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Help BHS Stop the Killing!  

Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets!!

Why must so many die?  

Animal Control Facilities across this Country receive hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats every single day.

  There are NOT enough homes.

These beautiful lives are NOT disposable!

This cannot be said enough...

Pictured below are just a few animals that are lost forever...


The Baytown Animal Control Facility decides which animals will die in order to reduce the shelter population and make room for more unwanted “throwaways." Animals are killed at this facility throughout the week, but Wednesday mornings are the pivotal day of the week for most of these animals.

Animals that are picked up by Baytown Animal Control are required to be held for only 4 days.  On the fifth day, they become property of the City to be disposed of as they see fit, euthanasia or put up for adoption.   Animals that are relinquished by their owners, become property of the City of Baytown immediately, and the option of euthanasia or adoption is in force when the owner signs over the animal.

Baytown's municipal facility is utilized for Animal CONTROL and the clock is ticking for those animals.  Every minute is a countdown for them.  If you are interested in adopting an animal from Baytown's Animal Control Facility,  DON'T delay, ... NOT even an hour!! 

"How Did This Happen To Me?"

Where's my mommy, my daddy,
The children that used to play with me?

I remember a soft bed and lots of good food,
And toys and people that loved me.

It's cold out here; and, I'm tired and hungry
How did this happen to me?

Can anyone hear me crying...does anyone care?
Won't someone please take pity on me?

I don't need much...some warmth, some food, some kindness;
But, most of all, just someone to love me.

The big dogs, the noisy cars...I'm always so scared.
How did this happen to me?

~ Ellie J. ~



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