Skipper Ripkowski




In Memory of a very special little dog named Buford.  He and my best friend, Jan, took care of each other for many years.


Donor: Glenda Enderli, along with: Lily, Gypsy, Bucky, Bella and Daisy  -   Baytown, TX




In Memory of Bailey, a super dog whose excitement and sweetness always made me smile.  He is truly missed!


Donor: Lori Ashworth - Pflugerville, TX



In Tribute and Honor of Taco, a sweet little guy who has just begun his new life after his beloved owner passed away.   In his sorrow, he has made his new family complete; and he will be loved and cherished!


Donor:  Lori Ashworth - Pflugerville, TX 




Born February 2002 in Schertz, Texas

Passed over the “Rainbow Bridge” on  July 21, 2009


Cesar, you are our very special little boy. We will never forget the years you stood by to protect mama while she was unable to protect herself. For the thousands of hours you spent by her side always faithful and guarding we will be forever grateful. The love you and our grandson, Austin, shared will be forever etched into our memories.  Every conversation we have with him begins with “can I come see Cesar”?  So my little friend, until we meet again, rest in peace and remember, you will always be loved and missed.


Daddy Dave, Mama Alice and Austin





Tanner, Lord of the Manor, went peacefully to The Bridge on the evening of July 9, 2009, leaving behind Jodi, his heart-broken Mom;  and Gin, his Roomie.  No doubt he's doing what he loved best - posing for pictures, and digging for moles - in that beautiful meadow at The Bridge.  Tanner was a rescue Doberman who held the banner high for Rescue, and he was the official poster-dog for not cropping ears.  His talents were many, and he was adored by all who knew him. 
He will be desperately missed. 


Godspeed, Tanner - till we meet again. 





Go your own way, now, sweet Lucy.  You stopped in to spend a few months with us after the big storm and showed us how to love and live with dignity even while in pain and confusion.  Thank you for that and for your gentle kisses and subtle acknowledgements.  Those of us who got to know you were blessed to have our lives touched by yours.  We will meet again at the Bridge when the time is right. 

But for now, Rest in Peace, sweet girl.


BHS Volunteers




In loving memory of Dolly Adams



Born: January 7, 1996


Passed: March 15, 2009


We will always remember this sweet little bundle of love.


Patty and Al Howell





Born: January 11, 2001


Passed: July 16, 2008

Delilah – My Heart


I didn’t want a dog but you stole my heart & made me your own.

You taught me to smile again.

You showed me how to care for myself, as well as someone else again.

You made me happy for the first time in a very long time!

I could not be where I am today without you.

You were always by my side, and always will be.

You never experienced a bad day in your life and made sure I didn’t either!

I owe you my life and I miss you dearly!

I will always have an open window for you…with rabbit view!

You’ll always be my guiding light.

Thank you for saving my life!


                         Donation by:  Kevin Miller




Buddy Ripkowski, the Angel in white here, flew away to Heaven on June 10, 2008.  We at BHS wish him Godspeed, and we know he will be waiting for Peggye and Charles at the Bridge when that day comes. 


His BFF, Mudge, comforts him


Rest in Peace, sweet, sweet Buddy.  

You will be missed more than words can say. 


                         Baytown Humane Society 


HONDO, The Movie Star


 What a heart Hondo had!  She was the Best. 

I'll miss her so..


Donation by:  Jeff Jones    Newhall, CA

Hondo's Dad for more than 12 years 

Rescued from the Arizona desert by Jeff.  She loved life, people and playing ball.  She was truly her Man's Best Friend.  You will be missed, Sweet Hondo!

Donation by:  Judy Westendorf


SIMON, The Cat Burglar


In Honor of Simon, the cat burglar.  Although I never met this little guy, I kept up with his antics online. 

What a Neat little cat he was.


Simon, The Cat Burglar

Donation by: Lori Ashworth    Pflugerville, TX


Am. Can. Ch. Donnchada Herre Johan Sun



In loving memory of Am. Can. Ch. Donnchada Herre Johan Sun, faithful friend to Holly Sundbeck for over twelve years.



Donation by: Mel Whitten



In Loving Memory of Rocksie (1995-2007)



We miss you so much, Rocksie! 

Thank you for watching over all of us for 12+ years!  You knew you were the Queen of the house, and everyone is still looking for you in your special spots of each room.  Until we meet again, old girl  -  Godspeed!


                       We love you, Rocksie,


                                  Marilyn & Bud Kinney

                                         The Crew 



In Loving Memory of Groucho (1995-2007)


Anyone who has met Grouch knows how special he was and he's left us with some great memories. He was deeply loved and will be missed.


Donation by:   Lori - Austin, TX



R.I.P.  DeDe Smith


Donation by:   Cindy Smith



In Memory of Lily - Beloved cat of Suzanne & Nick Meier


Donation by:   Carol Fleming



In Loving Memory of "Lady"


Donation by:   William H. Scott



In Memory of our beloved pets: 


                           Layah, our Shih Tzu

                           Tabetha, our cat


They were our "babies," and we miss them dearly.

Donation by: Anna & Terry Huff



In Memory of

                       Hershey & Trooper (canines)

                       Trouble & Boos (felines)


Donation by: Leah Ware, Baytown


In Memory of "Abby" Ulrich

A Gentle, loving little dog'

belonging to Shirley & Joe Ulrich

Donation by: Frankie and Wilfred Brewer,  Baytown



In Loving Memory of Holly Manier,


A Really Good Dog

Donation by:  The Arce Family



Patches O'Houlihan:


We didn't know you long...but we knew you long enough. Such a sweet, loving dog you were, and a true blessing to us. You have left your mark on our hearts, little one.

We'll miss you.


"When the heart weeps for what it has lost,

the soul laughs for what it has found"
-- Sufi aphorism.  

Donation by: Luke and Sharen Hales 



In Loving Memory of sweet, sweet Dolly


There was never a better dog anywhere,

Truly an Angel on earth...


Donation by:  Marilyn and Bud Kinney



In Tribute to Cupcake, the Potbellied Pig


                     Kitty Girl, an amazing feline


  Both wonderful pets to Cheryl & Bryan McCullough.

Donation by:  Gerrie & Tom Newton



In Memory of Rascal Sizemore


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic



In Memory of Cupcake & Kitty Girl,


Beloved Companions of Cheryl & Bryan McCullough


Donation by:      Mr. & Mrs. Larry Briggs




In Memory of    "Banchee" Reed, Pomeranian


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic



In Memory of    "Rustie Sue" Berman


Loyal and obedient protector of

Ivan, Pinic, Wanda & Tavish


Donation by:    Doug Wagner and Andy & Sara Harder



In Memory of    "DeDe" Smith



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic

Buddy (left) with his friend Ava


In Loving Memory of "Buddy"



Rescued:  May 26, 2004


Died:  September 28, 2005


Sweet Buddy - We knew you for such a short time.... 

Your best friend, Ava, misses you.

Donation by:  Julie & Dan Presswood 



In Memory of    "Leroy" Linsenbardt



Donation by:   Charlotte Finley  -  Sour Lake, TX 



In Memory of Bridget


Bridget 'claimed' each infant as her own, played gently with toddlers & children, and treated adults with respect. 

She was a Pound Puppy full of energy and fun. 

Born Nov. 1, 1989: left us on July 11, 2005.




In Memory of    "Bridget" Lamphier



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic



In Memory of    "Molly" Denbigh 



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic



In Memory of "Mandie"

  A really great dog!


Donation by:    Mark




In Memory of   "Packer" Reavis 


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic



In Memory of    "Samson" Rhodes (feline)



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic



In Memory of   "Smokey" Canter (feline)



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic


In Memory of Baby   


    Baby started it all for me with loving animals, and I shared my life with her for about 20 years.   


Donation by:   Amy O'Sullivan           


In Memory of    "Slim" Schneider  (canine)


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Animal Care Clinic

April Fire Flower


Born: April 1993


Passed: January 2005


Daughter of Sparky & Misty Fox Fire

Loved and Missed by Debbie, Kenneth & Johnny

Thank you Dr. Mel for all you did for April!


In Memory of   "Paisley" Todd      


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic


In Memory of    "April" Ables       


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic


May, 1991   --  January, 2005

Memorial Poem by Buddy Bruner, Sassy's Human Dad

Memorial Gift in Honor of Sassy...

Donation by: Judy & Steve Westendorf


In Memory of    "Bean" Jones


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic


In Memory of Tigger Harding,

beloved pet of John and Ora Mae Harding             


Donation by:  Vicki Harding


We All Miss Our Patches. 

We Will Always Have Our Happy Memories Of You. 


           The Alexander Family

           Tony, Tonya, and Ginger

           including, Miss Bear, Baby, Heidi, Boo and Tabby



In Memory of    "Patches" Alexander



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of     "Levi" Dye



Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of Babes                  


Donation by:  Kathy Leonard


In Memory of Smokie                   


Donation by:  Kathy Leonard



In Memory of    "Booger" Fregia


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of     "Joker" Felchek


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of    "Lady" Deberry


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of    "Goldie" Krushinsky


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of    "Little Bit" Ducote


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of    "Joshua" Bilyeu


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In Memory of     "Butterball" Ingvardsen                                             

Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic


In Memory of    "Garson" Stelly


Donation by:    Mel Evilsizer, DVM

                      Stephenson Animal Clinic



In memory of my best bud, Logan.  

September 1995 to April 2004

Donation by:  Judy Webb-Barrett


In Memory of Max

Donation by: Phyllis Clark


Donation given by:

Patty and David McKay - Pflugerville, TX




9 years, 11 months old


March 6, 2004 


Gizzie - you wandered into our garage one day, starved, injured, and scared.  That was the last bad day of your life.  You healed (thanks to Dr. Howe and Dr. Reel), grew and became our handsome little man.  You slept next to us every night, waited in your window for us to come home and filled our lives with laughter and love.  When your time came, you died in Mom's arms.  We miss you every day little guy.


Mom, Dad, Annie Sis and Matt

And your 4-footed brothers & sisters, 

Tookie, Bubba Joe, Sadie and Sam


In memory of Sugar, beloved cat of Martha Cunningham

Donation given by:  Suzanne Pruitt


Tracer was a golden ray of sunshine in the life of his
friends. We are so glad that light shone on us and will
continue to shine for all who knew him. We love you, sweet
and gentle spirit.              
----from Macy, Lori, & Lila


To Paris: 

You were as elegant as your name.  We had such a short time to get to know you, but it was long enough to know that you loved without reservation those whom were kind to you.  We did not have the opportunity to love you long enough to turn the fears and experiences of your past into distant and forgotten memories.  When children have setbacks in life it takes patience, kindness, gentleness, understanding and the willingness to spend quality time with them in order to instill happiness and security again.  This philosophy goes for all of God's creatures.  We hope that our memorial message to you will be read by others that may not know much about animals needing rescue and shelter.  May they read these words and use them as the keys to open the doors of their hearts and their homes.  

Donation by Cheryl & Ramon Lopez

Proud to be a Baytown Humane Society Foster Home


Palomo was a friendly, trusting soul despite having a rough life here on earth. This sweet teddy bear crossed the rainbow bridge 2/21/03 while he anxiously awaited his forever home. Lucky for Palomo, he now resides in the very BEST forever home possible! Until we meet again, rest peacefully darling boy!

Your Guardian Angel

Donation by Michele Reynolds

Scruffy and Weddie

In Loving Memory 
Donation by:  Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Witt


In Loving Memory 
Donation by:  Barbara J. Auchter


Jack, you magically appeared on our doorstep on that hot June night, the very day we moved-in. Perhaps you appeared, knowing that Buddy needed a best friend?  While having you deeply enriched our lives these past 2 years, God must have other plans.  We are all saddened by your sudden death, especially Buddy who will always be your best friend. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge: Good bye Good Boy! 

Steve & Michele Reynolds

July 1998 - October 2002

Mickey, Mommy says that doing the laundry will never be the same since you  always made us laugh when you crawled into the laundry baskets and nestled among the clothes. We pray that heaven has tons of laundry!  Know that you are greatly missed by us all: 

Pepper, Chablis, Chaffey & Lucky



"Raven was so special and had such a difficult, short life.  She deserves to be remembered in this World, even though she never knew the pleasure of her very own family.  It is a comfort to know that Nikki, Harley, and Ben, from R&M Longneck Ranch in Texas, were at the Rainbow Bridge to greet her, and that they are frolicking with Raven now among the flowers in the green meadows there."
Donation by: Marjean Brown

"Baby Raven fought hard to stay alive and become a gorgeous Great Dane, but pneumonia claimed her little body. Despite weeks of constant care by her foster parents, Raven sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge into heaven on Wednesday, September 18, 2002. She will be greatly missed."                                                            
In Loving Memory,


"Thank you, Sharmin, for 12 years of Love and Devotion."                                                              
In Loving Memory,
The Bill Simmons Family

Sissy Gupton

 "Sissy was a sweet, gentle, dog who always looked out for her "little" brother, Bubba. Her family will miss her always."

Jack, Angie, and Phoebe Middleton


MAXI October 1988 - August 2001
MACI October 1988 - November 1999

“Goodbye my sweet ladies.  Your precious time with us enriched our lives.  Your loving memory will be our guiding light til we meet again. We love you.”

Judy and Steve Westendorf
Shelley and Lindsay


bulletBorn 1980
bulletDied 1995

Donation by Marilyn Kinney

“I still miss you, my sweet friend!  Although your muzzle was gray and your eyes a bit faded, you and I know that your spirit was still young and your love was strong when you had to go. Rest easy, sweet girl.”


“She was a little bundle of fuzzy, bouncy fur named Holly. For over 15 years she was a part of our lives. Always loving and precious, she gave us so much joy. We are left with wonderful memories. She will be with us always.” ~~ Gramma and Grampa Friederich

“For Holly ~ digger, diva, definitive friend.  Your bright and joyous spirit graced our lives and still shines in our hearts.” ~~ Lori Janick

Catelyn (Catey) Jane Ulrich

bulletBorn April 1, 1996
bulletLeft us December 15, 2000

Donation by Shirley & Joe C. Ulrich

Donation by Carolanne Ulrich - 2001

“Catelyn Jane, you embodied everything that was right and beautiful in this world. Your friends and family were honored to share four and a half short years with you. Your smile and spirit are eternal.”

Jacquelyn (Jacie) Liner

Donation by Edwin and Lucille Liner

“When your gentle heart stopped beating, a void was left in ours.”

Dear God,

My pet was so special.

The death of this beautiful animal

has left me empty and very sad. 

Please help me bridge this 

paralyzing time with the 

memories of the joys we shared.  

Let me always focus on the 

delight my pet brought to my life.


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