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Last week I found a stray dog at my school who was so gentle; but clearly very sick. "Rosie" was diagnosed with Pyometra (uterine infection) which was treated by getting her spayed. I am happy to foster her during this process but would love assistance in finding a forever home for her. She is about 1 year old and looks like she’s recently had puppies. She is a sweet mixed-breed, is spayed, heartworm negative, has her vaccinations, and is good with adults and children. I would be so thankful if you could help me advertise her and help me screen.
















I live in Baytown, and my neighbor moved out over the weekend and abandoned his three year old orange female cat. I cannot keep her, and don't want to bring her in where she will be put down. From the story he told when we first met him, she's always been an indoor cat.


















These two kittens are 5-6 weeks old and need good homes. 

The rescuer is unable to determine the gender of them; but, she has wormed them,

and they are learning the litter box routine.




This is Axle, a 5-month-old Pug/Boston Terrier mix.   Axle's family moved and didn't take him with them, so a family friend is trying to find him a good home.  He's high energy, as you may expect, but he does well with other dogs and with older children.  He needs a safe and loving home that will take time with him and show him the ropes of being a good family companion. 













Cooper is a cute, cute, cute little Terrier mix who is approximately 4 months old and weighs in at about 6 pounds!  This little guy had a really rough start in life; but, things are going his way, now!  He has received his puppy shots and has been cleared of internal parasites as well.  Additionally, he is getting regular monthly heartworm prevention to keep him heartworm free.  Cooper is a precious, happy and playful little fella!  He will be neutered soon, and just needs a great home to round out his future filled with good health and lots of love. 















Penny was rescued from a local park after having been abandoned there in February.  This beautiful little Dachshund/Beagle mix has been fully vetted and spayed.  She is believed to be approximately one and a half years old and gets along fine with the other dog in the household and plays well with visiting grandchildren.  The current owner is in ill health, now, though, and is looking to place Penny in a home where she can live a long, happy life with people who will have time to care for her and play with her.  Penny is very affectionate and cuddly, but still a bit skittish if you reach for her; however, if you just sit down and not grab, she will come to you and cuddle up so sweetly.  The exact words of the owner is: "She is VERY loveable and cuddly, but prefers to come to you on her own terms."   







These two kittens were born to a feral cat, but the kittens are being handled daily by humans.  They have been to the vet one time, so far.   They are approximately 5 weeks old and are now eating canned kitten food mixed with water.    They are both female beauties who need a good home(s). 





I recently moved from a house to an apartment and need to find a home for my 3 yr. old black and white cat named Carlos. He is neutered and is great with children and dogs. He is super laid back and would make a great pet for someone. My roommate is allergic to him so he is banished to our porch and it makes me really sad to not be able to let him inside, especially when it's raining.








Little Jody (15 pounds) was found in a dumpster full of trash.  You could tell that she had gone through all of the garbage she could find. Here's how it happened:
As I was driving away from a gas station (miles away from any home or town), I heard loud whining noises coming from the dumpster across the street; so, I drove closer to it to investigate. I had to climb onto my bumper to get a view inside and that’s when I saw this poor little terrified terrier mix. I finally got her out and took her home with me.  She was covered in fleas and smelled awful!  Poor little girl even had to get around on 3 good legs.  She and I both had to have a bath. I decided to call her Jody.  The past few weeks have been great for Jody.   She has no fleas, is eating well, 99% housetrained, but still hops around on 3 legs. At times she can put a little weight on the 4th leg.  I took her to the vet and got her shots, and she will be spayed before she is adopted.  She gets along very well with other dogs and even plays with the cat.  This girl is very submissive and shy at first, but is very loving, also. I am a single teacher with several dogs and really, REALLY cannot afford another dog.  If anyone would like to adopt her, foster her and take her into their program, or even help out with her vetting, please, Please, PLEASE call me at 832/622-2501 You can come and meet her or I can bring her to meet you.



These two adorable dogs are losing their home because their master has to travel so much with his work. He loves them enough to realize that their quality of life is suffering because they are having to spend so much of it in a boarding kennel and away from him and the home they love. He wants to find a home that can give them what he cannot. Both Spot and Oreo have been fully vaccinated, neutered and are heartworm negative. They are accustomed to being loved and well-cared for until now, and that's what we hope to help them find again. Below are the comments their master wrote about each dog. Please read these and open your hearts to giving these dogs the life they deserve.








Oreo is a mix of who knows what. We were told he was a Jack Russell when we got him but he's twice the size and doesn't look like one. He is just a loveable goofball, he seems to constantly be making us laugh. He is a great watchdog, barks loud anytime anyone approaches the house; however, he is completely harmless once they get here. He thinks he is the size of a Jack Russell and wants to climb up in your lap. His only negative is he is very protective of the back half of his body and will growl at times when you push on him, etc.  Have checked with the Dr. to make sure nothing is wrong and they didn't see anything.

We got Oreo way too young and Oreo bonded to Spot.  It would be very difficult to separate them. Spot takes care of Oreo and although I think Spot would be fine, Oreo would be devastated.  They are the best and I absolutely hate that I am having to do this.



Spot is a Jack Russell, he is 5 and still full of energy. He loves to go for walks and is a very social dog both with people and other dogs. He's great with everyone, loves to chase balls, and loves to sleep on top of the cushions of your couch. He is the ruler of the roost. He is very afraid of thunderstorms though and will follow you everywhere when one is going on. His only bad habit is when you are running, he likes to run with you and nip at your heels.







Rocket is a precious little guy of Terrier heritage.   The owner thinks Westie and Jack Russell.   He is about 3 years old and fully vetted and neutered.   He could stand to lose a few pounds as he weighs approximately 25 pounds now.  Rocket is friendly, loving, and loyal.   He loves to be with you and preferably in your lap!   He does great with other animals and the owner says he is well-behaved and a precious companion.  He prefers to be indoors with you, but will play outside with other animals, too.  Rocket would be a wonderful companion for any family who is lucky enough to have him!
Samson is a very handsome Border Collie weighing in at about 50 pounds.  He was found as a puppy in a school yard and brought home by the owner's grandson about 2 years ago.   Samson has proven to be a fantastic pet and a mentor to little Rocket who adores him!   He is neutered, fully vaccinated and receiving  regular heartworm prevention, too.  He is happy to be a lap dog and knows how to hug and to Be hugged!   Samson is intelligent, loving and will be a wonderful addition to any family who will include him in their daily activities.











I am lucky cat!  No, I don't have a home; but, a Good Samaritan has been feeding me and giving me water every day.  And, THEN, my human friend took me to the doctor to have me tested for all sorts of stuff and to get vaccinated so I don't GET all sorts of stuff.  Plus, he had me neutered so that I won't be contributing to what is called the Pet Over-Population Crisis.  So, I'm good to go!   I'm good looking, charming, and I'm ready for a home where I will be safe and warm this winter.  





Like a few others out here, I'm homeless, but hopeful!   I'm a young, Very handsome, Orange Tabby cat who has been fully vaccinated and neutered!   We have a little club where only yellow Cats with yellow Eyes can join!  I'm very proud to be able to join something... I've always wanted to belong.  Of course, my Real Dream is to belong to a good person or family who will be nice to me and let me live with them forever.  I guess the Nice Man who has been feeding and giving us water named me Bendy Tail because of the little crook in my tail!  But, you could name me something else, if you wanted to!  I just want to belong to you! 
















This sweet girl was found as a stray and I’ve been unable to locate the owner. She desperately needs a good home. She is very affectionate and eager to please. Seems to be fine with other dogs, knows basic commands, and appears to be crate trained. She will have her shots and be spayed before adoption. Please consider giving her a forever home. She will make a great pet for someone, but I’m unable to keep her.












 This sweet Momma dog was left in a small cage in the garage of an abandoned house.  A Good Samaritan discovered her and released her from her death trap.   The next day, Momma Dog gave birth to six puppies... So, now the Good Samaritan is left with an even bigger problem than the one the worthless people who abandoned the dog gave her to begin with.   This darling little family has no place to go.  The Good Samaritan has no real place to keep them, and is having to move them from location to location.   Please open your heart and offer to help!  The puppies will be ready for homes in a few weeks, and the Good Samaritan says the Momma Dog is just wonderful!   Very good with children and other dogs; runs, plays and enjoys the outside, but quiet and nondestructive when indoors.  She appears to be a Chihuahua mix, so she's small and cuddly.   PLEASE help this lady see these precious little dogs get into good homes!   They deserve it, and so does she for dealing with this situation when things are great for her right now, either! 








Roscoe was lost, hungry and scared until a nice man rescued him from the street.  Now, Roscoe is in a foster home, has had plenty of good food and isn't afraid of anything anymore!  He's also been housetrained, fully vaccinated and neutered.  Roscoe is only lacking one thing, and that's a home of his own!  He's a young, loving dog who plays well with others, but really thrives on your affection. 










This very sweet, young, female was rescued from the

I-10/Eagle Drive area of Mont Belvieu.  Just from the pictures, we think she may be a Border Collie mix.   She cowers a bit when approached, but soon warms up.  She weighs approximately 30 pounds and has a damaged right eye.  Doesn't seem to bother her, but it has obviously been injured in the past.  She is temporarily caring for the dog, but cannot keep this baby much longer. 





Boo Boo is the striped black and brown and Sissy is the gray cat. They are 10 years old will have their shots updated and are fixed. They are very sweet and loving but are a little shy with new people, they must stay together. They will let you carry them around like babies and love to go outside on sunny days.. Right now their are staying in a house alone except when I come to visit and feed them daily. 

Please call:  832/514-9135 if you can give these sweet cats a home together. 





Now let me tell you the good things about this great guy. I took him to help find a home, but we fell in love with him. Smitty loves to play with our other two dogs (Shih Tzu's) and they run through the house and have a good old time. He is a sweetie and minds well, unlike my other two. Someone has trained him. He heels, sits, lies down, shakes, high fives, fetches, jumps up to get his treats, uses a doggy door and so on. He is eager to do what you want him to. He is very submissive which is why I am shocked about what happened today.
On the first visit to our lake house (three hours away) he was crated the whole way, and never let out a peep. While there he injured his leg on the fence and let me take care of it till we got him to the vet. I changed the bandages and put medication on it, and he was a prefect little guy even though it had stitches and had to hurt. After it healed he would show it to me as if to say thank you.  
Smitty loves his toys, treats, and thinks he is a lap dog. He is housetrained and has never had and accident in the house. He weighs about 28 lbs (needs to lose some weight!), current on his shots, he's heartworm negative & on heartworm prevention. He has a docked tail and upright ears, although they haven't been since the incident. Beautiful shiny coat, but does need to be groomed. It is just too cold right now.

He is a wonderful guy that won both our hearts and we are sick about giving him up. But, I believe he needs to be in a family with maybe just one other dog that is his size and gets a lot of attention. I really wouldn't want him to go to a home with small kids although he has been around my grandkids 8 & 2, all the time and never ever did anything.  Whoever gets him as got to have a fenced yard, and he is to be kept inside. He is not an outside dog.  














These two adorable kittens need great homes! 

Both are males and are about 2 months old. 

They are using a litter box like pros! 







Lacey is about one year old and is a terrier mix. She weighs about 50 pounds and is a very affectionate dog, one of the sweetest dogs I have ever rescued.   She has been spayed, treated and cleared for heartworms and is current on her vaccinations.  She loves to go on car rides and walks in the neighborhood.  She is playful, loves to retrieve a ball, and is lively.  She gets along well with my other pets and rescues.  She loves to run around in the back yard and is tempted to swim in the lake behind my house.  A great dog, really loving and sweet. 










Allie is a Border Collie mix who was found sitting by the road waiting for the person who dumped her out to come back for her.  She was, instead, rescued by a Good Samaritan. This beautiful, faithful dog had no collar and no chip. She is about 2-3 years old and is very, very smart.   Allie displays some herding features although these are diminishing in the time that she has been in the foster home.  She has a lovely, silky coat with no odor at all.  She is playful and loves to run around in the back yard.  She is fun and feisty and would be a great pet for children.  She loves to be loved.  She is a small dog – about 30 pounds.  She has now been spayed and treated and cleared of heartworms and is current on her shots.  She is a great traveler – she went with the family to Florida on a vacation.  Everyone loved her….  Allie will make a great family pet. 




These kittens were rescued from the wild, bottle fed and hand raised!  We have one female and two males kittens available for adoption.  One of the males is long haired the other two are short haired.  They have been treated for and cleared of worms and are now a little over 6 weeks old.  They all are eating dry food now.  The one in the pic on its back is the female.  All of them are very playful and unafraid of my dog or my 2 year old granddaughter!  The smaller male wants to be held all the time.  The larger long-haired male likes to nuzzle you and lay over your shoulder and purrs REALLY loud. We call him "Big Fuzzy".  The female likes to sit on my feet while I get ready for work and play with my toes.  They are all using the litter box very well and grooming themselves and each other now.  Their favorite toy right now is a stuffed catnip toy on loan to them from one of our other cats.  They bat it around to each other and attack it playfully. None of them has shown any signs of aggression of fearfulness.  They cry for your attention when you enter the room.  The adoption fee is only $35.00 for each kitten & that will go toward a spay/neuter voucher that will be provided for use at Archer Rd. Animal Clinic. 



Razzle and Mai Tia

Female sisters, spayed, front declawed, current on shots born April 2007.


We don't want to find them a new home but our daughter is having allergy issues.







These baby boys had been neglected and were dumped in our yard about 2 weeks ago.  They have received vet care.  They are now well and have been given their first puppy vaccinations.  They may be a boxer mix.  They are males, about 10 weeks of age, get along well together, have sweet dispositions, are very lovable, playful, friendly, and intelligent.  We already have 4 dogs and need to find loving homes for them as quickly as possible.








This cutie is a Beagle mix that we've named 'Sammy'.  He is believed to be fully grown but less than one year in age.  He was found wandering the streets late one night. Every effort was made to find his original owners.  He is currently staying with a foster family and making friends with their dog and children.  He is very energetic, playful and loves attention; enjoys being chased and chew toys.  Even though he appears to be predominantly a Beagle, he has not exhibited the howling characteristic. 



Sammy is VERY cute, expressive, and gets along well with our dog.  He is going to require a fenced yard and a family that has time to play with him and take him for walks as he has lots of puppy energy.  He is still in the teething stage so someone that has experience with training and raising a puppy would be best. 

Sammy is willing to learn if someone takes the time to teach him!











This beautiful female Yellow Lab X was rescued from the streets by a good Samaritan.  Over the following weeks "Baby" has been nurtured, fattened up, and is well on the way to being housetrained.  She gets along well with the cats in the home, and WOULD like to play with the dog in the home, but he's not having any part of this intruder!  Baby is scheduled to be vaccinated and spayed and then she will just need a good home in which to grow into the gorgeous Lab that she's already becoming.  She's approximately 6 months old, and has proven to be very intelligent and willing to please. 





We found this little puppy dodging 18 wheelers on Hatcherville Road in Mt. Belvieu on Jan 15th.  She was exhausted, filthy and riddled with fleas.  We cleaned her up and took her to the vet.  There was no tracking chip found.  She is approximately 3-4 months old and will be a medium sized dog.  






This poor dog has been homeless for about 3 years, living at a commercial Dirt Yard, and giving birth to several litters of puppies during that time.  A compassionate person finally took her in after the last litter, which were born during the Hurricane, and named her Lexy.  She has been vaccinated and will be spayed before she is adopted.  Here is what her rescuer has to say about Lexy.


Lexy is trained...she must have been owned by someone in a previous life before the dirt yard.  She sits, shakes as you can see from the picture in our front hall, heels and stays.  The vet thinks she is 4-5 years old.  She has had three litters at the dirt yard over the past 3 years when she showed up there.



This little darling kitten was found on Baker Road, either lost or abandoned.  He is about 12-16 weeks old and is litter box trained.  This sweetheart is very loving and affectionate and likes to play.  He even enjoys belly rubs.  He is quiet, hardly meows much at all. 









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