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The culmination of lots of hard work by BHS volunteers is a fun day at a Baytown Humane Society Adoptathon.  Here is where the "rubber meets the road," so to speak!  It is Here that animals who have been released, rejuvenated, rehabilitated are presented to the adopting public.  This is where people can actually touch the animals that their donations have saved.  Here is where the exchange of love between human and non-human is tangible!!    

We have selected just a few of the HUNDREDS of pictures we have accumulated from numerous Adoptathons to show you here.  We  hope you enjoy them, and we hope to see YOU at the next Baytown Humane Society Adoptathon!

Rufus is relaxing The Wallisville Six promote BHS's Spay & Neuter Slogan The Wallisville Six say they Bet you've never seen a cuter lineup
Five in agreement & one dissenting Vote on looking over THIS way Wrangler about to take Randee for a walk Wrangler being a good boy

Wrangler giving hugs to Patty Coco enjoys the extra attention Shoney says, Could I get some service over here, please
Good Question The crowd at Heritage Festival Adoptathon The clown visited a while
Clown visits our adoptathon Brittany & Jasper Black Lab Pups are a Hit with the Kids

A boy and his dog Randee, Brownie & Bud Zoe has visitors
Staying cool in the shade So many people Meow
Lisa & Randee Siamese Kittens Waggins enjoys the adoptathon

Shirley and April work the Mall Crowd Sleeping Matty  Josie and her kittens
The Cat Info Table The Puppies are a big hit with the kiddos Lila and Penny

Amy with one of her kitties Winding Down Bonnie & Clyde are such a happy couple
She's mine What a Crowd Boomer & Guy
Baxter is shopping Fredna & Baxter Let's go home
  April feels safe in Lila's arms  

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