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Marilyn Kinney (r) and Maria Johnson
show how Baytown Humane Society opens its heart
to local animals

Baytown gives time, talent and resources to Pasadena pets

Dog lovers know how expensive it can be to feed their pet, but imagine having to come up with 60 to 80 pounds of dog food a day.  That’s what the City of Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption, located at 5150 Burke, must do to feed all of the dogs at its shelter.  In a real show of neighborliness and care for animals, the Baytown Humane Society is pitching in to bring as much as 200 pounds of food a week.

The Baytown Humane Society president is Marilyn Kinney. “Every week she comes to the shelter with all of her volunteers on Thursdays,” said Karen Hoffman, chief animal control officer, Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption.  “Volunteers take the dogs for walks and exercise.”

Volunteers with the Baytown Humane Society visit area pet and grocery stores and get them to donate dog and cat food as well as kitty litter. “If the bag of dog food has a hole in it or there are dented cans with ripped labels, the stores can’t sell them,” said Hoffman.  “By bringing us the food, the Baytown Humane Society saves the city lots of money in pet food.”

A 40 pound bag of dog food can cost as much as $40.  The money to buy pet food comes from the Animal Control and Adoption maintenance materials budget.

The Baytown Humane Society offered their services to other animal shelters, but the other shelters declined.  The Baytown Humane Society has been donating food and volunteering its time with the Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption for about two years.

Along with donating food, Baytown Humane Society volunteers take pictures of the dogs to place on its website at  About 10 dogs a week are placed on the website. “People call all the time saying they saw the dog’s picture on the Baytown Humane Society’s website,” said Hoffman.

The Baytown Humane Society is affiliated with the Texas Animal Release and Placement Alliance (T.A.R.P.A.) rescue groups.  In order to be affiliated with T.A.R.P.A., rescue groups have to meet certain criteria, said Hoffman.

According to Hoffman, the national average is 28 percent of all adoptable dogs taken to shelters are adopted out. “Our adoption rate is twice the national average or 56 percent,” said Hoffman.

For more information about adopting a pet, call the Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption at (281) 991-0602 or go on-line to

 Source - Pasadena CityGram - March 11, 2005

The City of Pasadena recently held its Volunteer Recognition Dinner, and Baytown Humane Society was recipient of an award thanking the organization for the volunteer work done in Pasadena's Animal Control Facility over the past year. 

Pictured from left are:  BHS Volunteer, Shelley Hatcher; BHS Volunteer, Judy Westendorf;  Pasadena's Mayor, John Manlove; BHS Chairwoman, Marilyn Kinney; BHS Volunteer, Maria Johnson; and Pasadena's Animal Control Supervisor, Karen Hoffman.

Several of the Humane Society's volunteers were on hand to receive the award from Pasadena's Animal Control Supervisor, Karen Hoffman and Pasadena's Mayor John Manlove.  Ms. Hoffman expressed her gratitude for the over 800 volunteer hours worked at the municipal shelter in Pasadena, and the countless animal lives saved by Baytown Humane Society's website and adoption efforts.

Marilyn Kinney, Chairman of Baytown Humane Society, comments that, "This particular segment of our work is so fulfilling, and it is a pleasure to join forces with the professionals at Pasadena's Animal Control Facility.  We will continue with this effort as well as our service to the entire Baytown region.  Baytown Humane Society is growing at an unbelievable rate, and it's so nice to have our work recognized."   

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