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Helps Animals in Need Again in 2014!


For years, now, San Jacinto Elementary's staff and students have pitched in to work with BHS to help animals in need.  And, they came through for the animals again this year!  With motivation and energy supplied by Coach Cheryl Warren and strongly supported by Principal Robbins,  San Jacinto raised over $900 to help with the rising costs of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in our Program.  We can do a lot with this much money, and every single student and teacher and staff member who donated to the cause should feel proud that they helped a sick, injured, and homeless animal with their gift.  Every cent of the donation will be used to benefit the animals in our Program. 

 Not only do the students learn about giving, but they are also educated throughout the school year about how to care for their pets, how to interact (or not) with an unfamiliar dog, and how to report any animal abuse they see.

 Buck, a rescued Boxer mix, visited San Jacinto this year and accepted their gift on behalf of all the other rescues in Baytown Humane's Foster Program.  It was so good to see familiar faces in the crowd, and they were glad to see Buck, too.  He is a favorite at San Jacinto, and comes to visit every year, whether alone or with another foster representative.  Buck Loves going to San Jacinto Elementary!  He practically drags me to the door every time we go there; further, he tells me that Coach Warren and Principal Robbins are his favorites in this Pennies for Pets effort!  He refers to them as his girlfriends!!  I think the feeling is mutual, too. They have loved Buck since they first met him, years ago! 

 Here are some pictures from this year's gathering.  Buck and I had fun and the donation from San Jacinto, once again, is outstanding and so very appreciated!

 Coach Warren is so dedicated to helping the children learn about animals -- that they have feelings just like we do, and how to be kind to them and properly care for them.  Maybe this generation will be more mindful of how to treat their pets and how to help support those who are in the trenches working to better the lives of unwanted and mistreated animals. 

Coach Warren is My Hero!


And this is only part of the audience!  =)


Lots of enthusiasm! 


Buck was given a soccer ball for being a good sport!

These boys loved Buck!



Principal Robbins and I listen to Coach Warren speak to the children.

Buck wants his soccer ball!



Buck LOVES his soccer ball!!


This is the top fundraising class and their teacher, Linda Gouner.

(second from left back row.)


Buck is tired out, but still accepting pats and rubs!


Yep, Another happy outing to San Jacinto Elementary!

Thank You Everyone at San Jacinto!!





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