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Pennies for Pets 2008


The students at San Jacinto Elementary have outdone themselves for the second successive year!  These children, with the guidance of their teachers, are learning about how to respect, properly care for, and help pets!  And they have, once again, been very successful in raising funds with their Pennies for Pets program to benefit Baytown Humane Society.



Woody, a prime example of a dog rescued from horrible circumstances, was honored to receive this year's gift of $1,265  on behalf of Baytown Humane Society.  The teachers and students of San Jacinto Elementary worked hard to accrue that many pennies throughout the school year!  And, as Woody can personally attest to, those funds will help BHS to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals that are now homeless, sick, and hopeless.  


San Jacinto's own Cheryl Warren and all the other participating teachers are proponents of teaching children about respecting and loving their pets and being aware that not all pets have people to help them.  The teachers are also instilling in the children the principle of giving back as you can and that of supporting good causes that impact the world around us.                          

 Here Woody delivers a grateful kiss to Mrs. Warren!   


Woody LOVED all the children and they loved him right back.  The San Jacinto children heard Woody's story of rescue and rehab, and were able to see and touch this transformed dog who showed his appreciation with patience and grateful kisses here and there! 





Thank you so much children, teachers & staff of San Jacinto Elementary in Baytown!!!  We can do a LOT for MANY animals with the wonderfully generous donation you presented to BHS!  You have each had a hand in helping a sick animal to good health, and a homeless animal into a good home.  After meeting Woody, I hope you fully realize what your kindness makes possible!


Baytown Humane Society applauds you all for being such wonderful people; and Woody says, "Thank You," on behalf of all the animals who will be helped like he was with your fantastic gift!






San Jacinto Elementary

Pennies for Pets 2007 with Lulu the Dalmatian



ALL of San Jacinto Elementary took part in 'Pennies For Pets'!!

What a wonderful group of children!

 Luther is full of grins with all the attention.

Everybody loves Lulu!

Luther gives a kiss in Thanks!

THANK YOU San Jacinto Elementary!!


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